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Professional Online TMUA Tutors

All of our high quality online tmua tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online TMUA tutor Rowan
Mathematics & Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge (BA & MMath in Mathematics); University of Southampton (PhD in Theoretical Physics)

Please see profile for reviews & testimonials! Professional maths & physics tutor & 1st class master's graduate of the University of Cambridge. Expertise supporting Oxbridge maths, physics, engineering and computer science applications including admissions tests (STEP, MAT, TMUA, NSAA, ENGAA, PAT) and interviews. STEP examiner for Cambridge Assessment.

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1596 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Carlo
Mathematics, University of Cambridge

Experienced maths and physics tutor at all levels with an engaging and passionate teaching method.

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603 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Matthew
Mathematics, University of Cambridge

I am passionate about teaching students maths and physics, helping them to increase their confidence and achieve the academic goals.

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226 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Wafaa
PhD, The University of Leeds
1961 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Simon
Mathematics, King's College London

After finishing my PhD in Mathematics, I moved to teach at the specialist King's College London Mathematics School - AS Computer Science, and also preparing preparing students for the mathematics admissions tests of various universities.

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238 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Maximilien
Mathematics, University of Oxford

Oxford University maths lecturer. I have nine years (over 2000 hours!) teaching experience in maths and sciences, as well as preparation for specialist entrance exams (MAT, STEP, TMUA, etc.). I am an interviewer at Oxford and marker for MAT and BMO.

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265 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Richard
Mathematics and Philosophy, University of Oxford

University of Oxford Master's Graduate in Mathematics and Philosophy, 2020 Gibbs Prize winner for performance in Mathematics

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227 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Robert
Mathematics, Christ's College, Cambridge

Cambridge Maths graduate, keen to help anyone struggling or excelling in maths or science to reach and surpass their goals. Everyone can find something something to love in mathematics, with the right teacher.

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33 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Warwick
Chemistry, Cambridge University

Cambridge University MA, PhD

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340 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Jack
University of Cambridge (BA [1st class] MA MMath [Distinction] in Mathematics), Queen Mary University of London (PhD in Mathematics)

Best University-Level Tutor and Runner up Professional Tutor of the Year at the National Tutoring Awards 2022.

University of Cambridge Mathematics BA (1st class) and MMath (with Distinction), PhD in Mathematics Queen Mary University of London.

A full-time professional Mathematics tutor with thousands of hours of experience.

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401 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Jonathan
Mathematics, University of Cambridge

Cambridge Maths graduate, with 4 A*s at A-Level and all 9s at GCSE. Offering maths and music tuition at all levels, plus Oxbridge application preparation (incl. STEP, MAT, Interviews).

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51 hours taught

Recent TMUA Tutor Class Reviews

Matthew - Ruby- TMUA - Admissions
25th June 2024
Good at explaining and well paced lesson. I enjoyed my first lesson because it was challenging and helped me to approach the problems in different ways.
Carlo - Alexa - TMUA - Admissions
17th October 2023
Very helpful! Carlo teaches methods to solve problems in quicker and easier ways than schools, and he ensures you understand everything and makes the lesson environment very comforting :)
Matthew - Corine- TMUA - Admissions
17th October 2023
Excellent maths tutor! Explains hard maths concepts very well and I loved my tutoring sessions with Matthew.
Maximilien - Malcolm- TMUA - Admissions
28th September 2023
Great help - thank you!
Matthew - Natalie- TMUA - Admissions
14th September 2023
Good help and information no help me understand everything to the full extend which I need to.
TAPAN - Yesim - TMUA - Admissions
16th October 2022
Very helpful and patient
Carlo - Ryan- TMUA - Admissions
3rd October 2022
Very Good Tutor
Carlo - Ryan- TMUA - Admissions
19th September 2022
good explaining, helped to understand concepts
Simon - Paulina- TMUA - Admissions
23rd July 2022
Our son is very happy with the lessons, says he's learning a lot and finds Simon really helpful.
Rowan - Taimur- TMUA - Admissions
12th July 2022

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Online TMUA Tutors FAQs

What Is the Tmua?

The TMUA (Test of Mathematics For University Admissions) exam is a crucial maths ability test. Students aspiring for university admissions, particularly at renowned institutions like Cambridge and Oxford, often undertake this maths test. This maths-oriented test was introduced not so long ago to streamline the admissions process for applicants and to test their form. Students looking into Cambridge admissions, in particular, will find this maths test an essential step in their preparation. The application process is relatively straightforward, bit acing the exam needs skilled exam technique and one-to-one tuition, guidance and support from qualified TMUA tuitions. TMUA test tutors can maximise your chances and help you achieve a good score for Oxford and Cambridge. The syllabus is extensive, but TMUA courses from UK’s leading online tuition platform, Spires, can help.

What qualifications do your expert TMUA tutors have?

Our TMUA tutors are highly qualified, holding advanced academic credentials in Mathematics and related fields, such as masters and PhD degrees. These tutors bring years of academic guidance and teaching experience, making them experts in preparing students for sections of the TMUA, essential for university admissions in mathematical, computational, and engineering courses. If you are preparing for a maths admissions test as part of your university applications, particularly when applying to Cambridge or other top universities in the UK, I would highly recommend utilising every available resource to enhance your chance of success. Every tutor at our centre uses an interactive whiteboard to help you prepare for the test, focusing on multiple choice and other challenging questions that improve your mathematical thinking and ability to apply concepts.

How can I find right tutor for Maths online tuition on Spires?

To find your ideal TMUA tutor, visit our online platform and use the search functionality to locate tutors providing expert TMUA tuition. You can refine your search based on specific mathematical areas you need support with. Each tutor’s profile provides comprehensive reviews, enabling you to make an informed choice based on their qualifications and areas of expertise.

Can I choose tutors who are specialist in specific areas of the TMUA?

Yes, we recognise that students preparing for the TMUA may require support in specific mathematical parts. Our platform offers tutors with specialised knowledge in all sections covered by the TMUA, including but not limited to problem-solving and mathematical reasoning. You can review the profiles of our tutors to find one that matches your specific requirements.

How do I schedule a session with TMUA tutors?

Once you’ve identified a TMUA tutor that meets your educational goals, scheduling an online session is simple. Select a time and date that fits your schedule, and our platform will facilitate the rest, ensuring an efficient setup for your 1-1 TMUA preparation sessions. The first lesson usually includes top tips and tricks to help you tackle the test confidently. We also provide specific strategies to handle the mathematics section, ensuring you’re well-prepared to receive an offer.

How much do TMUA tutoring sessions cost?

The cost of TMUA tutoring sessions varies, depending on the tutor’s qualifications, including their experience and success rate in preparing students for the TMUA. For detailed pricing, you are encouraged to consult individual tutor profiles on our platform.

How can I track my progress in TMUA tutoring programme?

Our platform enables students to monitor their academic progress throughout their TMUA preparation. You can track the topics covered, assignments completed, and key milestones with your TMUA tutor, ensuring you remain on track towards achieving your goals.

Can I request additional resources or materials from TMUA tutors?

Definitely. Our TMUA tutors are happy to provide additional resources and materials tailored to your objectives for the TMUA. This could include practice questions, revision notes, and recommended readings, all aimed at enhancing your mathematical skills and preparing you thoroughly for the test.

How often should I schedule tutoring sessions with a TMUA tutor?

The frequency of your online tutoring sessions will depend on your individual needs and the areas you wish to focus on for the TMUA. While some students may benefit from weekly sessions, others might require more frequent tutoring as the test date approaches. Discussing your needs with your selected TMUA tutor will help determine the ideal frequency of your tutoring sessions.

Can I change my Maths tutor if I’m not satisfied?

Yes. Finding the right tutor is crucial for your TMUA preparation. If you’re not completely satisfied with your current tutor, our support team can assist you in finding another qualified tutor from our selection, ensuring your TMUA preparation needs are fully met.

Can I leave feedback for my TMUA tutor?

Of course. We value student feedback highly and encourage you to leave reviews for your tutors. Your feedback is instrumental in maintaining the quality of our tutoring services and assisting other students in finding effective TMUA tutors.

How do I get started with a TMUA tuition on Spires?

Getting started is easy. Simply register on our platform, browse through our list of specialised TMUA tutors, and book your sessions directly. This tailored approach ensures your tutoring is focused on your specific goals for the TMUA, setting you on the path to success.

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