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Fun, friendly, easy to work with mathematics and statistics tutor with over five years of online tutoring experience. Loves reading, philosophy, reading, video games, and Dance Dance Revolution. Former North Dakota native for over 25 years.

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About Me

I spent the first 27 years of my life in North Dakota, where the winters are as cold and snowy as you would expect. I actually developed my love of math from a young age watching Wheel of Fortune, of all things! Spin value * number of letters = total dollar value! Growing up, I loved romping in the snow, playing card games, videos games, and reading.

My enjoyment of math, problem solving, and trying to understand the world translated into my BA in Mathematics in 2014 and my MS in Applied Statistics in 2017. I currently work as a Sales and Marketing Analyst for the Charlotte Children's Theatre - math has applications even within the arts! I spend my free time cooking, drinking (hopefully) good coffee, going on walks, and playing lots of Dance Dance Revolution.

Tutor Experience

I've been working as a tutor since before I even received my bachelor's degree, working with college students in the Minot State University math department. When I was accepted as graduate student at North Dakota State University as a teaching assistant, I taught an introductory statistics lab for two hours each week and provided three hours of weekly tutoring in the student success center. This experience helped reinforce fundamental statistics concepts that I am now well-seasoned in explaining to students. It was also during this time that I started teaching on online tutoring platforms, and I've gathered over five years' experience teaching online. This taught me how to navigate the technological side of teaching as well! So no worries if you ever run into browser, webcam, or microphone issues.

My specialty is introductory statistics, especially helping students in non-technical fields who are required to take statistics, but I can also help with algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, and basic math. My teaching style is friendly and patient, giving you the attention you need. I am always willing to answer "silly" questions and break down concepts as much as necessary. My students should always feel comfortable sharing that they don't know something.

Topic Expertise

Statistics - hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, ANOVA, descriptive statistics, regression analysis, statistical distributions, probabilities and proportions, basic statistical concepts, etc.

Algebra - systems of equations, slopes of lines, absolute value equations, quadratic equations, roots of a function, inequalities, etc.

Geometry - proofs, theorems, trigonometry, quadrilaterals, similarity, congruence, areas, perimeters, etc.

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The class is really informative. All question has been solved.

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His Explanations were simple and yet effective

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Testimonials from students on various tutoring platforms I've taught on: “Very patient about explaining and re-explaining no matter how many times asked. Didn't a long time trying to explain things which allowed us to make fast progress! Would recommend.” “He made sure I was with him every step of the way and made sure I could do the work on my own!” “Great statistics help, understood everything perfectly.” “Nick was super polite and helpful with all of my questions!” “Nick asked me important questions like which method my professor uses and which way makes the most sense. He also helped me learn to use Excel to solve my stats problem. He was extremely patient and straightforward in his answers. I highly recommend Nick!”

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Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics - Minot State University, May 2014
Master's Degree in Applied Statistics - North Dakota State University, May 2017
Four semesters as a graduate teaching assistant
Nine months as a teacher with Sylvan Learning Center
Over five years' experience teaching college intro and intermediate statistics online


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