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Emanuele, 32, Italian.
Passion and knowledge, at your service!

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About me

I love learning and teaching, I give myself completely to my students and I am always working to improve and refine my skills.
I like reading non-fiction (history, science, gender studies) and playing the flute; I also love learning languages: among others, I attempted Sanskrit and Middle High German. In my spare time, I love browsing charity shops to scout for books and trying new cafés.
I can't wait to meet you and start learning together!

Tutor Experience

– "Ancient Greek grammar", 10 hours face-to-face with an adult learner
– "Ancient Greek grammar" undergraduate level, 10 hours face-to-face and online with 1 student (revision of morphology, syntax, use of tools)
– "Ancient Greek literature", undergraduate level, 15 hours face-to-face and online with 1 student (revision of Homer's "Odyssey" bk. IX, the prologue from Euripides's "Bakchai" and ll. 203-450 from Euripides's "Cyclops"; translation with revision of grammar and literary analysis)
– "Latin grammar", undergraduate level, 10 hours face-to-face with 1 student (revision of morphology, syntax, reading of passages from Cicero, "Verrinae")
– "Latin grammar", primary school level, 50 hours (ongoing) face-to-face with 1 student ("Minimus", vol. 1 and 2; I, II and III declension, Indicative present and Imperfect, Imperative present, Basic adverbs, Prepositions and Conjunctions, Elements of Roman life and Roman History, Greek Mythology)
– "Maths", primary school level, 12 hours face-to-face with 1 student (basic arithmetic)

Topic Expertise

I have a Masters degree in Classics, which entails professional expertise in Latin language and literature, Ancient Greek language and literature, Ancient History, Classical Civilization.
I have been teaching Latin to Primary school children but I am also familiar with the OCR GCSE and A Level specifications.


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2001-2006: Liceo classico "F. Gonzaga", Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN - ITALY) (Main courses: Italian Language and Literature, Greek Language and Literature, Latin Language and Literature, English, History, Philosophy, Art History, Maths, Science; Final exam: 100/100)
2006-2009: Università di Pisa, laurea triennale in Lettere (BA in Arts) (Main Courses: Italian Literature, Greek Literature, Latin Literature, Greek History, Roman History, Classical Philology – Final exam: "Stylistic and metrical notes on Hesiod's hexameter"; supervisor: Dr M.C. Martinelli; mark: 110/110 cum laude)
2009-2011: Università di Pisa, laurea specialistica in Filologia e Letterature dell'Antichità (MA in Classics) (Main courses: Greek Philology, Greek Metrics, History of Greek Language, Latin Grammar – Final exam: "Stylistic and metrical notes on Apollonius Rhodius's hexameter", supervisors: Dr M.C. Martinelli, Dr E. Magnelli; mark: 110/110 cum laude)
2006-2011: Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Classics courses with yearly dissertations and seminars.
2011-2017: King's College London, formerly PhD in Classics (due to personal reasons, I have not completed all the academic requirements to earn the title; I leave the entry regardless as proof of my attendance of courses as well as of talks and conferences during these years)
2019-ongoing: SCCD trainee, QTLS


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