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University of Hull - MSc Marine Environmental Management - Distinction


I have studied environmental impacts on different ecosystems, primarily the oceans, focussing on climate change. My research project was focussed on the impact of ocean acidification on three species of phytoplankton, assessing their photosynthetic rate. I have an interest in photosynthesis, tropical systems and anthropogenic impacts on the environment.
I have previous experience in tutoring, being a demonstrator this year at the University of Hull; helping undergraduate students in practical work (such as creation of food webs) and helping undergraduates and postgraduates in report writing. Since I have finished my studies I have been working secondary schools, aiding children across a range of subjects but primarily based in science.
I previously was education secretary for the aquatic science society at the University of Hull, running sessions for others on how to use referencing tools and writing up scientific reports.

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About me

I graduated from the University of Hull where I studied MSc Marine Environmental Management (grade: distinction). I have an interest in researching the impacts of environmental influences on the oceans, management of these impacts and the law and policies that are used alongside.
I have experience in R statistical analysis using it during my undergraduate and postgraduate year. I am able to use this to create graphs and carry out statistical analysis on data.

I am able to teach 1 to 1, as I regularly support children in classrooms. As a teaching assistant I work closely with children with special educational needs.

Tutor Experience

Seasonal Ecologist (2020)
Teaching Assistant (2020)
Demonstrator at the University of Hull (2019) - took part in a Passport to Higher Education Teaching course to be able to participate
Education secretary for the Aquatic Science Society (2016-2017)
Primary School Teaching Assistant (2014)

Topic Expertise

Photosynthesis in phytoplankton
Coral Reefs and their threats
Climate change and Ocean Acidification
Marine Biology
R statistical software

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MSc Marine Environmental Management (Distinction)
BSc (Hons) Coastal Marine Biology (Upper 2.1)


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