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Professional Online CIPD Tutors

All of our high quality online cipd tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online CIPD tutor David
1st Degree; Politics and American Studies, Swansea University
2051 hours taught
professional online CIPD tutor Dr Jacqueline
Doctor of Philosophy, Oxford Brookes University Business School

Experienced senior academic, Author, Education Consultant, Chartered People Manager, Qualitative Researcher and business founder, with PhD in Knowledge Management and MSc in Management with Distinction.

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792 hours taught
professional online CIPD tutor Yvonne
MA Human Resources Management , Westminster University

Experienced Senior HR professional and CIPD tutor at both Level 3&5

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professional online CIPD tutor Hayley
Media, South Wales

A HR & L&D specialist, lecturer and tutor. 12 years experience delivering and assessing CIPD qualifications.

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2 hours taught

Recent CIPD Tutor Class Reviews

Hayley - Therese- CIPD - Professional
20th January 2024
Excellent session and very informative, lovely lady!
David - Kelly- CIPD - Professional
22nd November 2023
Another fabulous class with David.... thank you again for you guidance and patience.
David - Kelly- CIPD - Professional
21st November 2023
Thank you David for your support and guidance as always ...
David - Kelly- CIPD - Professional
5th November 2023
Another good session, thank you David for all your support.
David - Kelly- CIPD - Professional
2nd November 2023
Thank you David for the guidance and support given to me.
David - Kelly- CIPD - Professional
22nd October 2023
Thank you David for your support and guidance as always...
David - Amy- CIPD - Professional
14th August 2023
I feel like it's given me something realistic to work on without it being too overwhelming. THANK YOU.
David - Kelly- CIPD - Professional
17th July 2023
Thank you as always David for your support and guidance.
David - Kelly- CIPD - Professional
6th July 2023
Another great session - thank you David...
David - Kelly- CIPD - Professional
3rd July 2023
Another fabulous session, thank you again David.

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Online CIPD Tutors FAQs

Why Should I Choose Spires’ Tutors for My CIPD Training?

Our CIPD tutors are uniquely positioned to provide the best guidance and support due to their rich experience in the HR field and extensive knowledge in CIPD curriculum. Moreover, our tutors undergo rigorous research-based training to ensure their teaching techniques are effective and up-to-date.

What Is the CIPD?

The CIPD, which stands for Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, is a professional development body in the UK that sets the standard for HR and people development. It offers various levels and grades of CIPD courses to suit learners’ needs.

What Kind of Information Can I Expect From CIPD Training?

CIPD training encompasses a broad spectrum of topics within HR, management, learning, and development. From the associate diploma level to more advanced level grade, topics range from personal development in HR practices to management strategies.

How Can Expert Tutoring Support My CIPD Learning Journey?

An expert CIPD tutor provides tailored learning experiences based on individual learner’s needs. With their years of experience and in-depth knowledge, they can guide you through complex HR topics, assignment challenges, and ensure your professional development aligns with industry standards.

Which CIPD Modules or Levels Do You Specialise in Tutoring?

Our tutors are proficient in tutoring across all CIPD levels, including the popular CIPD level 5, associate diploma, and various management CIPD modules. Their vast knowledge ensures that every learner gets the support they require.

How Do You Tailor Your Tutoring Approach to Accommodate Different Learning Styles?

Every learner is unique. Our CIPD tutors use diverse ways of teaching, focusing on the learning and development style of each student. Whether it’s visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic, our tutors adapt their methods to cater to individual learning preferences.

What Qualifications Do Spires’ CIPD Tutors Possess?

All our CIPD tutors hold relevant qualifications in HR and people development. Many are associate tutor or have gained an associate diploma. Their rich working experience in human resources, coupled with their strong academic background, makes them ideal for CIPD tutoring.

Is It Important if the Tutor Is Near Me?

While proximity can be beneficial for traditional face-to-face tutoring, our CIPD tutor team specialises in online sessions, making geographical location less crucial. We have experienced tutors across the UK, including London, ensuring you receive expert assistance regardless of your location.

Can I Book Online CIPD Tutoring?

Yes, our CIPD tutors provide online tutoring sessions, allowing learners to engage in personal learning and development without the constraints of physical boundaries.

How Does CIPD Training Prepare Me for Real-World Challenges?

CIPD training integrates theoretical knowledge with practical insights. By working closely with our tutors, students gain a comprehensive understanding of human resources, management, and development strategies applicable in real-world work scenarios.

Can I Provide Feedback on My Tutoring Experience?

Absolutely! We highly value reviews from our students. Your feedback helps us continually enhance our tutoring services and ensures we maintain the high standard our learners expect. Feel free to write review on our website.

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