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I am an IB tutor for more than 12 years and an IB Examiner since 2015. I guide students in understanding the assessment criteria for performing effectively in their assignments and exams. Being passionate about critical thinking, my interest and expertise in teaching Theory of knowledge (TOK) and Psychology have only developed over the years. I was a University Topper and prefer to teach my subjects with meaningful and practical applications. Every student has a unique learning style, and I adapt to their uniqueness to enhance their academic achievement. I focus on enhancing the understanding of the subject content, along with the achievement of higher grades.

I tutor students for Theory of Knowledge, IB Psychology HL/SL, A Level Psychology & Global Perspectives.

Recent Students: 19 Total Hours: 431 Last Online: 26 Oct 2021
All-time Students: 114 Total Classes: 456 Signed Up: 28 Oct 2020

About Me

I like to guide others to achieve their personal and academic goals. I enjoy listening to others, and I have a knack for solving problems. I love playing football & using new technologies.

Tutor Experience

I am an IB Examiner for the last 6 years. With a teaching experience of more than 12 years, I tutor students for Theory of Knowledge, IBDP Psychology, A-Level Psychology & IGCSE Global Perspectives. I have guided more than 680 students in preparing for TOK Essays & TOK Exhibitions/Presentations. I am the IB Examiner for DP Psychology Extended Essay, Paper- 1 & 3, and the Internal Assessment.

Topic Expertise

Theory of Knowledge - TOK Exhibitions/Presentations & TOK Essays

IBDP HL/SL Psychology:
Psychology Internal Assessment
Psychology Extended Essay

Paper 1: Biological Approach to Understanding Behavior, Cognitive Approach to Understanding Behavior & Socio-cultural Approach to Understanding Behavior.
Paper 2: Psychology of Human Relationships, Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology & Health Psychology
Paper 3: Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology

A-Level Psychology

IGCSE Global Perspectives

CBSE & ISC Psychology

Client Reviews

He is very knowledgable and very helpfull. The only downside is, we never manage to conver all the content that I want to cover in the sessions.

- Theory of Knowledge

Everything about the TOK essay was clear and easy to understand. Very good tutor!

- Theory of Knowledge

He is so useful and will guide you through the process and will give you pointers and tip to get the top marks :)

- Theory of Knowledge

Very good, he guided me by asking me the right questions

- Theory of Knowledge

Very helpful advice during the session and such a nice person as well!

- Theory of Knowledge

I got great feedbacks for my IB tok exhibition, and also found 2 objects

- Theory of Knowledge


- Theory of Knowledge

Very nice and helpful tutor:)

- Theory of Knowledge

He always gave me feedback about what I think. It was helpful and at the same time, I enjoyed the discussion.

- Theory of Knowledge

He gave me lots of examples during the class to make sure I understand everything. It was very helpful.

- Theory of Knowledge


Kim K (Berlin, Europe) "THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH ROHIT!! I wouldn't have been Abel to do it if it weren't for you. You are an amazing teacher and I appreciate your constant support and great teaching skills. I remember my TOK teacher telling me that it's not good enough and luckily the IB graded it separately and I got the chance to prove myself. My school also ended up taking the exam route but I also got a score over my predicted and in all those subjects where teachers did not believe in me or said that I was not good enough I got to prove wrong because I ended up getting 1 grade better than what they predicted me. Thank you for always motivating me and telling me to not give up."

Akshay Kotecha ISC Psychology- Grade 12 S N Kansagra School Academic Year 2013-14 "Rohit Sir is one of the most calm teachers I have ever been taught by. I have never seen him loose his cool and yet he manages to have everyone's attention even if it is the last period of the day. This cool nature of his makes the explanation of even the most complex theories simple to understand. Psychology with him was one of the most interesting classes we ever took in our school times."

Samruddhi Bhojani IBDP HL Psychology Student 2018-20 The Galaxy School "Firstly, It has been an amazing journey throughout both the years. I had a great time studying psych. With Rohit Sir’s teaching pattern, I was easily able to connect and understand all the topics because he not only explained the theories but also connected it with real life examples. Sir used multiple creative methods to teach us like, showing us short films, group activities, watching videos, answer practices, etc which were very effective and have contributed a lot towards our understanding of the subject today. Sir was friendly with all the students and has helped us a lot. Whenever, in doubt, we could approach sir at any point in time. Even for the IA’s, the whole process was very well scheduled and planned by Sir which helped us work on our IA till our level best. I am so glad that I followed sir’s advise to start my IA well before so that in the end I don’t have to submit the draft which is not my best. The same is applied for EE. Multiple feedbacks and multiple sessions on IAs and EE were conducted. Not only during the regular school, but also during the lockdown and online schooling, Sir has made efforts to make our work easy. Lastly, Sir is very hard working, very friendly, approachable and helpful."

IBDP HL Psychology Student: Diya Kotecha Academic Year: 2018-20 The Galaxy School “Rohit sir has been teaching me psychology for the past 2 years now. Throughout these two years, he has been an extremely understanding and adaptable teacher. He could empathize with our situation as students and was ready to adapt to changes required in the class environment, teaching methods, and deadlines as well. Moreover, his teaching methods always involved an effective use of technology and resources available. Consistent with the concepts being taught and the class’s environment, he adopted and focused on collaborative teaching methods that made the sessions interactive. The classes were always engaging with humor, interesting quizzes, and debates that aided me in prolonging a strong classroom presence. There was never a dull or monotonous class with Rohit sir. I not only understood the concepts in-depth but was also able to connect them to real-life situations since sir’s teaching methods always ensured the involvement of real-world circumstances. He was always willing to share his knowledge and experiences throughout his life whenever linked to the concept being taught in the class. As a student, I had the benefit of understanding the practical application of the psychological concepts and what I was learning at that particular moment. He has patiently answered each and every question I had regarding the subject and hence, seemed very approachable. He not only listened but also respected our opinions regarding the orderly discussions taking place in the class. Sir always carries a positive attitude in the school and motivates all students to reach their best potential.”

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Masters of Arts (Psychology) 2004-06

Bachelors of Arts (Psychology), University Topper, 2001-04

IBDP Examiner for Psychology & Extended Essay, 2015 onwards

IB Theory of Knowledge, Category-3
IB Subject Specific Seminar in Psychology, Category-3
IB Psychology Extended Essay
IB Psychology Internal Assessment
Teaching to Standards with New Technologies, Harvard Graduate School of Education


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