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BSc. (Hons) Real Estate and Valuation, PGCE Post Graduate Certification in Education


10+ years as a Senior Lecturer in Real Estate, I believe the key to student success is knowledge, a sense of humour and understanding the student as an individual. Sharing my love of skyscrapers is not essential!

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UWE (University of the West of England) - BSc. (Hons) Real Estate and Valuation, - PGCE Post Graduate Certification in Education

10+ years as a Senior Lecturer in Real Estate, I believe the key to student success is knowledge, a sense of humour and understanding the student as an individual. Sharing my love of skyscrapers is not essential!

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Recent Students: 3Total Hours: 467Last Online:
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About Me

I have a real passion for education and believe you can only succeed as a tutor by being approachable, a good listener and having a sense of humour.

My first rule in terms of teaching/tutoring is to keep things simple and work with you and understand how you learn. My role, as I see it, is to translate what you find difficult into a language you can understand and develop your own ideas.

I have previously worked in professional practice and have a real interest in architecture and the built environment.

My other interests include photography and travel. I am currently trying to rebuild my vinyl collection ("acquired" by my daughter!).

Tutor Experience

I have 10+ years as a Senior Lecturer, I have taught at UWE (University of the West of England) where I was also the Programme Leader for seven years overseeing the RICS accredited degree programmes in General Practice. Later I worked as a Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. I am also an APC Assessor.

My key areas of knowledge and expertise are:

Dissertation Tutor
As a Dissertation tutor I have a wealth of experience and can help you overcome your fears of the "monster module". I can provide techniques and topic areas if you are at a loss as to what subject area to consider or even where to start. I have seen it all before!

Corporate Real Estate Asset Management:
This is a really good topic area for dissertations. The subject content is wide ranging and includes an essential component of sustainability in commercial property. Fundamentally it involves both theory and market knowledge.

Property Management, Landlord and Tenant and Agency:
Many students, in my experience, find understanding Landlord and Tenant and the reading of commercial leases a little difficult. I am able to translate this into day to day language and help you understand relevant case law.

Topic Expertise

Dissertation Supervisor
Corporate Real Estate/Asset Management
Property Management
Landlord and Tenant
Commercial Lease Management

Client Reviews

I had my first call with Tania this morning.
I really struggle with Real Estate Valuation maths equations, and although Tania knew the most part of the equations, she could not fully tell me how to work the equations out, nor help me with the the bits I struggle with.
Considering her experience, I would not recommend her tutoring with the maths side of real estate, baring in mind I am a first year student!
However, I cannot fault her friendly and kind approach to tutoring.

- Real Estate

I recently had the pleasure of working with Tania as my online tutor for a Real Estate valuation assignment, and I cannot recommend her enough. Without her guidance and support, I would have never had the confidence or skillset to complete the assignment on my own. Tania truly goes above and beyond for her students, and it is clear that she cares about their success more than they do themselves.

Her expertise in the subject matter is evident, but what really sets Tania apart is her willingness to invest the time and effort necessary to ensure her students fully understand the material. She patiently answered all of my questions and provided detailed feedback on my work, making sure that I was fully prepared for the assignment.

If you're looking for an online tutor who truly cares about your success, look no further than Tania. She is an angel in disguise, and I am so grateful that our paths happened to cross. I cannot wait to continue seeking her advice and guidance in the future. Thank you, Tania!

- Real Estate

Extremely helpful, addressed all concerns and walked through dissertation at my speed.

- Real Estate

Absolutely brilliant teacher - Tinia has fast tracked me through valuation in the short timeframe we have been together.

She is Straight to the point and lovely to deal with.

- Real Estate

Tania has helped me answer all of my questions, and she tried her hardest to answer those that she hadn't come across yet. She was also kind enough to make a very fast session to help with my dissertation even though she didn't have to.

- Real Estate

Thank you Tania. Very informative - thank you for working with me. We will continue to crack valuation!

- Real Estate

Super helpful!!!

- Real Estate

Great as always. Thank you Tania!

- Real Estate

Very helpful as always!

- Real Estate

With Tania's help I have gone from a disengaged student, who did not understand how to approach coursework and hadn't even thought about a placement year. To a student who feels confident with their coursework and has a placement year as an Assistant Surveyor at Gerald Eve. I couldn't recommend Tania enough. She really helps me with my work, thoroughly helped me with my placement year job application and interview prep, whilst lightening up the lessons with her great humour! I really look forward to my lessons with her. Thank you Tania!

- Real Estate

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BSc. (Hons) Valuation and Estate Management
PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate in Education)