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Online Advanced Tax Planning Tutors for Postgraduate Accounting Students

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Professional Online Advanced Tax Planning Tutors for Postgraduate Accounting Students

All of our high quality online advanced tax planning tutors for postgraduate accounting students are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Accounting tutor Bola
Assistant Professor of Finance, Accounting & CIMA qualified , Manchester Metropolitan University

Assistant Professor of Finance, CIMA Chartered Accountant (UK). I have worked for more than 6 years in the UK in the accounting and finance field, then worked at PWC as and auditor for more than 3 years and I have been lecturing finance and accounting in an international university. I am also a professional Excel expert.

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2089 hours taught
professional online Accounting tutor Ashley
Accounting & Finance, University of Melbourne

Experienced Accounting and Finance Tutor who has worked in the UK, Australia and Switzerland.

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professional online Accounting tutor Kanish
Finance, Economics, Canada

Talk to me if you need help with finance, investment analysis, accounting, business valuations and real-estate valuations .

I hold 6+ years of professional experience, and 5+ years of tutoring experience in them. I have helped 200+ students with dissertations, course-work, job-interview preparations, and professional up-skilling.

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743 hours taught
professional online Accounting tutor Dhanesh
Doctorate , FMS, MDS University, India

I am Professor and Head, Department of Finance. Having experience of teaching Accounting and Finance for last 30 years. Apart from taking offline lessons I also take online lessons on different portals.
My step by step methodology of explaining accounting and finance applications is appreciated by my pupil.

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1762 hours taught
professional online Accounting tutor Khizar
Member , Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

With more than 8 years of teaching both professional (ACCA, ICAEW, ICAS, CIMA, ICAI, under-graduate and post-graduate) and O (IGCSE) & A level students, I can say I have mastered the art of imparting knowledge. Have taught more than 50 batches and more than 100 one-to-one tuitions to students of using state-of-the-art learning tools to make the process engaging and far more fun.

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3024 hours taught
professional online Accounting tutor Timon
Accounting , Brunel University

Teaching is my passion and over the fifteen years of offering ACCA and AAT lectures, I have developed good skills in presentations, addressing groups, time management, and communication. My strength is my dedication to teach and the ability to handle fresh challenges.

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266 hours taught
professional online Accounting tutor Sherie
Accounting & Finance, Hone Financial

Helping you to Hone your accountancy skills! :-)

A Chartered Management Accountant and experienced and qualified tutor with a Masters in Research in Accounting from Bangor University . I specialise in delivering ACCA , CIMA and AAT professional qualifications and university modules.
I currently deliver both live online from home and face-to-face at local colleges.

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31 hours taught
professional online Accounting tutor Rajan
Accounting and Finance, University of Leeds

Passionate Online Tutor in Accounting and Finance | MAAT | Masters Qualified

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professional online Accounting tutor Edel
Accounting & Finance, University College Dublin

22 years of Tutoring Experience in all Accounting and Finance modules at University and Post-Primary Level.

Tutor and Assess the following modules:

Cost Accounting
Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
and Business Finance

View Full Profile
professional online Accounting tutor Davide
Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

I am a CIMA qualified Finance professional. My CIMA qualification was essential for my professional growth and my professional experience helps me to put the theory in its real-life context and understand how the tools CIMA qualification teaches can be put to work to get the best results when working for a multinational company

View Full Profile
248 hours taught
professional online Accounting tutor Christina
Accounting, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)

I'm a knowledgeable and patient tutor, with years of experience tutoring online.

Not only have I passed all the exams to be a chartered accountant (and won the International Subject Order of Merit for one!), I have years of practical experience in accounts preparation, statutory audit and tax computations for a variety of clients so I really understand these topics.

I know studying remotely is difficult so I hope my tutoring can help learners understand business and accounting better and succeed in their exams.

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155 hours taught
professional online Accounting tutor Ian
Economics , London School of Economics

An economics graduate and qualified accountant, I have been teaching economics and accounting in FE and HE for over 20 years.

View Full Profile
47 hours taught

Recent Accounting Postgraduate Tutor Class Reviews

Bola - Charlotte- Accounting - Postgraduate
5th December 2023
Bola - Charlotte- Accounting - Postgraduate
21st November 2023
Jonaid - Bedour- Accounting - Postgraduate
25th February 2023
Jonaid is great at explaining concepts; very clear and to the point. Definitely very helpful and much needed!
Nearchos - jourdan- Accounting - Postgraduate
19th February 2023
good feedback.
Bola - Charlotte- Accounting - Postgraduate
12th November 2022
thanks so much for everything
Bola - Charlotte- Accounting - Postgraduate
11th November 2022
Best teacher in the world !! so bad he is not teaching all the subjects !!
Bola - Charlotte- Accounting - Postgraduate
25th October 2022
thanks bolaaaa
Bola - Charlotte- Accounting - Postgraduate
24th October 2022
perfect class !!
Bola - Charlotte- Accounting - Postgraduate
18th September 2022
so happy to see you again! Exited for the work will do together this year
Bola - Asha- Accounting - Postgraduate
25th May 2022
Covers a lot and gets me back on track t9 focus

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Online Advanced Tax Planning Tutoring FAQs

How can Advanced Tax Planning Tutors on Spires support my learning journey?

Online Advanced Tax Planning Tutoring FAQs

Why should I choose Spires for my Advanced Tax Planning private tuition?

A mere 4% of professional tutors who apply to Spires make the cut, hence assuring the pinnacle of quality standards. The majority of our tutors have substantial experience in mentoring, teaching, and lecturing at various levels, inclusive of the university level, specifically in intricate subjects like Advanced Tax Planning. The roster of tutors holds degrees from prestigious universities globally, and those offering specialised tutoring like Advanced Tax Planning often have a proven track record in the sector. With Spires, you not only get competitive rates through our unique auction system but a reliable and enjoyable learning experience facilitated by our state-of-the-art platform equipped with an interactive whiteboard. Spires undertakes all the administrative tasks, leaving you to immerse solely in mastering Advanced Tax Planning.

How does the process of online private tutoring for Advanced Tax Planning work on Spires?

Finding your ideal Advanced Tax Planning tutor on Spires is a breeze. Start by utilising the ‘Find a Tutor’ feature to post a job, specifying your requirements. Filter through the suggested matches, review the profiles, ratings, and feedback, then engage with a tutor before scheduling your session. The 1-on-1 online lessons can happen anytime, anywhere, tailored to fit your schedule. Plus, the provision to playback lessons ensures you never miss out on any crucial information, aiding in a thorough understanding of Advanced Tax Planning concepts.

How is the selection of my Advanced Tax Planning tutor handled?

The beauty of Spires is the autonomy it provides in selecting your tutor. With a plethora of top-notch academic tutors at your disposal, you can peruse through profiles, analyse students’ assessments, and explore the tutors’ credentials and experience, particularly in Advanced Tax Planning. Engage in a webcam chat to gauge the compatibility before scheduling your first lesson, ensuring a conducive learning rapport.

What are the costs associated with hiring an Advanced Tax Planning tutor on Spires?

The tuition fees are tiered according to the level of study. For Postgraduate tutoring, which encompasses Advanced Tax Planning, rates commence at £35/hr. The final cost might vary based on the tutor’s expertise and the depth of knowledge required. It’s a small price to pay for a wealth of knowledge and a step closer to acing your Advanced Tax Planning module.

What should I expect from my Advanced Tax Planning tutor?

The tutors on Spires are dedicated to helping you grasp and excel in Advanced Tax Planning. They employ their academic prowess and educational experience to aid in understanding, evaluating, and retaining course content. While they won’t complete your assignments, they will guide on effective study and revision techniques, ensuring you’re well-prepared for exams.

What are the advantages of online Advanced Tax Planning tutoring on Spires?

Online tutoring on Spires transcends geographical boundaries, providing access to exemplary Advanced Tax Planning tutors regardless of your location. The flexible scheduling allows for a personalised learning pace, while the cost-effectiveness ensures you don’t break the bank. The comfort and real-time interaction with seasoned Advanced Tax Planning professionals make learning enjoyable and fruitful.

Is there a variety of tutors available to teach Advanced Tax Planning?

Absolutely! With over 800 tutors with academic and professional expertise in a vast array of subjects including Advanced Tax Planning, Spires is a hub of knowledge ready to be tapped into. Our platform is rich in tutors ready to provide the guidance you need in mastering Advanced Tax Planning.

What credentials do the Advanced Tax Planning tutors on Spires hold?

Our tutors are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree, with many boasting higher education accolades from distinguished institutions. This wealth of academic achievement, coupled with their tutoring experience, makes them well-equipped to guide you through the intricacies of Advanced Tax Planning.

What’s the impact of tutoring on my grasp of Advanced Tax Planning?

Tutoring on Spires is tailored to address your specific academic needs and objectives in Advanced Tax Planning. The one-on-one interaction with professional tutors ensures a personalised learning experience, designed to improve your understanding and performance in Advanced Tax Planning. Your success in Advanced Tax Planning is a testament to the effectiveness of our tutoring platform.

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