Andrew $40-50/hr

Natural Sciences - University of Cambridge

Hi, my name is Andrew Harley and I graduated from Cambridge University in June 2016 with a BA Hons degree in Biological Natural Sciences. I have worked for two years as a part-time Educational Assistant at a Kumon Maths and English Centre, teaching students of mixed abilities in a one-to-one environment. I have grasped the necessity to tailor teaching methods to each student individually in order to cater to their style of learning and their personality, as well as to stretch them academically.
During my three years at Cambridge I have offered advice on the personal statements of several family friends, and helped to better prepare them for interview and entrance exams, including the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA). These experiences have confirmed that I take pride and pleasure in helping students to reach and exceed their goals. Through regular Rugby and Hockey coaching I have developed the interpersonal skills necessary to inspire and engage students of older ages.
My teaching skills and enthusiasm for helping young people are partnered by a strong academic background and a rigorous understanding of Biology, Mathematics and Oxbridge entrance exams. This enables me to create a productive and enjoyable tutoring environment, and achieve the results desired by students. I pride myself on my ability to break down complex topics into simple explanations, allowing students to ...

Piers $40-50/hr

Chemical Engineering - University of Cambridge

I managed to get into Trinity for Natural Sciences and I think I can teach other people how to ace the science subjects and the application process. I have a very thorough understanding of all the material and growing up with younger siblings I am good at explaining concepts in a clear and logical way. I have experience helping both my siblings and other students work through difficult material and am told that I have an ability to explain things in a way that helps bestow a fundamental understanding of the topic or problem.

Kshitij $40-50/hr

Physics - University of Cambridge

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching family and friends for the last ten years. Having studied physics at university, my enthusiasm for science has only increased further and I am now keen to use the knowledge I have gained to help others. Teaching has enabled me to constantly review these subjects at a level appropriate for GCSE, A-level and the initial parts of an undergraduate degree, and am also experienced at helping with university applications. Most importantly of all, I am really enthusiastic and will put in effort to find the best way to approach a topic such that students are able to successfully tackle and understand tricky concepts.

Apollonia $40-50/hr

Law - University of Cambridge

I deliver results by combining my determination with that of my students. I help students differentiate themselves by recognising their strengths and helping them to bring these out in their applications. I have excellent exam technique which I pass onto my students to ensure that they achieve top grades.

Saskia $55-65/hr

Modern and Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge

A years experience in private tutoring in French and Spanish, and Maths A level, and Physics, Chemistry, and Biology IGCSE. During secondary school I was a student social mentor and was chosen to aid students in lower years struggling academically. I have been tutoring for three years in total.
Having worked and studied in France and Russia respectively over this summer, I believe I am in a position to offer knowledge and insight that cannot be found in a textbook. With this experience and a hard-working ethic, I would provide a hands on approach to tutoring so that my students feel supported rather than lectured.
I am also very friendly and cooperative, and I love to help people reach their potential!

Saskia's last completed Admissions job with Nichola : 1-2 hrs/week - I’m looking for an experienced maths 13+/common entrance tutor. My so. Is very capable but needs to push his marks a little bit further.

Will $40-50/hr

Biological Sciences - University of Oxford

I am currently a student at Christ Church, University of Oxford studying Biological Sciences. During Year 13 I received university offers from Oxford, Imperial, Bristol, Bath and Southampton. I have over a year of experience tutoring students.

I achieved 9 A Stars and 2 As at GCSE and at A level I achieved A*AA in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics respectively.

AS Level Module Scores:

Core Maths 1- 93% Biology Unit 2- 90%
Core Maths 2- 91% Chemistry Unit 1- 80%
Statistics 1- 99% Chemistry Unit 2- 80%
Biology Unit 1- 98% History Unit 2- 100%
History Unit 1- 81%

Because of my first hand experience with the current examination system, I know the techniques required in order to achieve high marks in both coursework/practical assessments and examinations.

I offer differing lesson structures- whether this be developing exam technique or teaching difficult concepts, every lesson is specifically suited to the pupil.

Current Cоmmitments/Achievements:

- Volunteer Science teaching assistant at local primary schools.
- Tutor at Learna Education Centre in Sutton.
- Winner of Sutton Grammar GCSE and AS level prizes.

TIMOTHY $40-50/hr

Physics - University of Oxford

When I was at school I had a maths teacher who challenged me and made the subject interesting which is a large part of why I chose to study physics at university. With enough practise anyone can succeed in their school maths exams, even topics that seem totally alien at first can become second nature with perseverance and when someone teaches you the "tricks of the trade". I helped my younger sister with her maths GCSE's and I'm happy to say that her view of maths has totally changed, she's now studying maths at AS level which is so encouraging. I am patient and will try my best to explain difficult topics in a way that my students can understand. I won't just tell them how to write down the correct answer but will make sure that they truly grasp what is going on before moving on. I am so grateful to the teachers who helped me so I'd love to give back to those who would like a little extra help in their studies.

Mia $40-50/hr

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) - University of Oxford

Throughout my time at school I always spent a lot of my time helping others to understand some of the more complicated things we studied. I found that sometimes all that people needed was for things to be explained in a different way and often someone closer to their age (or of the same age) is able to provide this different way of reasoning. I am also very patient and am happy to go over things multiple times/more slowly if it is needed! While studying for the various exams I have had to sit so far, I have tried almost every revision technique under the sun and hope that, while teaching specific skills and facts, I will also help students discover the methods that work best for them allowing them to maintain the knowledge and skills which they are being taught. Sometimes reading over an explanation in a textbook can work, but often talking through a problem or having someone verbally explain it makes a far greater impact and that is what I aim to do as a tutor.

I have a strong academic record which should give me the ability to tutor someone to the best of their abilities: I received 12 A*s at GCSE level (Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, English Literature, French, History, Latin, Art, Music, and Philosophy and Ethics short course), 3 A*s at A-level (Maths, History, Economics) and an A at AS level English literature.

Bridie $40-50/hr

Classics - University of Oxford

I have had experience tutoring high school students hoping to apply to study Classics at Oxford, as well as a wide range of experience working as an educational volunteer in museums during my time at university.

I loved studying Classics, Latin and Ancient Greek at Oxford, and I was very happy to receive a First Class result in my degree. I bring this combination of academic experience and enthusiasm for the subject to my teaching, and I always strive to make lessons informative, engaging and rewarding.

I studied Latin at school, but I learned Ancient Greek from scratch when I started at university. I have gained from my own experience helpful ways to approach learning ancient languages, and I think it's important to use a range of different techniques in each lesson and adapting them to the individual student.

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10 total hours

Vicky $40-50/hr

Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition - University of Oxford

My (bilingual) pre-university education consisted of 13 different subjects, which I all passed. My main interest lies with history, geography, and languages, but I can assist you with maths and sciences as well. As I graduated from the University of Oxford with an MSc in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition, I am very experienced in teaching you how to learn languages and how to develop a 'feel for language'. Moreover, I am a certified teacher and have taught over 500 students in various subjects, both in groups, as well as one-on-one.

I look forward to helping you with your subjects!

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