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I am an A Level teacher and examiner for both Business Studies and Economics. I have been teaching for over 15 years and have vast experience in tutoring students both online and face to face. Please see my reviews.

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When I'm not tutoring I enjoy my sports, F1 racing as well as ballroom dancing and coaching football.


Rebecca's Comments: 24/01/2018 (First Tutors) Rating: 5/5 Comments: Trevor tutored my son before his Business Studies A Level exam, he found him extremely helpful. Jon's Comments: 11/05/2017 (HST Tutoring, Cornwall) "Trevor is absolutely first-rate and could not be bettered. He sought information well in advance, with which to very thoroughly prepare; offered a helpful follow-up service; and was articulate, highly experienced and knowledgeable about A2 & AS syllabus/exams; professional throughout and good-value too." Sarah's Comments 22/02/18 (Titanium Tutors) Trevor taught a stellar lesson. He had prepared in extraordinary detail, picked a topic that I found relevant and interesting, and timed it down to the last second. He had a clear lesson objective and a strong structure, getting me to do most of the work and keeping up a constant dialogue. He pitched the lesson well, and when he realised I was very familiar with his opening exercise, skipped on to the newer and more difficult section. He clearly knew his subject, had a calm, pleasant and fun teaching manner, and gave a deservedly confident but thoughtful self-assessment.

Client Reviews

Leonid - Economics


Rashekala - Economics and Business

great tutor

Julie - Business Studies

Building confidence and "I can do this" approach in my son - making such a difference! thank you

MOHAMMED - Economics


MOHAMMED - Economics

Daughter was very happy.

Alexandra - Business

Amazing lesson on investment appraisal!!!

Alexandra - Business

Very helpful lesson on theme 1. We have identified my weak areas and will be improving them (promotional mix). I am very happy with teaching because I really enjoy the depth of knowledge which Trevor gives me

Alexandra - Business

Great lesson on critical path analysis. A very difficult topic for those who did not study maths but I am glad Trevor made it understandable and simple

Alexandra - Business

Great lesson on decision trees! Now I understand the topic well

Alexandra - Business

Wonderful lesson on leadership! I keep learning new things and I absolutely love it. Trevor gives great insights into the topic!!


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