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Professional Online English Tutors

All of our high quality online english tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online English tutor Kelly
Law LLB, Queen Mary University of London

I hold a first class LLB, an LLM with a distinction and a Very Competent classification for my BPTC. I am a now a full time Law Lecturer and academic in London. I teach LLB, BPTC, SQE and LLM modules. I am available to help students with any admissions questions, personal statements and LNAT exams to help them get into Law School. I often arrange mock interviews, training contract and pupillage tutorials for students. For younger students I can also help students with their English, Business Management and Philosophy IB courses.

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2067 hours taught
professional online English tutor Michael
English, Oxford University

Experienced and fully qualified school teacher and university lecturer, teaching in schools and universities for over 10 years. A Level examiner for Pearson/Edexcel.

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925 hours taught
professional online English tutor Alex
Creative Writing and Film Studies , Manchester Metropolitan University

Full-time (Scottish) teacher of English language and literature to international students in High Schools on four continents over the last 14 years. I really enjoy the study of literature and spend my days talking to people about it and encouraging their ideas. I have experience of a wide range of High School courses and have had great success in helping students attain top exam scores while also developing a love of the English language. Currently available weekdays and (most) weekends.

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1725 hours taught
professional online English tutor Sasha
Modern Languages, University of Oxford

I'm a friendly and flexible tutor with over 12 years' online and offline tutoring experience and first-class degrees from the University of Oxford and the Hertie School of Governance. I specialise in helping with essays and dissertations across a wide range of subjects, as well as language, literature & creative writing tuition at all levels and ages.

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476 hours taught
professional online English tutor Kirsten
2:1 MA Hons English Literature, University of Edinburgh

Fully qualified teacher of English, with over 13 years' experience in the education sector. Tutoring and coaching for Key Stages 3-5 (ages 11-18). Experienced and successful in teaching both A-Level English Literature and Language and GCSE English Literature and Language. Former Sixth Form tutor with UCAS experience.

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1329 hours taught
professional online English tutor Christopher
English Literature and Media BA Joint Hons, PGCE Secondary English, Masters in Educational Leadership, Nottingham Trent University, University of Hull, University of Exeter

My name is Kit, I am an experienced Secondary and A Level teacher and tutor. I am passionate about reading and writing and understand how to make both short and long term progress with my students whether it is preparing for upcoming exams or developing understanding of the subject even further.

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professional online English tutor Elisabeth
PGCE - Primary Teaching with Spanish, University College London (UCL) - Institute of Education

Fully qualified, experienced teacher and tutor for KS1/KS2/KS3 Maths, English, History, Geography and Science, Spanish KS4 and 11plus Exams.

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231 hours taught
professional online English tutor Dr Steve
Doctorate, University College London: Institute of Education; Postgraduate in Philosophy: Birkbeck College, University of London; MA in Design: UAL Central Saint Martins;

I have 26 years of experience in tutoring and supporting learners to achieve their goals. I have a strong knowledge of excellent academic practice, developing your understanding of the arguments, and sharpening your subject comprehension, critical thinking, and essay writing skills for examination and assessment. I convert complicated theories and paradigms into straightforward ideas, with practical worth, and impart useful advice to my clients.

I tutor KS3, GCSE/IGCSE, A-Level/IAL-Level, AP, CAIE/CIE, EPQ, IB, IPQ, PRE-U, and SQA Learners, Undergraduate, Postgraduate/Doctoral Students, Oxbridge Entrance/UCAS Personal Statement Applicants, and US Common App/Ivy Applicants, College Essay Students, and Professional Clients.

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8536 hours taught
professional online English tutor Daisy
English and Drama PGCE / English Literature, London Metropolitan University / University of Kent

Seeking new students. I am a creative and intuitive PGCE trained Secondary level English and Drama teacher, with a First Class English Literature degree. I am available to tutor students across key stages 3, 4 and 5 and at undergraduate level.

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949 hours taught
professional online English tutor Josh
Humanities, Education, University of Edinburgh

International teacher of English, Business, Philosophy & Humanities, with a decade of experience teaching GCSE, A-Level and IB in international schools around the world. I am fully student-focused, with a history of success developing engaging and relevant classes to help students overcome their academic and study challenges. I believe in the values of patience and kindness in supportive academic relationships in order to develop student confidence and determination.

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1723 hours taught
professional online English tutor Alice
English BA (hons) First Class, University of Birmingham

Fully qualified and experienced English teacher with excellent academic credentials (First Class Degree and PhD)

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298 hours taught
professional online English tutor Brian
English Literature, Queen Mary College, University of London

Experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated English tutor who works with students aged 16 and above to help them achieve their goals. I love books and reading as well as a theatre.

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666 hours taught

Recent English Tutor Class Reviews

Daisy - Shahd- English - IB
28th May 2024
You are the legit best!!! Thank you so so much :))
Fiona - Louisa- English - IB
4th May 2024
Great session! Her feedback on a past paper that I attempted in was very insightful on how to improve!
Dr Anne - rachana- English - Secondary
3rd May 2024
It was a great learning opportunity with you and implemented it into my work. It also boosted up my confidence for the exams which was a bit challenging earlier. Thanks you for all your efforts.
Josh - Libby- English - IB
3rd May 2024
Josh left insightful and detailed comments that pushed my IB English HL essay to a standard I didn't think was possible
Fiona - Louisa- English - IB
28th April 2024
Great first session! I really enjoyed it!
Dr Steve - Jacob- English - IB
18th April 2024
Helpful and informative.
Maria - Teeva- English - Undergraduate
12th April 2024
Maria's tutoring was incredibly helpful! She helped me condense my ideas into a workable, logical thesis for my paper. Her adeptness at structuring essays and stringing together key concepts is remarkable. I highly recommend working with her!
Rebecca - Lorna- English - IB
28th March 2024
Great lesson thank you
Rebecca - Scarlett- English - IB
23rd March 2024
helped so much with editing my HLE!
Alice - emely - English - IB
20th March 2024
went in to a lot of depth in what is important for the criteia for the introduction and consulsion for english P2

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Online English Tutoring FAQs

Why Study English?

Amongst subjects like Maths, History, and Sciences, why single out English? Even if you’re already fluent in the language, studying English at university level remains immensely popular globally. Delving into English challenges your cognitive abilities, taking you out of your comfort zone. Students hone their analytical and communication skills, tools that are invaluable in the real world. Beyond mere technical expertise, it’s these critical thinking abilities that set leaders apart.

The employability of English graduates is commendable. The surge in global trade, international legal frameworks, and export-centric economic models have made their skills more in demand than ever. Fields like journalism, digital marketing, and politics often demand English degrees. Furthermore, it’s a robust foundation for further studies in business, law, and marketing. Naturally, teaching English, especially at the GCSE and A-Level, remains a sought-after profession amongst graduates.

Why Choose Spires’ Online English Tutors?

Spires is exceedingly selective; only a mere 4% of tutor applicants pass our rigorous vetting. Those who do boast impressive academic and professional credentials, many heralding from leading institutions.

Our tutors set their fees through an auction system, ensuring you get competitive rates. We’ve streamlined the process, handling scheduling, payments, and more – so you can focus purely on learning. We uphold the British Council’s stringent standards in course material, ensuring you’re aligned with the proper English Language curriculum.

How Does Online Tuition Work with Online English Tutors?

Unlike many institutions that offer pre-recorded sessions, our online English tutorials are live through webcam. Via Zoom, tutors and students engage in interactive English video lessons. The lessons are tailored to individual needs, whether that’s essay writing, literature exploration, or general language skills. With the dawn of e-learning, there’s no more trawling the net for “private tutor near me.” Connect with top-tier English tutors online, all from your home’s comfort.

Is It Important to Have the Tutor Near Me?

In this digital age, the necessity for a tutor to be geographically near has become less significant. Whether you’re in search of English tutors from London or tutors from elsewhere, our platform is designed to connect students seamlessly. Just specify your criteria, and our system will effortlessly filter and match you with the most suitable online English tutor. Also, for students who are particularly keen on face-to-face learning, private English learning with our tutors can be considered. The realm of English education has truly transcended borders, making quality English classes accessible to everyone.

How Expert Online Tutors Can Help A Student?

Our tutors of English begin by thoroughly evaluating a student’s current proficiency level in English. Following this, they craft a personalised lesson plan tailored to individual student needs. Whether you’re a beginner in English or at a more advanced stage, the primary goal is continuous improvement and instilling efficient learning habits. Given our track record of success stories and outstanding reviews, it’s evident that students’ English proficiency flourishes under the guidance of our certified teacher. It’s beneficial to preview the teaching methods of our tutors of English with a trial lesson. If satisfied, students are encouraged to book additional sessions. Always make it a point to go through the reviews and ratings of tutors before making a final choice.

How to Choose My Online Tutor?

Browsing through profiles, reviews, and qualifications will provide insight into our extensive range of English tutors. It’s recommended that students engage in initial Zoom interactions with potential tutors to determine compatibility. The world of online tutoring not only offers students vast flexibility in scheduling but also introduces them to a diverse group of expert tutors from across the globe, each bringing a unique approach to English education. With the diverse variety of tutors available, students have the advantage of selecting the tutor that best aligns with their English learning objectives.

How Much Do Private Tutors Charge?

Charges vary based on the tutor’s expertise and success rate. Spires’ fee structure is:

  • ÂŁ25/hr for Primary to Higher Education
  • ÂŁ35/hr for Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  • ÂŁ45/hr for Chartered Qualifications and Admissions Test

The most expensive English tutors live in London, and there, they charge an average of ÂŁ40 hourly.

What Happens When I Send an Online Tutor a Message?

Once you find your tutor using Find A Tutor feature, you will have the opportunity to contact them with any questions you might have and book a lesson. You should receive a response from a tutor within 24 hours with their availability. Should a tutor not be able to fit you into their schedule, we will recommend another experienced tutor who fits your needs. Your teacher  will respond, and you can then schedule a Zoom meeting. If you are satisfied with the meeting, you can book your first lesson!

Can I Book Tutors for a Primary School English Student?

Certainly! You can book tutors for your primary school student. We have a plethora of English tutors who are experienced in dealing with this age group, especially primary school students. When you place a job advert, ensure to specify exactly what you’re looking for. Our English tutors are highly skilled in English studies and come with positive reviews. They offer English tutoring for kids of all ages. Our experienced tutors, many of whom are graduates, are adept at teaching English to young learners in an interactive manner. Regardless of whether your child needs support with English reading, writing, speaking, or listening, our English tutors can provide the guidance they require to enhance their English language skills. Book an English lesson today with our tutors and see your child thrive in English.

Can I Get GCSE English Help?

Absolutely! You can get assistance with GCSE English. Our platform boasts a vast array of professional English tutors who are well-versed in GCSE tutoring, possessing backgrounds in AQA, OCR, Edexcel, among other awarding bodies. Many students have left positive reviews about these tutors. If you contact and book lessons with our tutors of English, they’ll help elevate your grade, prepare you for your exams, and ensure you possess the requisite skills and knowledge. They’ll evaluate your English abilities and design a bespoke syllabus tailored to areas needing improvement.

Do You Have SAT Tutors?

Yes! With us, you can find SAT tutors. Their reviews are testament to their English and Maths skills. Likewise, for the Australian, South African, Canadian, and New Zealand school systems, our online SAT tutors are proficient. Make sure to contact them for your English studies.

Do You Have A-Level English Tutors?

Certainly! We have A-level English tutors available online. Our platform offers a significant number of professional online English tutors with rich A-level teaching experience and other courses like BTECs and HNDs. Reviews from previous students about our tutors can guide your choice. Contact your preferred tutor, organise an initial Zoom meeting, and if they match your specifications regarding English learning, book your first English lesson.

Can I Book a Tutor for Higher English Exams?

Yes, you can book a tutor specifically for Higher English exams. We have an array of online tutors of English who are acquainted with the Scottish system, many being graduates of the same. Reviews from Scottish and all other students further attest to their capabilities. Contact them to discuss your needs and book English classes.

Can I Arrange English Revision Help?

Absolutely! English revision help is at your fingertips. Our experienced tutors, well-regarded in reviews, will craft a customised revision plan to ensure you hit your target grade in the English exam. The convenience of online revision lessons allows learners to study from home. Our English tutors use diverse teaching materials, ensuring that the lessons aren’t just effective but also enjoyable. Book a lesson with our English tutors today, and embark on a journey towards impeccable English language skills.

Do You Offer Admissions Support?

We certainly do offer English admissions support. Our extensive database has online English tutors who specialise in admissions help at different levels, including UCAS, Oxbridge Entrance, IELTS, TOEFL, and more. Numerous reviews highlight their success. These experienced tutors will meticulously review each segment of your personal statement, ensuring you secure a position at your first-choice University. They’ll delve into everything from the statement’s structure to effective tips, which have historically proven successful at top English-speaking Universities in the UK, USA, Canada, and beyond. For any queries, please contact our tutors directly.

Why Study English with Spires’ Online English Tutors?

Studying English with Spires’ online English tutors offers the advantage of personalised learning from experienced educators. It enables students to improve their language skills, grasp literary concepts, and prepare for various exams in a flexible, interactive online environment.

How Can Spires’ Expert Online English Tutors Enhance Your Language Skills?

Spires’ expert online English tutors can enhance your language skills by focusing on areas like grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing. Their personalised approach caters to individual needs, helping students to achieve a deeper understanding and fluency in English.

Enrich your language skills with our online English tutoring services, where certified teachers many holding even PHD or other degrees provide a structured and effective learning experience.

What Makes Private English Tutoring at Spires Ideal for GCSE Preparation?

Private English tutoring at Spires is ideal for GCSE preparation because it provides tailored support, aligns with the GCSE curriculum, and addresses specific areas of improvement. Tutors’ expertise in exam techniques and content ensures comprehensive preparation.

Can Spires’ English Tutors Provide Specialised SAT Preparation Online?

Yes, Spires’ English tutors can provide specialised SAT preparation online, offering targeted lessons in critical reading, writing, and language skills. Their knowledge of the SAT format enables students to approach the exam with confidence and competence.

Is Personalised English Language Learning Effective for IELTS and TOEFL Exams with Spires’ Tutors?

Personalised English language learning is highly effective for IELTS and TOEFL exams with Spires’ tutors. Their focused teaching methods, tailored to the specific requirements of these exams, significantly improve students’ test-taking strategies and scores.

Enhance your child’s English proficiency with our online tutoring services, specially tailored for children preparing for TOEFL exams. Our expert tutors employ a comprehensive approach, focusing on grammar intricacies while fostering a love for British literature. Our curriculum, influenced by the prestigious Oxford tradition, ensures a solid foundation in the English language. Whether your child is a beginner or seeking advanced insights, our tutoring sessions seamlessly blend educational effectiveness with the richness of the Spanish language, providing a holistic learning experience.

How Does Spires Ensure Quality in Its Private English Literature Tutors for A-Level Students?

Spires ensures quality in its private English literature tutors for A-Level students by rigorously vetting their educational background, teaching experience, and subject-matter expertise, ensuring they are well-equipped to deliver high-standard tutoring.

Can Online English Tutors from Spires Help in Mastering Advanced Literary Analysis?

Yes, online English tutors from Spires can help in mastering advanced literary analysis. They guide students through complex literary theories, critical thinking, and analytical skills necessary for interpreting various texts and genres.

Even for PhD students seeking a refined and tailored approach to advancing their English proficiency, our online English tutoring services offer a bespoke learning experience designed to cater to the academic and professional needs of doctoral candidates.

How Can I Select the Best English Tutor for Creative Writing Improvement at Spires?

To select the best English tutor for creative writing improvement at Spires, consider the tutor’s background in creative writing, their teaching style, and student reviews. It’s also helpful to discuss your specific goals with potential tutors to find the best match.

What Role Do Spires’ English Tutors Play in Enhancing Grammar and Pronunciation for Non-Native Speakers?

Spires’ English tutors play a crucial role in enhancing grammar and pronunciation for non-native speakers by providing targeted lessons, practical exercises, and personalised feedback, thus helping students to communicate more effectively in English.

How Can I Track My Child’s Progress in English with Spires’ Secondary School Online English Tutor?

You can track your child’s progress in English with Spires’ secondary school tutors through regular assessments, progress reports, and feedback sessions. Tutors also provide insights into areas of improvement and achievements.

Is Group English Tutoring Effective for KS3 Students at Spires?

Group English tutoring is effective for KS3 students at Spires as it fosters collaborative learning, encourages discussion, and provides exposure to different perspectives, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Can Spires’ Online English Tutors Offer Customised Lessons for Advanced Conversational Skills?

Yes, Spires’ online English tutors can offer customised lessons for advanced conversational skills, focusing on fluency, idiomatic expressions, and interactive speaking practices tailored to the student’s proficiency level and objectives.

How Does Spires’ Private Tutoring Prepare Students for English Oral Exams and Interviews?

Spires’ private tutoring prepares students for English oral exams and interviews by developing their speaking skills, teaching effective communication strategies, and conducting mock exams/interviews for practical experience and confidence building. Our expert tutors, well-versed in the nuances of the English language, employ tailored strategies to enhance students’ linguistic proficiency. Through targeted sessions, students engage in in-depth discussions, honing their spoken English and boosting confidence. Spires’ approach goes beyond conventional methods, delving into the intricacies of English grammar, pronunciation, and expression. By creating a supportive environment, our tutors empower students to articulate their thoughts fluently, equipping them for success in any English oral examination or interview scenario. Elevate your English proficiency with Spires’ private tutoring, where linguistic excellence meets individualised guidance.

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