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1165 total hours

1164 hours in Computer Science

Yoram $80-90/hr

MSc Computer Science - Hertfordshire

My tuition style is based on the recognition and understanding that each student has their own way of achieving their highest possible results. I fully recognise that in private tuition, the student does not have to compromise and can get the best tutor to suit their individual needs. I try to accommodate the very busy and restrictive schedules of both parents and students, including boarding school students and distance universities. My aim is always to try to help the students achieve their targets.

Yoram's last completed Computer Science job with Puja: Intensive - I am looking for a computer science tutor for my son who is 15 years old but doing an advance placement level ((AP) exam on the 10th of May. He needs help with Java. We need intensive classes till the 10th.

Yoram's last review in Computer Science from Puja: He is an amazing teacher

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1185 total hours

1158 hours in Computer Science

Myles $80-90/hr

Computer Science - Staffordshire University

I am a specialist Computer Science tutor/teacher with more than 20 years experience of private tutoring and teaching class based students. I hold a Degree and Masters Degree in Computer Science. I'm fully conversant with all exam board specifications including AQA, OCR, WJEC, EdExcel, IGCSE, Cambridge International, etc.

The subject I teach is my hobby. I have extensive experience of providing online tuition to students all around the UK, Europe and as far as Hong Kong.

Connecting and having a rapport with the student is key. I have two aims, one is to teach the topic within the specification. The other, more important, is to develop the student's confidence.

In addition, I am a full member of The Tutors Association. This is a professional body that ensures best practices and ethics by members.

Myles's last completed Computer Science job with Susie: Intensive -

Myles's last review in Computer Science from Anton: CS Last class before the exam on Tuesday. It has been an amazing run with Myles. The best tutor hands down. I will miss our lessons every Tuesday and Thursday. They have always been fun and informative at the same time and I always enjoyed our sessions. He is a top quality tutor and if tutors of other subjects were as passionate as him then we would all be getting A's and A*'s.

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284 total hours

253 hours in Computer Science

Thanasis $55-65/hr

Computer Science - Cardiff

I hold an MSc and a Ph.D in computer science from Cardiff University. I have worked as a post doctoral research associate in the computer science department of UCL. I have years of hands on industry experience and a few years experience in teaching undergraduate/postgraduate students A Levels and GCSEs.

Thanasis's last completed Computer Science job with Alexandre: Over 2 hrs/week - I am currently a first year undergraduate at the University of Sussex in the UK where I am studying Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. I am struggling with programming as well as data and algorithm module. I am looking for a tutor to help me 3 times a week.
Please find below the wetransfer links with all my topics from semester although I would like to start with TDD (Test Driven Development).
Here is the link of the lecture slides:
Here is the link for the assignment, part 1 and 2 has already been done. Part 3 is due in 2 weeks:

Thanasis's last review in Computer Science from Hamza: java Trees

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152 total hours

152 hours in Computer Science

Peter $55-65/hr

Computing & Information Technology - University of Northumbria

I am a full-time Computer Science teacher and guide my daytime students to impressive grades in Computing. My keenest students in years 9 and 10 are already working towards an AS-Level in Computer Science to supplement and support the GCSE course. I set my students' goals high.

I'm very adept at helping students cut through confusion, focus on precise language and find the focus in theory topics to deliver mark-scheme friendly answers in examinations.

Peter's last completed Computer Science job with K: 1-2 hrs/week - My son has just started in yr 9 and unfortunately doesn’t get the opportunity to do computer science so we are hoping he can learn and take the exam eventually from being tutored. He is very keen and able I believe.

Peter's last review in Computer Science from K: Paper 2 Mock and Feedback Danny found the 2 hour lesson in which he completed an old exam paper very beneficial

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172 total hours

136 hours in Computer Science

Kei $50-60/hr

Computer Systems and Electronics; Education; Education Technology - King's College, London; Canterbury Christchurch University, University of California, Los Angeles, UCL Institute of Education

I am a qualified teacher (since 2006) and have successfully set up and lead 2 ICT/Computer science departments in two schools. I know what it takes to be a good coder and mathematician. If you're doing GCSE's or A-levels, I can get you through them (done it many times before). If you just want to learn how to code for fun or a project, then I can help you with that too. I can help with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP and Google Apps Script, as well as any aspects of computer science theory.

Kei's last completed Computer Science job with Harry: 1-2 hrs/week - I am a first year Computer Science student at Durham, and have really struggled with the first terms work. Having never previously done CompSci, everything has been new to me. I am looking for some help with two bits of coursework currently in Python and Javascript, however long term I would be looking for help with more general areas of the course.

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73 total hours

70 hours in Computer Science

Alexander $40-50/hr

MSc Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science - University of Oxford

I have successfully tutored a number of students in mathematics, physics, and computing in the past, at both A-level and GCSE. Among my most notable successes was helping a student who did not have classes in Further Maths available at school to achieve an A (highest grade at the time).

The best tutor will guide the student through a process of self-learning and tailor this skilfully to the individual student. It is paramount to properly motivate the pupil to ask the right questions to himself, whilst instilling an interest in the subject as much as possible. The tutor should generally enhance the learning experience beyond what any textbook or routine exercises can provide. With respect to mistakes, it is always important to be gentle and sympathetic, and encouragement should be given when progress is made, though not to the degree of fostering overconfidence. In brief, I believe in a highly interactive and open dialogue between teacher and student.

Alexander's last completed Computer Science job with Anjulika: Intensive - Assist with programming techniques for some one who wishes to study computer science at university

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33 total hours

25 hours in Computer Science

Robin $40-50/hr

2.1 - University of St Mark & St John, Plymouth

I am a fully qualified teacher with over 12 years' experience who is passionate about helping my students to achieve their potential. My teaching style is clear and friendly with a highly personalized approach, and I have a great track record of helping students to dramatically improve their confidence, enjoyment and attainment in Computer Science.

Robin's last completed Computer Science job with sean: Occasional - I am struggling with the A level computer science project to create a classroom math revision game with pygames (I only learnt python, tkinter dont have some functions that i need)
I have done the analysis bit for the project so I have quite a clear idea of what i have to do, and I'm now on the design section

While wanting to achieve this, I am hoping for a rather faster pace as I want to accomplish this project section before Feb

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22 total hours

22 hours in Computer Science

Christopher $30-40/hr

Computing with Education Studies - University of Worcester

I believe in marginal gains, finding out where students are currently at and providing the next step to help them make further progress and reach their true potential.

Christopher's last completed Computer Science job with Ali: Over 2 hrs/week -

Christopher's last review in Computer Science from Zita: good

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113 total hours

20 hours in Computer Science

Tom $40-50/hr

Astrophysical Processes - Durham Universiry

I have successfully taught all subjects I am offering up to and including A Level and have tutored for the past 11 years. Experienced with AQA, OCR, Edexcel, and Eduqas. As a senior leader I have coached and mentored new and experienced teachers giving me a deep understanding of teaching methodologies. Skilled in differentiating learning, my student-centred approach ensures all students make progress. I am
passionate about the application of science and lifelong learning.

Tom's last completed Computer Science job with Carmen: 1-2 hrs/week - My daughter is 14 and want to learn c sharp, python, adobe so that she can start designing games. She is in year 9 and is getting 100% in all her computer science test. Her teacher said she has a natural ability to understand it.

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19 total hours

19 hours in Computer Science

Jean $45-55/hr

PhD - Ecole Normale Superieure (France)

I have given over 450 hours of Computer Science tuition in 2018/2019 to over 30 students, mostly degree-level, in Programming and theoretical Computer Science.

I have given tutorial classes and practical classes to degree-level Computer Science students (undergraduates years one through three) at Montpellier University (France): Introduction to programming (C) and Graph Theory (C++).

Jean's last completed Computer Science job with Delilah: Occasional - I would like to start to write a python code in Artificial Intelligence, Reinforcemen learning and I need some guidance through. i will also need to write a report afterwards that due in August

Jean's last review in Computer Science from Delilah: I did not take the class as the browser did not open it

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