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Computer Science PhD Student, Oxford graduate (Maths + Computer Science). Highly experienced university-level teaching assistant.

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University of Oxford - Maths and Computer Science - PhD

Computer Science PhD Student, Oxford graduate (Maths + Computer Science). Highly experienced university-level teaching assistant.

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About Me

I studied mathematics and computer science at Oxford, and am now working on a PhD in computer science at Manchester.

Now that I'm nearly finished with my research (just writing up the thesis!), I've realised that I find teaching to be one of the most rewarding parts of the job, and I love sharing my passion for the subject.

When I'm not working, I enjoy long distance running and nature photography.

Tutor Experience

I have four years of experience (600+ hours) teaching a wide variety of Maths and Computer Science modules at a university level. These include

University of Oxford
* Functional Programming
* Design and Analysis of Algorithms

University of Manchester
* Mathematical techniques for Computer Science
* Algorithms and Data Structures
* Fundamentals of Computation
* Chip Multiprocessors
* Introduction to AI
* AI and Games
* Foundation year on-boarding
* Programming in Python and Java

I don't like to spend an entire hour lecturing uninterrupted----my teaching style is very interactive and 'hands on'. I ask for lots of participation in lessons, and expect my students to volunteer definitions and knowledge, solve problems, and work through examples together. As they say, mathematics is not a spectator sport!
A significant portion of my teaching history includes working with students one-on-one and giving personalised, individual feedback on homeworks and assignments, answering questions, and clearing up misconceptions and misunderstandings.
I've worked extensively with students who are struggling to understand the course material and need a bit more attention and focused instruction to gain confidence in their abilities.
I have also worked with high-achieving students who are eager to go beyond the the scope of the course and need direction and guidance to encourage them to reach their goals.
Due to the pandemic, I spent two years teaching remotely with Zoom and an online whiteboard, so I'm very comfortable and familiar with online tutoring.

Topic Expertise

I am able to offer tuition in maths, further maths, and computing at A level.
I can also do most first-year undergraduate courses, and certain topics in higher years, including:
*discrete mathematics, logic, set theory, category theory
*group theory, rings and modules, other topics in algebra
*functional programming (in Haskell, Scala, or other languages)
*theory of computation, recursion theory, complexity, automata, formal languages

Finally, I can offer assistance with the MAT and oxbridge interview preparation.

Client Reviews

Really good lesson. Explains problems in a clear and understandable way.

- Computer Science

Daniel was great! Very helpful. I'm looking forward to the next session.

- Computer Science

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PhD Computer Science - University of Manchester (2019 - current)
Maths and Computer Science (1st class) - University of Oxford (2015 - 2019)