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Preparing U.S. and U.K. students for a life in academia. I am the Associate Head of Mathematics at Northeastern University-London. Most importantly, I am an elite U.S admission tutor with eight years of experience in helping students all over the world to come to the United States to pursue their academic careers. A sample of my student's acceptance includes MIT and Baruch College in New York City.

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About Me

My passion for teaching and learning mathematics took my career abroad to pursue my PhD in Mathematics Education in the United Kingdom four years ago. During the past four years, I employed 3D technology on primary school teachers in the United Kingdom to help them teach mathematics to their students. Also, I learned the English National Curriculum from key stages 1 to 4 and early years. Currently, I am the associate head of mathematics at Northeastern University-London. Here, I employ an innovative pedagogical teaching style to help American students from across the pond to learn about topics in Calculus for Business, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra. Also, I combined both the English National Curriculum and Common Core in the United States to give students a flavour of the two countries' learning styles.

My eight-year experience tutoring U.S admission examinations (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT) and teaching in the United States prepared me to become an elite IVY league tutor. My goal is to help students achieve their goals as future academic students. On my side time, I conduct outreach to lower-income schools providing students with the opportunity to play, engage, and design with 3D technology tools such as 3D printing pens, 3D modelling software, and 3D printers. Lastly, I am passionate about ice skating, travelling and trying out new restaurants.

I warmly thank you for taking the time to read my biography. If you choose to work with me, I look forward to showing you how to become an excellent test-taker and lower your anxiety towards the examination.

All the best,


Tutor Experience

Hello Potential Students,

I am an Associate Head of Mathematics at Northeastern University-London. As an Assistant Professor of Mathematics, I teach a range of university mathematics courses (i.e. Calculus for business, Differential Equation and Linear Algebra) to American students studying abroad from Northeastern University's main campus in Boston, Massachusetts.

As an Ivy League graduate from Columbia University, I have eight years experience tutoring U.S admission examinations, including GRE, GMAT, ACT and SAT. I use my pedagogical knowledge in the classroom and outside to form an identity as an admission prep tutor to help students achieve their goals. My students have gone to universities in the United States, including MIT and Baruch College. My research in affect, identity, and competence towards mathematics gives me the tools to help students overcome their test-taking anxiety and appreciate the test content.

I warmly thank you for taking the time to read my biography, and I look forward to tutoring you or your child on the U.S admission examination or primary school content to reach their true potential as academics.

All the best,


Topic Expertise

My expertise includes U.S admission examination (SAT, GRE, GMAT, ACT) and primary school mathematics content.

Client Reviews

Very good, good material to work and took the time to answer all my questions, I ve been working for 2 months with matythew for my SAT preparation and tomorrow I am taking my test and feel very prepared thank you!


Very helpful and explained very well.


Perfect as always!


Matthew is a very thoughtful and experienced instructor that makes maximum use of the lesson time. Thank you Matthew!


very helpful


Very positive and logical way of teaching - helpful in application advice too


Very knowledgeable and helped me with all the areas I was struggling with, would 100% recommended.


Great feedback & well explained.


He was very patient and answered questions i had clearly, thus making it an excellent first session. Even when i felt i had a silly question he reassured me it was fine. I would definitely recommend studying with Matthew!


Gave me great tips and made understanding the math questions much easier than I expected. Thank you Matthew! Highly recommend.


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University of East Anglia,School of Education and Lifelong Learning, Norwich, UK
Doctor of Philosophy, Expected: Fall 2023

Columbia University, Teachers College, New York, NY
Master of Arts, February 2017
Mathematics Education

New York University, Polytechnic School of Engineering, Brooklyn, NY
Bachelor of Science, May 2015


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