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751 total hours

400 hours in Psychology

Amy $60-70/hr

BA/MA English, Drama and Education - University of Cambridge

I have tutored GCSE, A-level, Degree and Doctorate-level students on a range of subjects, although my main focus has been Psychology, Sociology, academic writing skills, Business Studies and Research Methods. I have written model essays for exam boards, proofread and edited work to be published, and worked on many dissertations and PhDs with university students.

For Psychology and Sociology, I adopt a systematic approach, and generally like to go over the material thoroughly, testing the student throughout, and spend time on previous exam papers and questions, planning essay answers, discussing how theories relate to real-life situations etc. I sometimes mind-map various themes and ideas with the student, and think outside the box as it were, to make sure that the ideas stem from the student's own work and thinking - so that they can remember it more fully and develop it in future (often students have more knowledge, ideas and insight than they realise, it just needs coaxing out of them!). I often tutor on coursework as well as examination preparation.

Amy's last completed Psychology job with Jana: Occasional - Assignment

Amy's last review in Psychology from Mel: Amy is intelligent, thoughtful and highly observant in her advice. I look forward to working with her on my dissertation.

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151 total hours

151 hours in Psychology

Karen $45-55/hr

Psychology - The Open University

I am a fully qualified secondary school teacher and I have consistently been rated an ‘Outstanding lead subject teacher with an extensive subject knowledge and a passion for Psychology'. I am proud to say that I am highly respected by my students. Meticulous lesson planning and organisation of schemes of work and resources is paramount in my teaching. I have high expectations of all students and see my key strength in being able to impart confidence in them and their abilities. I have annually achieved amongst the best  A Level results in a very able Grammar school, for a major subject: in 2018:  56% A*/A grades and achieving a 100% pass rate in all 5 years at the school. I am very proud at having inspired over a third of the Year 13 cohort, of 58 students, to go onto study psychology/psychology-based courses at University.

Karen's last completed Psychology job with Shannon: 1-2 hrs/week - Struggling with clinical and biological psychology. Need for exams in June

Karen's last review in Psychology from Shabana: Paper 3 I have been working with Karen for my A Level since deciding to retake and can honestly say its been such a pleasure to learn from someone so knowledgable. She genuinely cares about her pupils and how well they do and can break down anything I once considered confusing in such a simple and understandable way. I am so glad to have met somebody so genuine and helpful in my journey and expect nothing but the best grades from anybody mentored by her.

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89 total hours

89 hours in Psychology

Laura $45-55/hr

Experimental Psychology - Oxford

I am a very warm and friendly tutor and I explain all concepts in easy terms. I can give you all the tips and tricks to get the best out of your learning. I teach dozens of students every year in private tutorials (online and in person), summer schools and at University level. I have over 10 years of tutorial experience in A Level Psychology (AQA, Edexcel, IB, WJEC), teaching the full spectrum of students from high-grade pupils who want to make sure they get top grades to failing students who need to start from scratch. I also taught Psychology full-time as the Head of Psychology at a private UK secondary school and so I understand the constraints of classroom teaching and the problems it can cause for students. I did my own A Level Psychology course through distance learning so I completely understand what it's like to be stuck with certain topics and because of this I try to explain everything as clearly as possible and give each student clear goals to work towards.

Laura's last completed Psychology job with jacqui: -

Laura's last review in Psychology from Angie: Report writing I love Laura's response rate and last-minute availability to help with those really important final details for impending deadlines - thank you, Laura!!

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277 total hours

86 hours in Psychology

Julia $50-60/hr

First Class - University of London

I have been tutoring and teaching professionally for nearly a decade and have great success with my pupils. Recently, one of my Theology students got 100% in his OCR exam, having come to me on a D grade. I'm always encouraging (but also honest) and I like to discover someone's learning style and develop that with them. I genuinely love teaching and I think it shows when I work with people.

Julia's last completed Psychology job with Rebecca: 1-2 hrs/week - I am struggling with Psychology AQA. I would like to achieve an A in my summer exams.

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62 total hours

62 hours in Psychology

Shafina $60-70/hr

Psychology - Birkbeck University Of London

I have been teaching & tutoring Psychology, Research Methods & Academic writing (essays and reports) for over 7 years now to students of all ages whether mature students at undergraduate level & masters level; part time & full time students or seminar based and 1-1. This includes the joint UCL-Birkbeck Masters course for Critical Analysis which is a high level, rigorous module that develops the student's understanding in how to critique journal articles, how to remedy their shortcomings and writing future research or research proposals. I have also taught academic writing workshops, general foundations and was an honorary research fellow after graduating which led to the publication of my undergraduate dissertation.
Having trained as an outstanding A-level Psychology teacher with UCL (IOE) I can offer in depth exam technique for the new linear specification as I have worked closely with examiners & key authors of textbooks. I also offer assistance for writing structure, exam technique across degree and A-level.

Shafina 's last completed Psychology job with Issy : 1-2 hrs/week -

Shafina 's last review in Psychology from Amelia: Excellent class, covered everything I wanted to at a good pace and now fully understand elements I was previously confused about

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40 total hours

40 hours in Psychology

Sarah $45-55/hr

Psychology - The University of Liverpool

I have 17 years experience teaching, was Head of A Level Psychology in a Sixth Form college and have worked overseas. I gained an 'A' grade at A Level Psychology and love the subject. I helped many students to achieve high grades at A Level Psychology and encouraged them to pursue the subject at university. My favourite topics in psychology are cognitive neuroscience (I did A Level biology too, so this was useful!), relationships, psychopathology, schizophrenia and recently forensic psychology which was added to the recent AQA spec (my professor at uni was Professor Canter whose research you will read about when learning about offender profiling). And of course research methods and maths are important in psychology..... it's not all just about mind reading!

I also have taught English as a second language and can help students to improve their English and prepare for the IELTS exam.

Sarah's last completed Psychology job with Isabel: Occasional - I need to write an essay with the title "Discuss the behavioural and neuroscientific evidence that individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) show functional impairments in social cognition, and the broader impact this has on their social experience." for a neuroscience of cognition module as part of my third year psychology degree. I find this module hard and didn't do very well in the previous piece of coursework so need to do really well in this essay. The word limit is 4000 words however this includes references. The deadline is the 30th april and i have my dissertation due in before that.

Sarah's last review in Psychology from Prerna: Paper 2 Revision great revision

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35 total hours

35 hours in Psychology

Chris $40-50/hr

BSc Honours Psychology 2.1 - Bolton Institute of Higher Education

I have been teaching Psychology for 17 years. I have taught in both schools and standalone sixth form colleges. I have been an assistant Head of Department for a very large Psychology Department and I have also been a Head of Department in a school. My Psychology students have achieved marks well above the national standard. I am also an examiner for AQA Psychology. This has given me expert knowledge of exactly how to interpret and answer questions in order to gain full marks. I have taught AS, A2 and GCSE Psychology for AQA. I have also been a private tutor for the last two years along side my full time job. The student's i have worked with achieved seemed to enjoy the sessions and all have had fantastic examination results.

Chris's last completed Psychology job with Peter : 1-2 hrs/week - Looking to get an A in exams

Chris's last review in Psychology from Jennifer: psy Very helpful lesson going through last minute questions before my last paper.

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48 total hours

28 hours in Psychology

Siobhain $40-50/hr

Bachelor Of Education - Kent

Education degree

Specific Learning Difficulties Diploma

Acute Anxiety training

Autism and Wellbeing Mentor

Dyslexia specialist

Warm, patient and sensitive tuition style

Tuition in the application of essay techniques and the research of answers for many humanities, arts, social sciences subjects, including Education and also English.

Expert research, referencing, citation and planning guidance

Works at many universities in the SW of Uk

Siobhain's last completed Psychology job with Khadija: 1-2_HOURS - Looking to get A in my subjects

Siobhain's last review in Psychology from Angie: Hi Siobhain, Below are notes for the essay I must do in place of an exam I missed due to sickness. I imagine grading criteria will be in line with the Intro to Psychology essay I did before (guidance uploaded to ‘Files’). The module is Debating Individual Differences. I have sent screenshot of book so you can see if you can find online version (to save me reading book to us. We may not need book though). The task: Write 1500 word essay (fully referenced and cited throughout). Usual 10% leeway on the word count (anything more than 10% will have 10 marks knocked off the final score. Option 1: Intelligence is biologically determined. Discuss. Option 2: There is no evidence for the implementation of Gardner's multiple intelligences theory in education. Discuss. We will do 1 hour today to make the essay plan and maybe find the papers I will talk about. I'll then put good 9 hours in today on my own. Tomorrow I hope to do (if you have availability) one hour to revise and finalise (I am only looking to score 40). We worked on creating effective essay plans today. I can already see that future essay prep time will be significantly reduced thanks to Siobhain's advice on how to approach this kind of task

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14 total hours

12 hours in Psychology

Lewis $55-65/hr

Psychology - The University of Huddersfield

For the past year, I have taught A level psychology under the new OCR exam specification. Resultantly, I have THE MOST up to date knowledge and resources to help you with your Psychology A level.
I have taught every aspect of the OCR Psychology specification and as such, I am experienced in tailoring specific content to various levels of ability.

I am also very experienced with the use of statistical software packages such as SPSS, JASP and HUDAP. If you wish tutoring on these programmes, get in touch!

Lewis's last completed Psychology job with Becca: Intensive - My mock a level exams are next week and if i don’t pass i can’t move onto the next year. Only for a couple days i need this tuition in the year 1 of psychology. please reply asap and thank you

Lewis's last review in Psychology from Vassilissa: Great teacher, gave me very clear explanations for any questions I had regarding statistics. Helped me understand SPSS and got me ready for my stats exam. Plus very friendly and easy to understand!

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16 total hours

9 hours in Psychology

DR Mvikeli $55-65/hr

Psychology - Manchester Metropolitan University

Among other areas , I have PhD level expertise and teaching experience in the following:

Qualitative Methodology
Developmental Social Psychology
Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology
Cultural Psychology
Social Constructionism
Critical Psychology
Social Psychology
Thematic Analysis
Qualitative interviews

I supervise post graduate and undergraduate dissertations, PhDs and all kinds of undergraduate projects

DR Mvikeli's last completed Psychology job with Christie: 1-2 hrs/week - I am doing my masters online in psychology. I am finding that I need help with investigative analysis (SPSS report writing) as well as general report writing (critical analysis).

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