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Sean $40-50/hr

Philosophy - University of Bristol, Birkbeck College, L'Ecole Philippe Gaulier

I have been providing private tuition since 2008 and have worked with a wide range of students, from the ages of 5-89! I pride myself on helping students and parents reach their educational goals. Recent successes include my students gaining entry to prestigious schools including Colet Court, Eton and Charterhouse, achieving A* grades in History, Philosophy and Psychology and helping my BA and MA students gain firsts in the History of Art and Philosophy. I am a passionate and engaging tutor who works hard to help my students achieve their aims and develop ways of thinking that will help them in all aspects of their future educational needs. I see my role not just as helping a student pass an exam or write an essay but giving students the skills that will mean that the student no longer needs tutoring and is able to meet any challenge that comes their way - to truly make students creative independent thinkers!

I believe my strengths as a tutor lays in several areas:

1) A wide knowledge and skill base to deal with various subjects and syllabi as well as an ability to address specific student needs.
2) The ability to combine the required course content with the practical skills which are necessary to show a student knows that content.
3) Knowing how to create a safe, receptive and creative environment with my pupils. A place where they are encouraged to think for themselves and grow as individuals as well as learning the content required to pass exams.

Cissy $40-50/hr

History - University of Oxford

I’m extremely good with children – essential for a good tutor. No matter how boring, dull or difficult a topic, I can make it interesting.

The school system is still fresh in my mind. What exams boards want is simplicity and precision. Both have defined my own revision and tutoring methods. The fact that the four pupils who I informally tutored and who borrowed my GCSE notes obtained A*s, despite all being of differing standards, shows how effective my approach is.

Succeeding at school and in exams is all about method. As soon as you have developed one that works, your studies become significantly easier. Even at Oxford, I still use the same method and it works - I have just got a Distinction in my Prelims.

Whatever my students’ abilities, they gain confidence and realise they can achieve impressive results if they put their minds to it. Each is different in personality and ability, so each needs a different approach. One must set optimistic and realistic goals within the grasp of that particular student. One’s idea of good results is different from another’s. One might look to achieve straight A*s, another will be overjoyed with just one. I always remember this.

As well as offering help for students taking internal or external exams, I can also offer useful advice to those applying to UCAS. Having read countless personal statements and filled in many friends’ ...

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Gabriel $40-50/hr

English - University of Cambridge

I'm currently working as a foreign language teacher for the British Council in China though I've been a private tutor now for a nearly two years - in this time I've tutored a student in both his GCSEs and AS Levels, on average increasing his grades from C to A. I have also provided tuition for other children in younger years, giving them foundational bases in English and Mathematics. These jobs were done in person as well as online, via Skype. Aside from my direct tuition experience, I have two younger brothers who often ask for help with their school work. I think that if you can deal with- and teach effectively - your own siblings, you can take on any type of person! My time at Cambridge involved high intensity of work and as such, I am used to working quickly and efficiently, developing the best possible ways to achieve the task at hand.

My focus with my tuition is not the idea of teaching being a means to an end, but rather my aim is to actually interest my tutees in the process of learning. It is when students turn up and ask me questions that I struggle to answer that really excites me - I want to promote this intellectual curiosity and be far more than someone who my student has to see every week in order to get their A*.

Maddie $40-50/hr

Law - University of Oxford

I have extensive tutoring experience, having tutored GCSE maths throughout Sixth Form. At Oxford I am a mentor on the Pathways to Law scheme, which helps students considering applying to study law to strengthen their applications and develop their interest and passion for the subject. I have individual mentees, who I advise throughout the UCAS process, and attend larger events at which I have spoken on topics such as legal work experience, facing the LNAT admissions test and ways to develop a broader subject awareness.

Niloofar $40-50/hr

English Language and Literature - University of Oxford

Having just graduated from Oxford at 21, my experience so far has been part-time. During summers away from studying, I worked with both GCSE and A-Level students of English Language and English Literature. My age gives me an edge when working with this age group as we relate to many of the same things, and therefore understand things using the same points of reference.

I also have extensive proofreading experience, ranging from UCAS personal statements for a full range of subjects, to undergraduate final year dissertations and mature academic papers.

Having used several tutoring websites, I have yet to collect reviews on Spires, but several clients have agreed to provide a personal testimonial if required.

My approach is that grades can be achieved using a systemic, technique-based approach, especially at school level. I bring energy and enthusiasm to the process of learning these techniques through an emphasis on how literature interacts with human history and cultural movements both old and modern, because literature is an aspect of popular culture.

Kristina $40-50/hr

Law - University of Oxford

Being able to adapt to different learning needs and styles is what makes me a good tutor. I spent one academic year tutoring GCSE English to a student at a school in Oxford through the Schools Plus programme. My student was really bright, but she had some problems getting along with her teachers and with the formal school environment. I was able to help her improve her confidence and skills before exams by taking a casual and informal teaching style - very different from the formal school environment - and she coped much better with this style of teaching. Reacting to different needs in this way is crucial.

I am also very aware that it is often not lack of academic ability holding a pupil back - in this case, I knew my GCSE student was very able - but a problem like exam nerves or lack of self-confidence. Being aware of this helps me approach teaching different pupils in different ways.

Ruth $40-50/hr

English - University of Cambridge

What makes me a great tutor is the fact that I failed my A Levels. I had a place to study at Oxford, but found my final year at school very difficult and ended up missing my grades. The fact that I managed to tackle my problems, retake my exams and get into Cambridge puts me in a unique position to encourage students who are feeling the pressure - it really is ok to get stuck, to struggle, to fall behind. What's important is not giving up. As the Admissions Tutor at St John's College said to me, building the confidence to work hard and overcome setbacks makes you a stronger candidate. A student who seeks out academic support demonstrates an admirable commitment to success. My experience with exams, combined with my love of literature and history, makes for enjoyable and encouraging tutoring sessions. I use students' own interests to find a way into knotty concepts and tricky texts, working together in a fun and empathetic intellectual environment.

Jennifer $35-45/hr

Physics - Oxford University

I am a fully qualified and passionate teacher with over 12 years classroom experience.

Saul $40-50/hr

English - University of Cambridge

I am a tutor of 5 years experience with an excellent academic record. I took 5 AS level examinations and 4 A-levels (receiving A* in English and Drama and Theatre Studies, As in Classical Civilisation and History). I received 8A*s and 2As at GCSE level. I also have personal experience of school entrance exams at 11+ and 6th form level.

I am a good communicator. With my background in the performing arts and recent experience in educational theatre, I am good at engaging students in their subject and the task at hand. I like to encourage students, while pushing them to achieve what they are capable of.

My own research interests are in mid-century American literature, specifically in the 50s and 60s counterculture (as manifested in the work of Allen Ginsberg and Norman Mailer); and the interactions of English and French comic literature, particularly in the work of Geoffrey Chaucer and Lawrence Sterne.

Sahil $40-50/hr

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) - University of Oxford

I have tutored before (mainly Maths and Sciences) and still help my old school with Oxbridge and US university applications - my experience and abilities will be very useful to anyone. From those who need just a bit of guidance and support, to people who really feel like they need some additional assistance, I have the motivation and the skills to help.

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