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Professional Online Biology Tutors

All of our high quality online biology tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Biology tutor Andrew
Mphil, Leicester

My name is Andrew Wallace I have been a professional tutor for 15 years . I specialise in A level Chemistry and Biology. I frequently teach GCSE science in Physics Chemistry and Biology. I have taught many different exam boards which include AQA OCR and Edexcel and WJEC. I am pleased to say my students improve their grades and go on to their goals.

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3084 hours taught
professional online Biology tutor Tanya
Natural Sciences, University of Middlesex in collaboration with CNELM and The Open University

Experienced science teacher offering outstanding chemistry and biology tuition at A level to cover all exam boards. I have experience both as a tutor and exam marker and can also offer science and maths at GCSE to include physics, chemistry and biology. I offer science and maths at KS3.

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1877 hours taught
professional online Biology tutor Louisa
Qualified Teacher of Science, Experienced GCSE and A Level Science Tutor

Hi I'm Louisa and I have been a private tutor for over 8 years. I hold Qualified Teacher Status with experience teaching in schools in Suffolk and Devon. I was graded 'Outstanding' for my Teacher Training and have have worked hard to make sure students 'get' science ever since.

I like to break things down to simple building blocks and use your skills to approach your learning in a way that suits you and means you can reach your potential.

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1553 hours taught
professional online Biology tutor Shelley
BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science and PGCE in Secondary Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Bedford

Experienced science, specifically biology, teacher with over ten years experience working with GCSE and A level students across many examination boards. I am a former head of department and biology lead at a top UK sixth form centre.

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464 hours taught
professional online Biology tutor Fraser
Biochemistry, University of Manchester

I am a young but accomplished Biochemistry tutor who gets results

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908 hours taught
professional online Biology tutor Therese
2:1 BSc (Hons) Applied Biology, Liverpool John Moores University

Highly experienced teacher of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Former Head of Department and exam board examiner.
Structured, personalised lessons to suit your needs and learning style.

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643 hours taught
professional online Biology tutor Nicky
Biology with Science, University of Leeds

Fully qualified professional Biology teacher with over 20 years' experience teaching and examining, including over 10 years full time tutoring individuals and groups, specifically for A-level Biology.

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professional online Biology tutor Conor
Biological Sciences, University of Oxford, University of York

Helping students achieve their grandest ambitions

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professional online Biology tutor Eleanor
Veterinary medicine / Biological Sciences, The Royal Veterinary College / University of Oxford

Science and learning are my passions, and I love to pass this onto my students in inspiring and engaging ways.

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professional online Biology tutor Mark
Biomedical Science, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK

Experienced College and University Lecturer in Biology and Computer Science. I am passionate about education, science, and technology and enjoy passing on my knowledge to others.
I have helped thousands of students understand Biology and have prepared them for exam excellence.

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217 hours taught
professional online Biology tutor Bindu
Master of Biology, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India

Highly passionate, dedicated and experienced IGCSE and A level Biology teacher.

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146 hours taught
professional online Biology tutor Timothee
Chemistry, King's College, University of London

After graduating with an Msci, I obtained my PGCE and subsequently my NQT. I have since then taught and tutored for the last 15 years both online and on-site.

View Full Profile
660 hours taught

Recent Biology Tutor Class Reviews

Jack - Angelina - Biology - IB
5th December 2023
I had a great experience with Jack as a tutor in the IB Biology course at a higher lever.. He was not only knowledgeable but also patient, making sure I understood everything we covered. Jack's friendly nature made our sessions comfortable and productive. I appreciated his ability to explain complex concepts in a way that was easy to grasp. Highly recommend Jack for anyone looking for a supportive and effective tutor.
Mark - Poppy- Biology - A Level
4th December 2023
This session was very helpful for me and Mark has explained the molecular topic so well and has boosted my confidence in this area, thank you!
medet - Monsurat- Biology - A Level
3rd December 2023
understood alot
Mark - Poppy- Biology - A Level
27th November 2023
Today's class was extremely helpful! Mark explains everything so well and has helped me understand a lot. Thank you!
Harriet - Mia- Biology - A Level
27th November 2023
Excellent, really helped
Andrew - Isabelle- Biology - A Level
25th November 2023
Charlotte - Myrna - Biology - IGCSE
18th November 2023
An amazing lesson! Helped me so much and made all of the content clear. She is a great teacher and really helped me grasp the material.
Elena - Joseph- Biology - GCSE
9th November 2023
Great first lesson, looking forward to more!
Tanya - Cengiz- Biology - A Level
27th October 2023
Mark - Naran- Biology - A Level
23rd October 2023
No class taken due to technical difficulties

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Spires Biology Tutoring FAQs

How Can Spires’ Online Biology Tutors Enhance My Child’s Understanding of Biology?

At Spires, our biology tutors are dedicated to understanding where your child currently stands in their biology knowledge. From there, they craft a bespoke syllabus to address their specific needs and goals. Each lesson zeroes in on both strengthening weak points and bolstering areas your child is already confident in. By fostering a continual sense of growth and cultivating beneficial study habits, our tutors ensure your child is always progressing. Regardless of whether your child is in secondary school or pursuing university studies, our adept biology tutors are committed to delivering premier, personalised biology tutoring. Each tutor brings a distinctive teaching approach and deep-rooted expertise in biology.

What’s the Process to Find a Spires’ Online Biology Tutor?

You can find a professional tutor in four easy steps:

1. Use the Find Tutors feature to create a post outlining your biology needs and tutor requirements. You can choose from subject, level, price, and tutor expertise.

2. Choose from a wide range of qualified tutors, biology professors and educators. After you filter your search results using the Find Tutors feature you will be presented with the best choices for your needs. Before scheduling a lesson, you can check bids and reviews and communicate with a tutor.

3. Have your online one-on-one biology class with a tutor. This can be done whenever and wherever you are, it’s all online!

4. Replay the biology class afterward for any missed information from your tutors at your own pace and convenience.

Is Having an Online Biology Tutor Near Me Important on Spires?

Not at all. On Spires, the quality and expertise of the biology tutor take precedence over their physical location. As all sessions are conducted online, you eliminate travel time and can focus on choosing the most suitable tutor to meet your requirements.

How Can I Select the Most Suitable Online Biology Tutor for My Specific Biology Subjects?

Spires offers a plethora of experienced biology tutors. You can delve into tutor profiles, examining reviews, tutor qualifications, and tutors’ teaching backgrounds. Engage with potential tutors, perhaps through a webcam chat, to gauge if their teaching style aligns with your biology learning needs. Once you find a match, you can schedule your online lessons and embark on your biology study journey.

How Many Biology Tutors Does Spires Currently Have for Private Biology Tuition?

Spires proudly showcases a roster of over 100 committed biology tutors. These tutors cater to a diverse range of biology topics, from school GCSE level biology to more advanced postgraduate biology studies. It’s worth noting that our tutor selection is vast, enabling students to always find the right tutor for their biology lessons.

What Are the Qualifications Required for Biology Tutors on Spires?

It’s essential to understand that each tutor on Spires has at least a Bachelor’s degree in biology or related fields. A significant number of our biology tutors also boast higher qualifications, like Master’s or PhDs in specific biology disciplines. For added peace of mind, all tutors undergo comprehensive DBS checks or equivalent, ensuring safety and building trust for every biology lesson.

How Is the Cost per Hour Determined for Private Biology Tuition at Spires?

The cost for each biology lesson on Spires is determined by the study level. Tutors charge starting from €25/hr for school-level biology. For those pursuing university-level biology studies, tutors set their rates beginning at €35/hr. Meanwhile, professional courses and test preparations in biology have rates from €45/hr upwards. These lesson rates also reflect the tutor’s extensive experience and the depth of study topics.

What is the average Hourly rate for a Biology Tutor in London?

The standard rate for a biology tutor in London hovers around ÂŁ40 per lesson. This rate is marginally higher than other parts of the UK, mirroring the capital’s elevated living expenses. It’s also worth mentioning that London-based biology tutors frequently get questions about this due to the city’s reputation for higher costs.

Can I Arrange a GCSE Biology Lesson With One of the Tutors on Spires?

Certainly! Among our diverse group of tutors, many are experienced in GCSE biology tutoring. If you have specific questions about awarding bodies like AQA, CCEA, OCR, or Edexcel, our tutors of Biology are knowledgeable and can adapt each lesson to your exam board. They’re also adept at integrating medicine-related topics when relevant to the GCSE biology curriculum.

Do Spires’ Tutors Offer IB Biology Tutoring Lessons?

Indeed, our vast team of biology tutors is well-prepared to support students in their IB Biology studies. Tutors can guide you meticulously through your chosen school textbook, ensuring that every lesson enhances your biology understanding. If there are areas where you feel challenged, our tutors can also provide additional resources to address those questions and solidify your grasp of the subject.

Can I Find A-Level Biology Help From Spires’ Tutors?

Absolutely! Our biology tutors are well-versed with A-level biology curriculums. You can effortlessly locate a biology tutor familiar with numerous exam boards, such as AQA, CCEA, OCR, and Edexcel. Our platform simplifies the task of identifying the best A-level biology tutor for your specific needs. Always review the profiles and reviews of potential tutors. After the first interaction with a chosen biology tutor, and if satisfied, don’t hesitate to book your first biology lesson.

Does Spires Provide Assistance to a Student With University Admissions?

Yes. Our extensive array of tutors includes biology tutors specialising in university admission guidance. Regardless of whether you’re targeting UCAS, Oxbridge Entrance exams, or seeking IELTS and TOEFL preparation, our tutors of Biology are equipped to guide every student in each online lesson. It’s a good practice to review the feedback and reviews for our tutors of  biology to ensure you find the perfect fit for your university admissions needs.

How Do Spires’ Online Biology Tutors Structure Their Lessons?

Every biology tutor under Spires tailors each lesson uniquely for individual students. Recognising the diversity in student requirements, from school to advanced levels, our tutors exhibit unparalleled flexibility. For instance, a secondary school student might interact with a biology tutor for foundational lessons, while an advanced student might delve into specific biology topics. Our biology tutors excel in assessing student comprehension, subsequently adjusting their tutoring techniques.
Moreover, our tutors of biology integrate subjects such as chemistry, physics, medicine, and maths to offer an expansive science education. Reviews by past students often applaud this integrated approach. An online lesson guarantees real-time feedback, allowing the biology tutor to instantly cater to the student’s understanding. With numerous proficient tutors at your disposal, every student is promised top-tier biology tutoring, honed to their needs.

What Advantages Do Students Gain by Opting for Online Biology Lessons With Spires’ tutors of Biology?

Selecting online biology lessons with Spires presents students with an array of advantages. Firstly, with a vast pool of biology tutors, students are assured of finding a tutor perfect for their unique biology needs, whether it’s GCSE level biology, A-level biology, or even more specialised subjects. Real-time interactions in these lessons facilitate immediate clarification of doubts. Reviews from former students often highlight the benefits of such instant feedback in consolidating their grasp of biology. Online lessons can be taken from the comfort of one’s home, eliminating travel hassles – a boon for students juggling school and extracurriculars.
Furthermore, the digital format permits recording of each lesson, enabling students to review them at their leisure. With a biology tutor from Spires, students aren’t merely receiving biology lessons; they’re immersing in a holistic science educational journey.

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