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Online Materials Technology Tutors for GCSE Engineering Students

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Professional Online Materials Technology Tutors for GCSE Engineering Students

All of our high quality online materials technology tutors for gcse engineering students are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Engineering tutor Laurence
HNC in Communications Engineering, University of Gloucestershire (formerly GLOSCAT)

A highly experienced professional engineer and educator.

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462 hours taught
professional online Engineering tutor Jorge
MSc Materials Engineering, KU Leuven

Empathetic, committed and passionate. Over 6000 hours of tutoring experience. Fluent in English, Spanish and French. My approach is mostly based on briefly discussing the theory and then placing the majority of the time of the session on doing exercises. Really looking forward to booking our first session!

MSc in Materials Engineering with a Major in Metals and Ceramics. Minor in 3D printing. Currently conducting research in Molecular Dynamics simulations for the master's thesis

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145 hours taught
professional online Engineering tutor Hamid
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, University of Birmingham

Best Teacher Awardee 2022 and a Multilingual Chartered Engineer/Lecturer From a Russell Group University.

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116 hours taught
professional online Engineering tutor Mantas
Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford

I am a PhD student in Theoretical Plasma Physics and a college lecturer at Oxford university, I'm also an enthusiastic tutor, and I would be excited to help you improve your understanding of Maths/Physics/Engineering.

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252 hours taught
professional online Engineering tutor Benjamin
Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering, University of Cambridge

Experienced and highly qualified tutor with a friendly and personalised approach tailored to each student. I specialise in Maths and Physics at A-level, engineering support including Matlab at undergraduate and graduate levels, and university admissions preparation.

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907 hours taught
professional online Engineering tutor Julita
Chemical and Process Engineering, KU Leuven

Challenging degree combining chemistry, physics and mathematics with creative thinking and an engineering approach. I would love to help you with undestanding science and maybe actually enjoying learning more about the world around us!

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30 hours taught
professional online Engineering tutor Annelie
Civil Engineering, PhD, University of Manchester

Enthusiastic and dedicated engineer who's aim is to get everyone to love and enjoy maths and physics. I teach how to learn not what to write.

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professional online Engineering tutor Dimitris
Physics, National Kapodistrian University of Athens

Highly motivated teaching expert committed to lifelong learning and professional development. With two master's degrees, one in Education and one in Computer Science, as well as 12+ years of experience in teaching and training, I specialize in designing and facilitating courses in electronics, programming, physics, and mathematics to enable university students to conquer the course concepts and successfully pass their exams. So far, I have taught 250+ university students with high-performance achievements

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professional online Engineering tutor Aalok
Engineering, University of Cambridge

Engineering Consultant, MEng 1st class - Cambridge University
Currently studying PhD in Robotics

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professional online Engineering tutor Mustafa
Civil Engineering, University College London
professional online Engineering tutor Liam
MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering w/ Placement, Newcastle University

Professionally accredited Mechanical Engineer for Arup - a leading global engineering consultant
Holder of a First-Class Mechanical Engineering (MEng Hons) Masters degree from Newcastle University
8 years of Teaching, Tutoring & Mentoring experience

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professional online Engineering tutor Mohammed Maaz
PGCE in Mathematics ***&*** Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Experience, UCL (University College London Institute of Education) ***&*** Queen Mary University London

Qualified teacher with 8+ years of tutoring experience, a PGCE at UCL (the world's No1 ranked university for education), and a 1st-class degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen Mary University London, Maaz is globally recognised with plentiful testimonials that can be shared upon request.

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Recent Engineering GCSE Tutor Class Reviews

Laurence - Narinder- Engineering - GCSE
7th December 2021
Thanks so much as usual for all your help. I feel you under charged and I know you finished early; however you helped and provided additional support last week without extra charges. Thank you so much
Laurence - Narinder- Engineering - GCSE
15th January 2021
Amar was very pleased with how first lesson went

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Online Materials Technology Tutoring FAQs

How can Materials Technology Tutors aid in my educational journey?

Materials Technology Tutors at Spires take the time to understand your starting point, creating a bespoke plan to target your goals. Through focusing on areas of weakness, they foster the self-confidence needed to excel, ensuring a continued progression in mastering the intricacies of materials technology. The tailored lessons are crafted to inspire and sustain a positive learning regimen, making the subject both engaging and comprehensible.

Why should I choose Spires for my Materials Technology tutoring needs?

Only the top 4% of professional tutors make it onto our platform, ensuring an unparalleled standard of quality. Our tutors are experienced educators, with a vast majority holding degrees from leading universities in the UK, USA, and worldwide. With a competitive pricing model and an auction system that lets tutors set their rates, we provide an affordable solution without compromising on quality. Our interactive online platform allows for a seamless learning experience, with the added benefit of revisiting recorded lessons anytime, making your learning journey with our Materials Technology Tutors both productive and enjoyable.

How does the online tutoring process work for Materials Technology modules?

Finding your ideal Materials Technology tutor is a breeze with our intuitive platform. Post a job detailing your needs, filter through the suggested matches, and engage with tutors before scheduling your lessons. The one-on-one online sessions can be arranged at your convenience, allowing for a flexible learning schedule. Lessons are conducted on an interactive whiteboard, and the recorded sessions can be revisited for better comprehension and revision.

Is geographical proximity important when choosing a Materials Technology tutor?

No, it isn’t. The beauty of Spires’ online platform is that it eradicates geographical constraints, connecting you with the most proficient Materials Technology Tutors regardless of location. This enables access to a wider range of specialist tutors, ensuring the best support to meet your academic objectives from the comfort of your home.

How are Materials Technology Tutors selected on Spires?

Tutors are selected based on stringent criteria including academic qualifications, professional experience, and a demonstrated passion for tutoring. Only those who meet our high standards make it to the platform, ensuring that you are matched with a tutor who is not only knowledgeable but also dedicated to helping you succeed.

What qualifications do Materials Technology Tutors on Spires hold?

All our tutors hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in their respective fields, with many possessing higher degrees from reputable institutions. Their academic and professional credentials ensure that they are well-equipped to provide insightful and effective tutoring in Materials Technology.

What is the impact of tutoring on my understanding of Materials Technology?

Tutoring significantly enhances your understanding and mastery of Materials Technology. Our tutors employ a personalised approach, aiding in knowledge retention, and boosting your exam techniques. They are adept at making complex concepts easily digestible, ensuring a fruitful learning experience that reflects positively on your academic performance.

How cost-effective is engaging a Materials Technology Tutor on Spires?

With the tutors setting their rates through an auction system, our platform is more competitive compared to other tutoring platforms. This cost-effective approach allows you to receive high-quality tutoring without the hefty price tag, making education in Materials Technology accessible and affordable.

Can I find a GCSE tutor for Materials Technology online?

Absolutely! Spires hosts a stellar selection of online tutors specialising in GCSE Materials Technology. Our tutors are well-versed with various awarding bodies and provide a tailored curriculum to meet your specific academic needs and goals.

Are there any testimonials reflecting the effectiveness of Materials Technology Tutors on Spires?

Yes, numerous testimonials from satisfied students attest to the exceptional services provided by our Materials Technology Tutors. Their positive experiences underscore our commitment to delivering high-quality tutoring services that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our vibrant review system on both our website and TrustPilot offers a glimpse into the rewarding learning journey awaiting you at Spires.

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