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Karen $72/hr

Psychology - The Open University

5.0 (335 classes)

I am a fully qualified secondary school teacher, with over 10 years experience. I have consistently been rated an ‘Outstanding lead subject teacher with an extensive subject knowledge and a passion for Psychology'. In addition I have now been tutoring on-line through Spires for nearly two years (250+ hours) working with both A level and IB students. Meticulous lesson planning and organisation of schemes of work and resources are paramount in my teaching. I have high expectations of all student...
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Recent Students: 19 Total Hours: 322 Last Online: 30 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 34 Total GCSE Psychology Hours: 5 Signed Up: 23 Aug 2018

Shafina $70-80/hr

Psychology - Birkbeck University Of London

5.0 (40 classes)

I have been teaching & tutoring Psychology, Research Methods & Academic writing (essays and reports) for over 7 years now to students of all ages whether mature students at undergraduate level & masters level; part time & full time students or seminar based and 1-1. This includes the joint UCL-Birkbeck Masters course for Critical Analysis which is a high level, rigorous module that develops the student's understanding in how to critique journal articles, how to remedy their shortcomings and wr...
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Recent Students: 2 Total Hours: 65 Last Online: 30 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 5 Total GCSE Psychology Hours: 0 Signed Up: 22 Feb 2018

Rupert $60-70/hr

Archaeology - Durham University

5.0 (66 classes)

I pride myself in the quality of working relationship quickly developed with students of all ages. Whether reaching for examination confidence, mastery of subject content or skills, or progress with emotional, behavioural or cognitive needs, all tutees should expect teaching that is entirely personalised and constantly adaptive to their evolving learning, including: - guidance for pupils toward understanding and pride in all supported subject disciplines, while troubleshooting all associated ch...
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Recent Students: 3 Total Hours: 56 Last Online: 28 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 4 Total GCSE Psychology Hours: 0 Signed Up: 04 Oct 2019

Mila $45-55/hr

Biological Science (Psychology) - University of Cambridge

5.0 (59 classes)

I have 4 years of experience working as a student ambassador for the Cambridge Admissions Office. Through this role I have participated in several residential summer schools, assisting students with academic sessions in Psychology by ensuring that the students understood the material that was being covered in the lectures. I have also assisted during subject masterclasses in a variety of subjects, as well as giving presentations and providing advice on the university admission process. This has ...
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Recent Students: 5 Total Hours: 60 Last Online: 08 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 7 Total GCSE Psychology Hours: 0 Signed Up: 30 Sep 2019

Kai $75-85/hr

PGCE, Masters in Criminological Psychology and BSC(Hons) in Psychology and Criminal Justice - University of the West of England, Birmingham University and Plymouth University

5.0 (103 classes)

I have studied in a boarding school, unisex and co-educational setting, and have adapted to different teaching systems in different countries, including Australia, Hong Kong and England. It has allowed me to recognise the importance of valuing cultural diversity and individuality. I am fluent in English, Chinese and Cantonese and have worked with students from the pre-nursery to university level, as well as individuals with learning difficulties and special needs. I have had the honour to teach...
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Recent Students: 13 Total Hours: 120 Last Online: 31 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 24 Total GCSE Psychology Hours: 0 Signed Up: 27 May 2020

Andrew $65/hr

BA (JS) Scholastic Philosophy and Theology - Queen's University Belfast

5.0 (231 classes)

"The learning exercises were always set around my interest areas, making tuition both fun and effective. Following my sessions with Andrew, I have developed a more concise way of communicating. My writing now has more flow, which helps me say what I need to say." - Neil , Newtownabbey I'm passionate about nurturing the potential of each student with whom I have the privilege of working. With over 10 years' experience as a Learning Coach with countless individuals and groups, Diploma in Life Coa...
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Recent Students: 25 Total Hours: 246 Last Online: 30 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 53 Total GCSE Psychology Hours: 0 Signed Up: 09 Sep 2019

Jacob $95-105/hr

BA in PPE, 2:1 - Oxford

5.0 (31 classes)

I have worked as a professional tutor and educational consultant for six years. I have taught dozens of students for thousands of hours in total. I have also worked as a teacher in an independent school in North London. I have had many successful students; a few examples include: >Three admitted to study HSPS at Cambridge. >One admitted to all three of Westminster, Winchester, and St.Paul's for 13+. >One who gained 84/84 marks in his A-Level Politics Paper 2, which is now being used as an exemp...
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Recent Students: 8 Total Hours: 33 Last Online: 04 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 9 Total GCSE Psychology Hours: 0 Signed Up: 17 Oct 2019

Sarah $72/hr

Psychology and Criminology & Post Graduate Degree in Criminal Justice - University of Northampton, University of Portsmouth

4.9 (81 classes)

I have been tutoring for over 3 years now and mentoring for over 4 years. My experience is tutoring A level Psychology and Sociology and I know the AQA Syllabus really well. This means I can provide you with expert knowledge and help. Through my experience I know that for Psychology areas a lot of students struggle with is the 16 mark questions and research methods. Similarly for Sociology the bigger essay style questions are also a top area of concern. I ensure that all my students are conf...
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Recent Students: 9 Total Hours: 97 Last Online: 30 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 24 Total GCSE Psychology Hours: 0 Signed Up: 22 Jan 2020

Ellie $39/hr

Ancient and Modern History - University of Oxford

5.0 (45 classes)

- Tutored multiple students successfully through Oxbridge entrance exams and interviews - Tutored over 20 students on the UNIQ Oxford summer school as an Ambassador over two years in ancient and modern history
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Recent Students: 12 Total Hours: 54 Last Online: 31 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 12 Total GCSE Psychology Hours: 0 Signed Up: 14 Jul 2019

Paul $45-55/hr

Bachelor of Science - University at Albany

5.0 (4 classes)

I am focused and driven; I tutored for Kaplan Test Prep for 20-years serving 10,000 students. My students dominate exams; I am very excited for them and for the opportunities that lay ahead of them!!
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Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 5 Last Online: 17 Nov 2019
All-time Students: 1 Total GCSE Psychology Hours: 0 Signed Up: 11 Sep 2018

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