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Rosie $40-50/hr

English Language and Literature - University of Oxford

I have been taking private tutorials for eight years now and have tutored over ninety students. I have taught students of all ages and have always had good results; those who have been preparing for exams have consistently moved up at least a grade; those who have been working towards entrance exams have gained their places. As well as subject specific tuition, I have also helped students who struggle to structure their work and have tutored a number of students applying to Oxford to read English, all of whom have gained their respective places. Indeed, I have been assisting Oxbridge Applications for five years: with outreach programmes, interview technique and the marking of countless personal statements. I have a very individual approach to tutoring, tailoring my method and focus to suit each student’s particular strengths and weaknesses. Broadly speaking my emphasis is on ensuring that the tutee improves not only their academic achievement but also their ability to recognise, for themselves, where and how their own work can be improved. I have found that this method results in a quicker and more thorough improvement across all subjects.

Rosie's last completed Psychology job with Maria: 1-2_HOURS - To start from scratch, and fully prepare my daughter for the examinations, it is quite a commitment so please apply only if interested in such a long term project. Female tutor preferred.

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1 hour

Sean $40-50/hr

Philosophy - University of Bristol, Birkbeck College, L'Ecole Philippe Gaulier

I have been providing private tuition since 2008 and have worked with a wide range of students, from the ages of 5-89! I pride myself on helping students and parents reach their educational goals. Recent successes include my students gaining entry to prestigious schools including Colet Court, Eton and Charterhouse, achieving A* grades in History, Philosophy and Psychology and helping my BA and MA students gain firsts in the History of Art and Philosophy. I am a passionate and engaging tutor who works hard to help my students achieve their aims and develop ways of thinking that will help them in all aspects of their future educational needs. I see my role not just as helping a student pass an exam or write an essay but giving students the skills that will mean that the student no longer needs tutoring and is able to meet any challenge that comes their way - to truly make students creative independent thinkers!

I believe my strengths as a tutor lays in several areas:

1) A wide knowledge and skill base to deal with various subjects and syllabi as well as an ability to address specific student needs.
2) The ability to combine the required course content with the practical skills which are necessary to show a student knows that content.
3) Knowing how to create a safe, receptive and creative environment with my pupils. A place where they are encouraged to think for themselves and grow as individuals as well as learning the content required to pass exams.

Sean's last completed Psychology job with Janet: 1-2_HOURS - Would like to achieve an A in exam if possible

Lisa $40-50/hr

Psychology (Experimental) - University of Oxford

I have vast tutoring experience, in both Psychology and Geography. I also taught English in South Korea for an extended period of time, so have plenty of classroom experience!

I am very enthusiastic and determined. I love to make learning as fun and interactive as possible - you are never going to learn anything just staring a textbook, its all about the balance!! I have a great track record with my previous students, with many going on to apply for Oxford and Cambridge.

I have also studied educational psychology, hence have an understanding of the principles underlying the best methods for learning!

Sian $40-50/hr

BA(Hons) Applied Social Studies - Newport

I am an experienced Social Studies tutor and specialise in Access to HE and A Levels. My specialist areas are Health Professions, Psychology, Sociology and Criminology. I have over 10 years of tutoring experience and am fully up to date with A Level courses. Previos to teaching, my industry experience in Social Services supports serves to support the academic element of study very well as I understand how things work in practice. I am supportive, encouraging and knowledgable and am here to ensure you achieve your goal of success!

Sian's last completed Psychology job with Daniel: 1-2 hrs/week - For my partner. She has just started Access to nursing and needs some initial help with essay writing. She understands the principles but contextualising them is a challenge in essays is a challenge.

Anna $40-50/hr

BA Hons in English Language and Literature - Newman University, Birmingham

The oldest academic discipline...English. To be good at English means to excel in many areas. I am fully equipped to teach this subject to Primary School, GCSE, AS and A Level, Adult Learner, SEN and ESOL. I am a BA Hons graduate in English Literature and Language (2:1). I have tutoring, journalism, proof-reading and book writing experience. I have recently tutored in a few projects for University students to help them achieve the top grades. I take care and pride in my students and work hard to make each one a success. I also have experience teaching Primary school English in France and have even been a children's entertainer! My method of one-on-one tutoring focuses on upmost care for my student's needs and utilising methods for better learning practices. I'd be happy to answer any questions and explain the process to you. I truly love the English discipline and knowing that there are so many students who would love to improve their English fills me with utter happiness and the best motivation for helping the student fledglings fly in the subject. I love to fill all my students with confidence and feel very rewarded in doing so.

I also tutor Psychology and Drama to all levels as I studied these for College A Levels. Many aspects of English integrate with these. Psychology is for those with an interest in the incredible workings of the human mind and Drama is for the more expressive students who feel they have a place on stage. Both these subjects have influenced me throughout my life so I have a natural passion and aptitude for them so will be more than happy to help my student succeed in any one of these too. You may select more than one subject for me to tutor you on and I only tutor what I specialise in.

I am an online private tutor which means I can cater to your every need in an easy, accessible mode. It is a two way interaction where I guide you through what it is you are studying and suggest/correct and provide you with consistent feedback.

A Level exam boards I have tutored: AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Kalvin $40-50/hr

Education - University of Cambridge

I applied to Cambridge to study Education; it's the field I want to work in later in life. I care about communicating ideas thoroughly, and in ways that make sense to people on their own terms. Educational reform, philosophy of education and arts education are what interest me in particular. In relation to these goals, I enjoy tutoring because it's an intimate educational context in which I can interact and communicate with someone in a useful and meaningful way.

Daniel $40-50/hr

BSc - University of Cape Town

I love Computer Science and programming. I am a third year student at the University of Cape Town studying CS and Clinical and Neuro Psychology. I am proficient in Java and Python, but can adapt to other languages as necessary.

Mel $40-50/hr

Philosophy - University of Cambridge

I used to tutor A Level english literature, and spent a lot of time helping people with A level philosophy and psychology too. I'm also interested in access for Oxbridge students, and so have helped a range of people with personal statements in the past. I hope to go into teaching after university.

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42 total hours

Robert $40-50/hr

BA Physiological Sciences - University of Oxford

I've tutored to A-level standard since I was a teenager and have worked part-time as tutor with Oxbridge Applications tutoring university entrance for the past 6 years.

As a PhD student I also have a real passion for biological sciences and building knowledge for the sake of learning which I aim to pass on to my students.

Between successful applications to and interviewing prospective candidates for undergraduate, postgraduate and fellowship roles I have a tonne of experience with how to build a personal statement and present on previous work/interests.

Marcin $45-55/hr

Master's degree - University of Lodz

I'm very much familiar with online teaching environment and tutoring as I've taught online since 2018.

Marcin's last completed Psychology job with Asia: Occasional - I need to have a mock exam psychology paper 2 essay for IB2 to be graded independently, to wordy of the school markers have done a fair job

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