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Professional Online TMUA Tutors

All of our high quality online tmua tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online TMUA tutor Rowan
Mathematics & Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge (BA & MMath in Mathematics); University of Southampton (PhD in Theoretical Physics)

Please see profile for reviews & testimonials! Professional maths & physics tutor & 1st class master's graduate of the University of Cambridge. Expertise supporting Oxbridge maths, physics, engineering and computer science applications including admissions tests (STEP, MAT, TMUA, NSAA, ENGAA, PAT) and interviews. STEP examiner for Cambridge Assessment.

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1462 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Carlo
Mathematics, University of Cambridge

Experienced maths and physics tutor at all levels with an engaging and passionate teaching method.

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485 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Wafaa
PhD, The University of Leeds
1827 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Matthew
Mathematics, University of Cambridge

I am passionate about teaching students maths and physics, helping them to increase their confidence and achieve the academic goals.

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164 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Simon
Mathematics, King's College London

After finishing my PhD in Mathematics, I moved to teach at the specialist King's College London Mathematics School - AS Computer Science, and also preparing preparing students for the mathematics admissions tests of various universities.

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199 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Maximilien
Mathematics, University of Oxford

Oxford University maths lecturer. I have eight years (over 1500 hours!) teaching experience in maths and sciences, as well as preparation for specialist entrance exams (MAT, STEP, TMUA, etc.). I am an interviewer at Oxford and marker for MAT and BMO.

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235 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Jack
University of Cambridge (BA [1st class] MA MMath [Distinction] in Mathematics), Queen Mary University of London (PhD in Mathematics)

Best University-Level Tutor and Runner up Professional Tutor of the Year at the National Tutoring Awards 2022.

University of Cambridge Mathematics BA (1st class) and MMath (with Distinction), PhD in Mathematics Queen Mary University of London.

A full-time professional Mathematics tutor with thousands of hours of experience.

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351 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Richard
Mathematics and Philosophy, University of Oxford

University of Oxford Master's Graduate in Mathematics and Philosophy, 2020 Gibbs Prize winner for performance in Mathematics

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193 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Warwick
Chemistry, Cambridge University

Cambridge University MA, PhD

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311 hours taught
professional online TMUA tutor Jonathan
Mathematics, University of Cambridge

Cambridge Maths graduate, with 4 A*s at A-Level and all 9s at GCSE. Offering maths and music tuition at all levels, plus Oxbridge application preparation (incl. STEP, MAT, Interviews).

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10 hours taught

Recent TMUA Tutor Class Reviews

Carlo - Alexa - TMUA - Admissions
17th October 2023
Very helpful! Carlo teaches methods to solve problems in quicker and easier ways than schools, and he ensures you understand everything and makes the lesson environment very comforting :)
Matthew - Corine- TMUA - Admissions
17th October 2023
Excellent maths tutor! Explains hard maths concepts very well and I loved my tutoring sessions with Matthew.
Maximilien - Malcolm- TMUA - Admissions
28th September 2023
Great help - thank you!
Matthew - Natalie- TMUA - Admissions
14th September 2023
Good help and information no help me understand everything to the full extend which I need to.
TAPAN - Yesim - TMUA - Admissions
16th October 2022
Very helpful and patient
Carlo - Ryan- TMUA - Admissions
3rd October 2022
Very Good Tutor
Carlo - Ryan- TMUA - Admissions
19th September 2022
good explaining, helped to understand concepts
Simon - Paulina- TMUA - Admissions
23rd July 2022
Our son is very happy with the lessons, says he's learning a lot and finds Simon really helpful.
Rowan - Taimur- TMUA - Admissions
12th July 2022
Rowan - Kiran- TMUA - Admissions
1st November 2021
Very helpful as always, feeling much better about my exam now!

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Online TMUA Tutors FAQs

What Is the Tmua?

The TMUA exam is a crucial maths test. Students aspiring for university admissions, particularly at renowned institutions like Cambridge and Oxford, often undertake this maths test. This maths-oriented test was introduced not so long ago to streamline the admissions process. Students looking into Cambridge admissions, in particular, will find this maths test an essential step in their preparation.

Why Choose Spires’ TMUA tutoring?

Spires offers online tuition for students preparing for the TMUA exam. Their approach to maths preparation is both systematic and comprehensive. With a focus on maths and an emphasis on past papers and a student-focused approach, their online lessons have proven to be a treasure trove for maths enthusiasts. The MAT (Mathematics Admissions Test) is another area they excel in, helping students to tackle difficult maths questions with ease. For those targeting Oxbridge admissions, their programme’s emphasis on the MAT, maths concepts, and mock interviews is invaluable.

We offer professional TMUA tutoring that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home through our award-winning online tutoring platform. Our experienced TMUA tutors have all the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and improve your understanding of key concepts, topics, and areas of study in TMUA. Whether you are looking for school, degree, or professional level TMUA tuition or even coursework, assignment, or dissertation help, our teachers use a range of educational applications and materials, and their tutoring style will be adapted to your personal needs, ability, and preferences. They will support your academic development, improve your knowledge, and boost your marks, grades, qualifications, and career prospects.

Who Will Be My Tutor?

Your tutor will be a seasoned academic in the world of maths. Most tutors, deeply rooted in maths, are familiar with the Oxbridge admissions system and have extensive experience working with students on their maths papers and university application statement. They guide students in their maths preparations. Their frequent sessions cover MAT, interview techniques, and detailed workings on past maths papers. Their expertise with the interview processes at Cambridge and Oxford universities offers maths students invaluable insights.

What Happens When I Send a Tutor a Message?

When a student sends a message, it immediately opens a communication portal via our HTML-powered platform. The tutor, often a maths expert, typically responds within hours. This interaction ensures maths-related questions are addressed promptly, aiding in students’ maths preparations and reinforcing their learning sessions. Each message sent takes you a step closer to refining your maths understanding.

If you are a student looking for private tutoring, coursework help, or dissertation help, why not work with one of our specialist undergraduate tutors or postgraduate tutors. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, need help with an introductory course at college to improve your understanding and skills or develop an advanced essay or research assignment at university level, we have tutors to suit all needs and budgets. We also have a range of specialist professional qualification level tutors who can help mature and professional students with their studies.

What Is the Hourly Rate for Online TMUA Tutors?

The rate for online TMUA tutors varies, but it’s comprehensive, ensuring students receive top-notch maths lessons and free resources, including valuable past papers and a breakdown of potential questions. With a focus on maths, students can expect sessions brimming with maths insights and rigorous maths exercises. Their work ensures the best outcomes for all maths students.

What Is the Hourly Rate for TMUA Tutors in London?

TMUA tutors in London, especially those proficient in maths, command a premium rate. These tutors offer in-depth maths lessons and are well-equipped to assist with maths-related questions. They offer free maths materials, ensuring students receive the utmost value for their investment in maths tutoring.

Can I Arrange Online Tmua Tuition?

Certainly. Many students opt for online tuition, especially when it comes to maths. Whether it’s diving deep into maths concepts, MAT, or preparing for interviews, Cambridge and Oxford university applicants often prefer this mode of tuition. Students find the online maths lessons especially beneficial for their preparations.

Can a Tutor Help Me in Writing a Personal Statement?

Yes, our tutors at Spires are well-equipped to assist students in crafting compelling personal statements. With their extensive experience in academia and familiarity with university admissions processes, they can provide invaluable insights and guidance. They’ll work closely with you to understand your academic achievements, aspirations, and unique qualities, ensuring your personal statement stands out and genuinely reflects your capabilities and ambitions. Whether you’re applying for undergraduate or postgraduate courses, our tutors can offer tailored support to enhance your application.

Do You Offer Cambridge Admissions Support?

Yes, we provide comprehensive support for Cambridge admissions. Our programme is maths-centric, preparing students for the challenges they’ll face in maths. Our support extends to statement writing, emphasising the nuances of Oxbridge admissions, ensuring students are well-prepared for any maths test or interview they might encounter.

How Does the Online Private Lessons for TMUA at Spires Function?

Spires’ online tutoring functions through a meticulously planned maths programme. After enrolment, students embark on a journey of rigorous maths training, maths test preparations, and frequent Q&A sessions, ensuring they’re well-acquainted with all the maths challenges ahead.

Does It Matter if I Have a Tutor Near Me?

While having a tutor nearby has its advantages, online maths tuition is rapidly becoming the norm. Spires’ online lessons are intensive, providing a deep dive into the world of maths. Students aiming for Oxbridge admissions often find these maths lessons, coupled with the myriad of free resources, vital for their preparation needs.

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