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professional online Computer Science tutor Myles
Computer Science BSc MSc Staffordshire
A tutor that thoroughly enjoys tutoring students while dedicated to achieving the best.
2637 hours
professional online Computer Science tutor Yoram
MSc Computer Science Hertfordshire
Highly experienced professional and motivational tutor, with an MSc degree and more than 12 years’ experience in private tuition.
1625 hours
professional online Computer Science tutor Shahid
Computing and Information Systems London Metropolitan University
Computer Science tutor and trainer for more than 10 years of experience in teaching and training from secondary to graduate level students.
481 hours

Recent Computer Science Tutor Class Reviews

Student Tutor Date Subject Rating Comment
Harry Shahid 06 Jun 2021 Computer Science
Another brilliant session. Thank you Shahid for helping me.
Kanisha Shahid 06 Jun 2021 Computer Science
Having Shahid as a tutor has been a wonderful learning experience as I have learnt new skills and gained better understanding and knowledge of the content of computer science but was also able to learn more python skills which is what I was looking for. He was quite flexible with the times of lessons to best suit my schedule which was extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend this tutor to all students.
Harry Shahid 05 Jun 2021 Computer Science
Shahid is a fantastic tutor. He is very patient and listened to my problems and helped me understand them clearly. Thanks Shahid.
Mohammed Jean 04 Jun 2021 Computer Science
Jean is super awesome and he is really helpful when explaining ideas
Charmaine Jean 29 May 2021 Computer Science
The class was very helpful and informative. Jean was very patient and great at explaining things.


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Online Computer Science Tutors

Aren't you tired of searching for professional computer science tutors? Are you taking a computer science course, or you simply need a refresher on the fundamentals of computer science? Spires has got you covered! We have expert computer science tutors readily available on-demand online. Spires is a top-rated online educational platform that ensures that students at all levels get the best online tutoring service through our platform. We make sure you learn faster from a computer science expert and get help with your basic programming and coding needs.

Sign Up now and start learning from a computer science tutor.

How it Works?

Suppose you want to prepare yourself for a career in computer science, or you are a student pursuing a computer science degree. In that case, you'll need to take several classes that expatiate on specific topics within the computer science subject area. Spires is the best platform to find the perfect tutor. We have simplified the process for you, and within 5 minutes, you will connect with your computer science tutors.

To begin with, sign up and post your academic needs, availability and preferred location. Wait and see bids from computer science tutors who are ready to help you. Vet them through their profiles or browse through their past reviews to ensure you make the best decision before hiring a tutor.

Our services span over the UK and other international students worldwide, including the UAE, US, Australia, India and Canada.

Why Choose Spires For Your Computer Science Tutor Search?

At times, computer science can be challenging. You might be asked to demonstrate your knowledge through coding, which is essential to have hands-on knowledge of the language. At Spires, we strive to connect students with a fantastic computer science tutor who understands that students have various needs. Our computer science tutors have many ways to supplement your study plan, regardless of your professional goals and overall academic performance.

Expert in computer science tutoring for students at all levels

If your education is geared towards a career in computer science, there are numerous exams and standardized tests you have to scale through. Spires considers this by hiring the best online tutors in the Computer science field. Our experts can help you with your study requirements and are well experienced in a technical subject area like programming and mathematics. We have professionals who can take computer science courses in web designing, Hardware and Networking, Software and Programming Language, VFX and Animation, Cybersecurity courses, IT, and others. Spires is the best platform to connect with a computer science tutor that meets all of your requirements. Sign Up today and get help from our expert computer science tutors.

Preparing For Computer Science Tests?

Do you want to improve on your grade or test score? Are you preparing for an exam, test or coursework? Instead of burning the midnight candle cramming for your next CS exam, why don’t you hire an online computer science tutor and save yourself some hassle? Regardless of what your next exam/test focuses on, our online tutors are subject-matter experts and are always ready to offer you personalized assistance that ensures easy preparation.

High-Quality Computer Science Tutors

For years, we’ve prioritized providing the best online tutoring for every student that comes to our platform. We don’t just accept tutors as our recruitment process is rigorous and gives no room for mediocrity. Only 4% of every application we receive gets considered. Aside from that, we perform a thorough background check on their qualification, years of experience and level of expertise in computer science tutoring before accepting them to bid on our platform. If you find any claim on our tutors’ profiles, be rest assured that they are genuine.

For better decisions when choosing a tutor on our platform, you can go through their profiles, student reviews and most importantly, their bids to your job request. Once you find a suitable tutor, set the pace of your computer science tutoring sessions, your tutor can adjust their speed to suit your preferences.

Have Your Classes Anywhere

There is flexibility in learning online, and Spires won’t stop the tradition. Take your computer science class anywhere, anytime at your convenience. Spires has designed a non-techie-friendly classroom for easy navigation. You can receive and share files from your computer science tutor with ease. The juiciest part is that you can download the recording of your class almost immediately after you end the session.

Computer Science Tutor in London

Are you searching for the best online computer science instructor near me? Search no more. Spire provides you with professional computer science tutors close to your neighbourhood. Register on our platform today and increase your Computer science knowledge with a 1:1 computer science tutor that you choose.

Sign Up today, and let’s connect you with your perfect computer science tutor.

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