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Online Addition And Subtraction Tutors for Primary Maths Students

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Professional Online Addition And Subtraction Tutors for Primary Maths Students

All of our high quality online addition and subtraction tutors for primary maths students are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Maths tutor Junfred
Mathematics, Philippine Normal University

Licensed and experienced A-level, IGCSE Mathematics, and Physics teacher for 9 years. Presently taking Master of Science in Teaching Mathematics. I help in prepping the students for examinations like CIE, O-level, and IB MYP. I am sure to offer you the best of my ability to help you on your quest for education.

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1466 hours taught
professional online Maths tutor Raphaella
PGCE in primary education, University of Exeter

Building confidence, enjoyment and understanding in Maths!

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260 hours taught
professional online Maths tutor Rupert
Education; Neurodevelopmental Conditions; Archaeology, Durham University

Postgraduate Certificate in Education - Keele University

Postgraduate Certificate in ADHD and Related Neurodevelopmental Conditons - New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling

European Mentoring and Coaching Council

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professional online Maths tutor Tom
Music / Psychology, Keele / Open University

My name is Tom Royall and I'm an experienced and friendly former secondary school maths teacher and tutor. I immensely enjoy teaching one-to-one, and students and parents find me highly effective.

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611 hours taught
professional online Maths tutor Dara
Secondary Education (Mathematics), University of Greenwich

Classroom teacher and private tutor since 2012, both in-person and online. Full-time private tutor since 2016.

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392 hours taught
professional online Maths tutor Paul
Mathematics (MA), University of Warsaw

♣ Highly experienced (18 years) HighSchool teacher
♣ A successful in-home/online tutor.
♣ ♣ Teaching Mathematics is my passion I would like to share with my students.
♣ ♣ I make every topic easy to understand.

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professional online Maths tutor Wafaa
PhD, The University of Leeds
1961 hours taught
professional online Maths tutor Philip
GCSE Music specialist/Primary school Maths & English/English as a foreign language (tefl), Middlesex University

Specialist in;
1. GCSE Music - music theory, composition and performance, piano and guitar
2. Primary School Maths, English, 7+ & 11+ Exam preparation (including verbal & non-verbal reasoning)
3. English as a foreign language

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professional online Maths tutor Paige
BA hons Acting , Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
professional online Maths tutor Damon
Mathematics, University of Exeter

- Detail-oriented professional teacher, tutor and school leader with 11 years of experience instilling confidence in secondary school students.
- Expert delivery at all levels. KS3, GCSE, A-Level and Further A-Level
- Dedicated to empowering mathematics students with constructive feedback.
- I have a proven track record for helping my students achieve outstanding results.

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professional online Maths tutor Maral
Environmental Policies and Energy Sustainability , Imperial College London

Imperial College PhD graduate with 10 years of tutoring experience in Maths, Science and English. I thrive on your growth and achievements and I'd love to see you achieve your goals.

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311 hours taught
professional online Maths tutor Elisabeth
PGCE - Primary Teaching with Spanish, University College London (UCL) - Institute of Education

Fully qualified, experienced teacher and tutor for KS1/KS2/KS3 Maths, English, History, Geography and Science, Spanish KS4 and 11plus Exams.

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231 hours taught

Recent Maths Primary Tutor Class Reviews

Raphaella - Ummu- Maths - Primary
8th May 2024
Soo good helps so much and so sad she is leaving
Raphaella - Ummu- Maths - Primary
1st May 2024
Kind and amazing tutor really helped my daughter
Raphaella - Ummu- Maths - Primary
26th April 2024
Helped my daughter with triangle work
Junfred - Rubelyn - Maths - Primary
23rd April 2024
Raphaella - Ummu- Maths - Primary
20th March 2024
She helped my daughter with a lot of things that are easy to make mistakes with
Raphaella - Ummu- Maths - Primary
13th March 2024
My daughter’s tutor really helps her at school and teaches her things she is going to learn so that she is prepared
Raphaella - Ummu- Maths - Primary
28th February 2024
My daughters lessons so far have been a huge help
Raphaella - Ummu- Maths - Primary
7th February 2024
Really good took me through some very complicated things and good feedback
Raphaella - Ummu- Maths - Primary
31st January 2024
Great helps my daughter at school a lot
Raphaella - Ummu- Maths - Primary
24th January 2024

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Modules that our Maths Primary Tutors Can Help With

A few of the most popular Primary Maths topics that our professional online tutors cover

Online Tutors for Addition and Subtraction

What makes Spires the preferred choice for mastering Algebra at GCSE level?

At Spires, we meticulously select the top 4% of Algebra tutors, ensuring your education is in the hands of the elite. Our tutors, with their extensive experience and degrees from leading universities, tailor personalised learning plans that target your unique challenges in Algebra, transforming weaknesses into strengths and boosting your confidence to excel in your GCSEs.

How can Spires’ Algebra tutors enhance my understanding and performance in GCSE exams?

Our dedicated Algebra tutors focus on creating a robust foundation for you, followed by intensive practice on complex problems that mirror your GCSE exams. By reinforcing core concepts and offering strategic exam techniques, they ensure you are well-prepared to tackle your exams with confidence and achieve your academic goals.

Can Spires’ Algebra tutoring help me if I’m struggling with specific areas, like quadratic equations or inequalities?

Absolutely! Our Algebra tutors excel in pinpointing your specific stumbling blocks and adapt their teaching methods to suit your learning style. Whether it’s quadratic equations, inequalities, or any other Algebraic concepts, your tutor will ensure you grasp these topics thoroughly and overcome any hurdles.

What qualifications do Spires’ Algebra tutors hold?

Every Spires Algebra tutor is required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree, with many holding Master’s or PhDs from prestigious institutions. They come equipped with significant tutoring experience and a track record of aiding students to not just meet but surpass their academic targets.

How does Spires ensure the quality of its Algebra tutors?

Quality is non-negotiable at Spires. We admit only 4% of tutor applicants onto our platform. They are rigorously vetted for their academic background, tutoring experience, and their ability to engage and inspire students like you, ensuring that your learning journey is nothing short of exceptional.

Is the location a barrier to accessing top-notch GCSE Algebra tutoring?

Not at all. Spires’ online platform breaks down geographical barriers, connecting you with outstanding Algebra tutors from across the UK and beyond. Regardless of where you are, you can access the best tutoring to propel your GCSE preparation to new heights.

How affordable is Spires’ Algebra tutoring for GCSE students?

Spires prides itself on competitive rates thanks to our tutor auction system. You’ll find exceptional value as you invest in top-tier Algebra tutoring that is not only affordable but also a catalyst for academic success.

What is the process for finding my ideal GCSE Algebra tutor on Spires?

With Spires, it’s simple. Post your tutoring requirements, and our system will recommend ideal Algebra tutors who fit your academic needs. You can then review their profiles, communicate to ensure compatibility, and schedule sessions at your convenience.

Can I review my Algebra lessons to reinforce learning?

Yes, you can! Each session is recorded, allowing you to revisit complex Algebraic concepts and practice as often as needed. This reinforces learning and ensures you can review material at your own pace, solidifying your understanding.

What results can I expect with Spires’ Algebra tutors for my GCSEs?

Our students often experience remarkable improvements, with the majority achieving grades that surpass their initial predictions. While we don’t guarantee grades, as external factors play a role, we’re committed to providing the highest quality Algebra tutoring to maximise your potential.

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