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Queen University Belfast - Chemistry - BSc PGCE DASE BPhil MSc


Winner of Royal Society of Chemistry Schools Education Award 2016.

Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 236 Last Online: 03 May 2021
All-time Students: 20 Total Classes: 243 Signed Up: 08 Oct 2017

About me

Teaching online is now more effective than in person. I know that's hard to believe - but it's true!
Once the planning has been put in place, all the requisite resources are available at the click of a mouse.
Every pdf file (e.g. notes and past papers) can be annotated by me online and later saved to your personal folder on my website. Spires provides everything we need.
1. we share screens online.
2. you can see me, hear me and see what I am writing and illustrating.
3. you can communicate with me using your webcam (and writing tablet if you have one).
I will have prepared the learning outcomes for our online lesson and my guidance will always come from your specification: OCR, EDEXCEL, AQA, WJEC. (Due to holding a position on the CCEA GCE Examination Team I cannot teach that specification I'm afraid).
Images, animations, applets and occasional video-clips will be used to enhance our lessons.
Using several PDF editing software packages, I can create single files with 20 or more papers (and accompanying mark schemes). Give me a topic you want to consider, and in under a minute, I can retrieve every question asked on that over the last 2 decades – with the answers.
I have a specialized copying and editing tool that enable me to share with you - anything I can call up on my computer – and I have 2TB of information stored there, not to mention the internet.
Don’t be put off by the techy aspects .
Leave me to ‘worry’ about that.
Looking forward to working with you and making a big difference.

Tutor Experience

I recently retired after 40 years teaching chemistry.

I was Head of Chemistry for 35 years and in Charge of Science for 22 years.

I won the 2016 Royal Society of Chemistry Education Award.

I have an extensive website and YouTube Channel to provide post lesson support.

For many years I was a home tutor of GCE Chemistry, using CCEA, AQA, OCR and EDEXCEL
Specifications. Over the last 2 years I have added the WJEC Specification.

Upon retirement  I took up a senior position with the CCEA examining team for GCE Chemistry.
As a result I am unable to tutor students for that specification.

Comfortable with teaching online using the Spires platform,
I have an enormous bank of teaching and assessment resources available at the click of a mouse.

Thanks for you interest.

Sorry, but I do not offer trial sessions.


Client Reviews

Sawan - Chemistry


T - Science

Excellent lesson


Oscar 06/10/2019 Frank tutored me very regularly for just over a month in April and May of 2019, our lessons ending just before my GCSE exams began. Before he started teaching me, my grades in chemistry were consistently 4s (Ds). Frank helped me review the basics of chemistry, before moving onto the harder parts of the syllabus (organic chemistry, calculations, etc.). After each lesson, he would send me the notes that were made during the session (alongside worksheets) to supplement my revision. Not only did Frank thoroughly cover every topic we went through, he also gave me interesting pieces of information that enhanced my understanding and appreciation of the subject as a whole. Soon after the end of our lessons, I sat my GCSE Chemistry papers, receiving an 8 (A*) - an increase of four grades. This wouldn’t have been possible without Frank’s patient and friendly attitude and expert advice. Best wishes, Oscar L*****.

Thomas/15/09/19 Hi Frank, Just emailing to say thank you so much for all the help you gave me with Chemistry. When I first came to you I was really struggling and your lessons really helped me to turn this around before the A level exams. I managed to get an A in Chemistry, which I wouldn't have even dreamt was possible this time last year, and I got into my first choice university for medicine (at Sheffield). I hope you are doing well, Thanks very much, Thomas

Charlotte /12/09/19 Dear Mr Scullion. At the end of our last session you said you would love to know how I did in my A levels. So here I am very proud to say I achieved A*A*A in A level (A in chemistry) and successfully made my entrance to imperial college studying biochemistry. Thank you so much for your help and without you I wouldn't be able to achieve these. I wish you all the best at work and have a great day.

Dylan/10/09/19 What an exceptional tutor. Very knowledgeable, patient & calm. Our son looks forward to his lessons. Thanks for making a difference to our sons life. We would highly recommend. Marina (mother).

Julien/22/08/19 I hope you enjoyed your summer break. I would like to thank you for your help the past year; I received a fantastic set of IGCSE results, including achieving a 9 in Chemistry with a very high UMS of 173/180. As Year 12 approaches, I would like to continue the chemistry lessons. Thank you! Kind regards, Julien

Beautrice/22/08/19 Sorry for the late notification but I only just received my exam results late this afternoon after school. I’m very happy to report that I managed to get an 8 in Chemistry! Anyway, thank you for all of your amazing teaching and careful explanations. If I’d stayed at my old school I would’ve had to do dual science because they didn’t believe i was good enough for separate sciences. So thank you very much for helping me get a grade that I’m proud of!

Megan/15/08/19 Hi, I got a B in chemistry :) Thank you for all your help :)

Faraz/14/08/19 Hello, how is your summer going? I hope that you are well. My results came out yesterday and I just wanted to update you, I got an A* in chemistry and overall got ten A*s and one A( literature). Thank you very much for all the help and I look forward to beginning A level chemistry.

Katherine/15/08/19 Hello Frank, I’ve recieved my A-Level results and I’ve met the conditions for my firm offer, medicine at ***. I got a high B in Chemistry. Thank you for all of your help.

Annabel/15/08/19 Hi Frank Just to let you know I got a C in chemistry, and accepted into my firm choice uni. I'm absolutely over the moon and never thought I'd be able to get from achieving U's to a C in less than a year. Huge sigh of relief after thinking I'd let myself down in the exams. Thank you so much for all your help it made an enormous difference!!! Hope you are enjoying your summer

16-08-19/Hozaifa Dear Mr Scullion, I have received my results and I am happy to say that I achieved an A grade in chemistry. I am very grateful for all the help that you provided me with and would like to extend my deepest thanks. I will be going on to study medicine at the university of ******. Kind Regards & Many Thanks,

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Winner of the Royal Society of Chemistry Education Award in 2016


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