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University of Cape Town - Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Natural Sciences (BA), Botany (MSc), Palynology (PhD), PGCert


I am a professional scientist and qualified teacher who loves helping students learn. I am happy to work with secondary school students, but am also an ecologist and botanist, so if you are an undergraduate struggling with plants, I can help!

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About me

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cape Town, and my research focuses on palaeoecology (the study of past ecosystems). I primarily work on pollen, but also look at charcoal, fungal spores and chemistry to form a better understanding of Earth's past.
I have a broad scientific background, with a PhD in from the Open University, 'Modern pollen-vegetation relationships in Ghana', MSc in Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants from the University of Edinburgh, and BA Natural Sciences from Magdalene College, Cambridge. I also have a PGCert and worked in London as a secondary science teacher.
In my spare time, I enjoy choral singing, baking, and hiking (not all at once).

Tutor Experience

I have been tutoring since 2014, working with students in person and remotely, and have supported multiple students through GCSEs, A levels and IB qualifications. Additionally, I have worked as a secondary science teacher, working with learners from 12-18 years of age, supporting their academic studies as well as university applications and interview preparation.
It's important to recognise the links between different science subjects and within the syllabus. I therefore support students in making these links, so that they stop looking at the syllabus as a huge list of facts to learn, but rather as a network into which they can slot new concepts and ideas. This does, however, have to be coupled with exam technique, so I am very pro-active in making sure students have the opportunity to tackle lots of relevant exam questions, improving their confidence and recall.

Client Reviews

Sarah - Biological Sciences

Extremely helpful and thorough


Michael Dilworth: "Adele tutored my daughter for 2 years with her Biology A level and I can recommend her without any hesitation. Adele is extremely professional, punctual and a great communicator, she was always amenable and adaptable to fitting in with my daughter’s busy calendar. As a parent, it has been a pleasure working with Adele to arrange tuition. Importantly, Adele’s subject matter expertise and her overall enthusiasm for academic mastery is astounding. When this is combined with her pragmatic and empathetic approach to teaching she is the complete package. Not only did Adele’s tutorship help with my daughters Biology studies, but her overall academic skills also improved. Adele is a genuine and real talent."

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2012: BA Natural Sciences (2:1), Magdalene College, University of Cambridge
2013: MSc Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants (Distinction), University of Edinburgh
2018: PhD Modern pollen-vegetation relationships, Ghana, The Open Univeristy
2019: PGCert Secondary Science, Middlesex University


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