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Social Anthropology MSc

Experienced teacher in Schools and 1:1 - Classics; Sociology and English

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UCL - Social Anthropology - MSc

Experienced teacher in Schools and 1:1 - Classics; Sociology and English

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About Me

I will teach you not only how to understand what examiners are looking for, but how to make the subject your own: to go above and beyond what is required simply to pass your exam. Admission officers in universities will be looking for this, whatever subject you decide to take.

I want to make you or your child proud of the work which you do, and expand your sense of what you are capable of. I will give you tools and methods which will unlock your ability to analyse texts in depth and clarity, well beyond the expectations of your exam.

If you are thinking of studying at university then I also have experience of helping students complete their UCAS forms and have run extra-curricula lessons for students interested in studying Anthropology at University. I have successfully guided students through Oxbridge entrance.

I will tailor-make the lessons to fit your own personal learning style - I have worked in alternative education settings such as Steiner-Waldorf Schools so have plenty of knowledge and experience of how to achieve this. You can be confident that each lesson will be meticulously planned with your own learning situation in mind.

I myself am planning to embark on a Phd in Anthropology in the near future. I love learning and my ambition in teaching has always been to impart this enthusiasm to my students.

Tutor Experience

 Classical Civilisation GCSE & A Level (OCR); Classical Studies GCSE
 Classical Studies A Level (Cambridge International)
 Sociology GCSE & A Level (AQA)
 Sociology A Level (Cambridge International)
 English Language and Literature (any board)

Topic Expertise

Classical Literature, philosophy and archaeology;
Social Theory
English Literature and Language

Teaching practice

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MSc Social Anthropology, UCL
MA Classical Studies, St Andrews University