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Mathematics - King's College London



17 hours in Admissions CTMUA

I have three years tutoring experience of GCSE Mathematics, as well as A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. In addition, I have eight years experience supporting students with mathematics admissions tests (MAT, TMUA and STEP). Aside from this, I have worked at King`s College London Mathemat...
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Recent Students: 10
Total Hours: 196
Classes Taught: 187
All-time Students: 20
Last Online:
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Mathematics & Theoretical Physics - University of Cambridge (BA & MMath in Mathematics); University of Southampton (PhD in Theoretical Physics)



World-renowned expert in British university entrance exams & interviews with high success rates (STEP, MAT, TMUA, NSAA, ENGAA, PAT). Thousands of hours working with students from six continents (students from Antarctica especially welcome!). My students are over five times more likely to receive an...
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Recent Students: 18
Total Hours: 1458
Classes Taught: 1420
All-time Students: 84
Last Online:
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