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Computer Science BSc MSc - Staffordshire



460 hours in IGCSE Computer Science

I am a specialist Computer Science tutor/teacher with more than 20 years experience of private tutoring and teaching class based students. I hold a Degree and Masters Degree in Computer Science. I'm fully conversant with all exam board specifications including AQA, OCR, WJEC, EdExcel, IGCSE, Camb...
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Recent Students: 3
Total Hours: 3878
Classes Taught: 3743
All-time Students: 79
Last Online:
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Computer Science - Anglia Ruskin



403 hours in IGCSE Computer Science

I am a qualified teacher and have been teaching for a number of years. I am a head of department for Computer Science and have been for numerous years. I have 1000's of hours of tutoring experience. I am an examiner for multiple exam boards. Recently being promoted to team leader for ocr, aqa an...
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Recent Students: 5
Total Hours: 1302
Classes Taught: 1271
All-time Students: 55
Last Online:
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MSc Computer Science - Hertfordshire



40 hours in IGCSE Computer Science

My tuition style is based on the recognition and understanding that each student has their own way of achieving their highest possible results. I fully recognise that in private tuition, the student does not have to compromise and can get the best tutor to suit their individual needs. I try to acc...
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Recent Students: 17
Total Hours: 2512
Classes Taught: 1855
All-time Students: 109
Last Online:
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Information Technology - University of Sussex



39 hours in IGCSE Computer Science

I’m an experienced computer science teacher with two masters degrees: MSc IT and PGCE Computing. I have been tutoring/teaching different aspects of computer science from last 5 years. I have taught the following levels: Btec IT Level 3 A Level Computer Science OCR GCSE Computer Science OCR/AQA iMed...
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Recent Students: 9
Total Hours: 181
Classes Taught: 182
All-time Students: 24
Last Online:
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Computing and Information Systems - London Metropolitan University



27 hours in IGCSE Computer Science

I have many years of experience in teaching Computer Science to undergraduate, A-level, and GCSE students. I am an expert in equipping the learners with the required knowledge and understanding to succeed in the subject and achieve the desired result. I provide help and guidance on all the compone...
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Recent Students: 20
Total Hours: 1829
Classes Taught: 1656
All-time Students: 153
Last Online:
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M.Eng Computer Science (Software Engineering) - Imperial College London



2 hours in IGCSE Computer Science

I have 15 years' experience in teaching and tutoring in Computer Science, from age 9 all the way through to Master's degree. Within Computer Science I have been able to support not only with developing a range of programming skills but also the theory of computer science. I have supported many un...
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Recent Students: 22
Total Hours: 1309
Classes Taught: 1025
All-time Students: 92
Last Online:
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Computer Science - Patras University


1 hours in IGCSE Computer Science

My name is Konstantinos Kitrou and I am a professional Computer Science Teacher. My greatest strength as an educator is meeting each student’s unique needs by developing a personal understanding of each one of them. My teaching experience is shown below: 2020 - Today: Computer Science Prof...
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Recent Students: 0
Total Hours: 36
Classes Taught: 41
All-time Students: 6
Last Online:
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Computer Science - ETH Zurich



The world is moving so quickly and we are constantly bombarded with information - useful, useless or simply wrong. With my post graduate degree (MSc) in Computer Science, work experience as a management consultant and multicultural background, I use my know-how to break up complex subjects into bite...
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Recent Students: 2
Total Hours: 86
Classes Taught: 70
All-time Students: 8
Last Online:
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Mathematical and Theoretical Physics - University of Oxford



I am an enthusiastic and a reassuring tutor. I think the fear of asking a question can be a major hindrance to students’ progress, so I do my best to make sure students feel comfortable in the classes to express their ideas and tell me whenever anything is unclear. Having completed a degree in Ma...
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Recent Students: 7
Total Hours: 252
Classes Taught: 200
All-time Students: 21
Last Online:
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Performance management - Leeds university


I have worked in the commercial business world and gained experience before moving into my passion for teaching. I want to concentrate on turning students I Can't statements into I Can, I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve they just need the correct guidance and that all important M...
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Recent Students: 2
Total Hours: 366
Classes Taught: 354
All-time Students: 25
Last Online:
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