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10 total hours

Amin $60-70/hr

PhD - Lancaster University

Analogue and Digital circuits
-RF Engineering

Christos $52/hr

PhD - National Technical University of Athens, Greece

2012 - Present: Academic Faculty member of the Hellenic NAVY and Lecturer at the Hellenic Naval Academy

 Teaching Digital Electronics to the 4th year naval cadets (basic teaching material: Digital Design and complex digital Systems) (2015-Present)

 Teaching antennas theory and laboratory to the 4th year naval cadets (basic teaching material: EM waves, SWR in waveguides, antenna radiation patterns and phased array analysis) (2013-Present)

 Teaching the electronic physics aspect and analysis of electro-optical systems to the 3rd year naval cadets (January 2018 - Present)

 Teaching Combat systems operation to the 4th year naval cadets (2012-2013)

 Experience as thesis advisor on subjects of a) Electronic analysis of a prototype Radar (2016) and b) Terahertz applications for national security (2019).

2019 - Present: Academic Associate at the University of West Athens /
 Teaching laboratory exercises of complex electrical Circuits and conducting research into optimization methods of microbolometic electrical equipment.

2019 - Present: Instructor at the Metropolitan College (Southampton, University of Solent) /
 Teaching Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Courses

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