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Sociology (PhD); German (BA); PGCE, FHEA PhD



Versatile multi-disciplined tutor offering Academic Support, Access to HE (Social Sciences), Sociology, Criminology, Politics, Psychology, German, French, English from ages 11-65. Member of Tutor's Association.

31 classes

University of Winchester, University of Southampton - Sociology (PhD); German (BA); PGCE, FHEA - PhD

Versatile multi-disciplined tutor offering Academic Support, Access to HE (Social Sciences), Sociology, Criminology, Politics, Psychology, German, French, English from ages 11-65. Member of Tutor's Association.

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About Me

I am an experienced lecturer and published academic writer/researcher. I have specialisms in the Social Sciences and MFL, with Sociology and German being my main subjects. However, I can teach most Humanities and Social Science subjects from secondary to mature student. I also have advanced editing skills.

Tutor Experience

I have taught in HE, FE and secondary level, to whole class and individual students.

Topic Expertise

Sociology, German are my top two subjects, but I also teach Criminology, Politics, French, Psychology and academic study skills.

Client Reviews

very helpful

- Sociology

Really helpful as always

- Sociology


'Carol created the best classroom environment I've ever experienced, and managed to motivate me without me even realising it. I felt I could fully trust her with matters in and out of the classroom, and she provided support for me when I needed it the most. Regardless of how little or how much is needed, Carol is the best person for it. No doubt.' (Nathan, A Level Sociology 2020-21)

'Carol was a very humble and passionate lecturer. She only cared for our success, pushing us beyond what we thought we could reach. Before A levels, I didn’t think University was for me but carol encouraged me otherwise. My current aspiration is to do a sport degree at Uni.' (Lucy, A Level Sociology 2020-21)

'Carol is the best teacher I have ever had. She is passionate, supportive and believes in her students. She also teaches in a fun and engaging way.' (Dan, A Level Sociology 2020-21)

'Carol was always there to offer both praise and pushes when necessary, in order to support us all in reaching our full potential and keep us motivated when aiming for excellence. Despite the huge leap from GCSEs to A level, Carol made sure we had everything necessary to tackle our exams and stay on track for the grades we needed. I would highly recommend carol as a tutor due to her dedication and next level support.' (Lucy, A Level Sociology 2020-21)

'Carol is a brilliant teacher. She always knows how to make lessons very enjoyable. She makes sure that I understand everything, and helps me massively. I would thoroughly recommend her as a tutor.' (Sophia, A Level Sociology 2020-21)

'Carol has been a great teacher, helping me with both my anxiety and my studies. At the start of the year I didn’t think I was going to do well but thanks to Carol's teaching and motivation, I have improved my grades and feel confident in myself that I can do well and pass. She has taught me to overcome my fear of talking to new people and I have since the start of the year made some great friends and been able to talk in front of the class without being scared of embarrassing myself.' (Izzy, A Level Sociology)

'Carol Shepherd worked with my twin girls to support them with French and German GCSE respectively. Both achieved grades that surpassed their pre-tuition expectations. From my perspective she was professional, flexible, non-judgemental and responded quickly to communication. The whole process went very smoothly and we had an easy working relationship. She enabled one daughter to take French at A level and also inspired her to take sociology through taking time to talk to her about content and fit with her skills.' (JB, Winchester, 2021)

'Carol injected personality and humour into the classroom! Approachable, informative and intelligent. I enjoyed my access course immensely and would highly recommend Carol.' (Kerry, Access Soc Science 2019-20)

'I have been previously taught by Carol, I found her lectures to be engaging and insightful. As somebody who failed to obtain GCSEs, and being out of formal education for a number of years before meeting Carol, I would have never considered university as an option, or felt I had the ability to even apply. With every lecture and assignment I felt my confidence grow, the feedback I received was always insightful and fair. I always felt I was able to expand on my abilities when it came to essay writing, and selective writing. I never felt afraid to ask questions, she openly encouraged all of us to do so. She always found a way to make the least interesting of subjects rather enjoyable. If it wasn't for Carol, I wouldn't be doing my BSc (Honours) in psychology now, or improving my prospects in the future. Thank you Carol. And you best bet I will be utilising you in the future!' (Jaz, Access Soc Science, 2018-19)

'Carol is an amazingly thorough tutor, she is caring and appreciative of a student’s personal circumstances. I wouldn’t be at uni without her guidance.' (Maria, Access Nursing Student,2019-20)

'Carol is fantastic for Sociology. She understands it's a tricky subject to get your head around and always asks if we are ok. I know if I don't get it all, Carol will be on hand to help.' (Karla, Pre-Access Sociology)

'Carol’s high expectations, along side well planned, interesting and engaging lectures allowed me to reach my full potential. When moving from college to university, I soon realised I was already ahead of most due to her thorough teaching of academic skills and referencing as well as course content. I cannot thank Carol enough for all the hard work she put in thats allowed me to thrive at university.' (AJ, Access SocScience, 2019-20)

'Carol was very down to earth and always willing to help. My academic confidence grew with every lecture she did. Before I didn't think university was on the table but Carol soon helped me see that it was possible. I would highly recommend carol as a tutor for any access student that needs that extra support.' (David, Access Soc Science, 2019-20)

'I know how much you care for us all and that’s why I wanted to share with you their response after I explained how close I was to get to their offer! I’m so happy and I wanted to share it with you too! I want to thank you so much again for your all hard work and never giving up as a teacher to any of us!' (Benedetta, Access Soc Science, 2019-20)

'Carol is fantastic. She works at a great pace for us all to understand and take notes. The work is really interesting which makes it easier to learn.' (Karla, Pre-Access Health & Social Care)

'I feel I'm a little slow as I've been out of school so long, but my teacher makes me feel positive being here, and I don't feel as stupid.' (Kirsty, Pre-Access Health & Social Care)

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