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History - University of Cambridge

A drive for education and learning runs in my family - my mother (a first-generation undergraduate, now a college-level teacher) taught me the values I apply to my tutoring and personal studies equally: integrity, humility, hard work, and a love of academia.

Through these values, I have developed a proven, effective approach to tutoring. I have a comprehensive understanding of marking practice and curricula at GCSE, AS and A-Level (receiving a 99.3% average score across my Medieval History, English Literature, and Philosophy of Religion A-Levels). As a mentor with the Cambridge University SU Shadowing Scheme I have provided close support to students from underprivileged backgrounds throughout the Cambridge admissions process. Put simply, whether you are revising for an AS exam or preparing for interview, I can offer detailed guidance that drives towards specific academic goals.

I believe that the best academics are those with a flair and energy that comes from a deep enthusiasm for their subject. This sense of a curious and enquiring mind is the mark of truly high-quality work, and is one of the primary qualities for which Oxbridge interviewers search. This is not something that can necessarily be 'taught' - yet it is an ideal that runs through my tuition, synergising academic rigour with individuality and originality, allowing tutees to deploy their own chara...

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