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49 total hours

46 hours in IGCSE Russian

Elena $50-60/hr

MSc Real Estate - Cass Business School

Self-employed, Oxford, UK Tutor August 2011-present
• English-Russian Translation, Interpretation, Tuition
• Provider of Russian Language Training to Harley Davidson, John Wiley, Alfa Fellowship
• Russian tutor at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts ad Swanbourne school
• Successfully teach A Levels, GCSE Russain (Edexcel) , Pre-U
• More that 90% A and A* grades in the UK exams
• Edexcel examiner
• Significant improvement of grades in short period of time
• Oxford interview preparation
• Business Russian, literacy, English and Russian for kids (Saturday Russian school)
• Legal, educational, business interpretation; website, media, medical translation

Oxford Royale, Oxford, UK EFL Teacher July 2017-present

Teach teenage students of different nationalities, creating relaxed, enjoyable
atmosphere and using unconventional approach
Trace their progress and encourage their passion for learning
Develop their knowledge about local culture and traditions

Oxford International College, Oxford, UK Russian Teacher March 2017-present

Prepare international students to A Levels, Russian
Successfully supervised GCSE and A Levels Oral exams
100% of A and A* grades

Kings Education, Oxford, UK EFL Teacher July-December 2016

Teach students of different nationalities
Trace their progress and encourage their passion for learning
Develop their knowledge about local culture and traditions

Wychwood school, Oxford, UK Russian Teacher April 2016-present

Prepare international students to GCSE and A Levels, Russian
Successfully supervised GCSE and A Levels Oral exams
100% A* grades

DʼOverbroecks College, Oxford, UK Russian Teacher March 2016-present

Prepare international students to GCSE and A Levels, Russian
100% A and A* grades

SAES, Oxford, UK EFL Teacher July 2014-present

Oxford Hill School of English, Oxford, UK EFL Teacher (p/t) October 2013-July 2014

Bellerbys College, Oxford, UK Russian Teacher (p/t) February 2012- August 2017

Education First, Oxford, UK Assistant Course Director March 2012 - Novemeber 2012

EFL Teacher June 2011-March 2012

Elena's last completed IGCSE Russian job with Mariam:

Intensive - Hi, my daughter 13 needs to pass IGCSE exam in Russian next year at school and we need to start tuition because she isn’t very good at Russian , we would like to start a tuition as soon as possible

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212 total hours

Alex $40-50/hr

Modern and Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge

I have experience of helping people with languages of a variety of ages and standards for both oral and written examinations. Previous students of mine have been very pleased with their results and guidance received which is always tailored to your specific needs. I have lived and worked in Austria to hone my spoken German and spent a year studying in Russia so have very high levels of fluency and knowledge of grammar for both. I can offer more in depth instruction in German and Russian literature or at a more basic introductory level. I am very diligent and reliable.

5.0 (60)

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65 total hours

Hannah $40-50/hr

Human, Social, and Political Sciences - University of Cambridge

I graduated from Cambridge last year, and wrote more than 50 essays over my time, and read even more books! I have learnt the hard way how to write a good essay, and how to read efficiently.
I miss studying and learning new things, but tutoring helps me to keep this up!
Because I have graduated I have more time for you!
I have taught a variety of adults and children from a wide range of backgrounds. I am currently running creative writing workshops for homeless, migrant, and LGBT+ groups in Cambridge, which has given me a huge variety of communication skills, with people both older and younger than myself. After teaching English in South Korea for a month last summer, there is no teaching challenge too big. I have learnt how to be clear and precise from working with people with English as a second language. I have taught sailing for 10 years at my sailing club. This requires teaching young people and adults complex pieces of theory, and most importantly, making these interesting to learn.

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1 hour

Olga $50-60/hr

Mres - Liverpool University

A highly passionate and experienced multilingual language tutor. I have over four years of overall teaching experience and am currently teaching Russian privately to children and adults from all over the world. Originally from Tallinn, Estonia, I have spent half of my life in the UK. I have completed both my Bachelors in HRM with psychology and Master of Research (Mres) degrees in Manchester and Liverpool. And, am now working towards completion of my PhD thesis that is devoted to exploration and development of an alternative conceptually new approach to treatment of speech impediments. As part of my PhD, I occasionally teach undergraduate students in a traditional class-room based setting.

Practical experience shows that there is more to acquiring a new language than merely remembering few grammatical rules and general vocabulary. Except from teaching all the general rules of the Russian language, I intend to provide insight into Russian ways of thinking, mentality, cultural peculiarities as well as Russian day-to-day vocabulary that is used by native speakers but rarely covered in traditional text books. This will significantly enrich your understanding of Russian culture and expand your Russian vocabulary and built your confidence whatever the situation.

Having spent so many years studying, I have a real passion for learning and teaching and am committed to doing my very best to help my students acquire a required level of Russian or English language, and that is regardless of what their current level might be.

Olga's last completed IGCSE Russian job with Mariam:

Intensive - Hi, my daughter 13 needs to pass IGCSE exam in Russian next year at school and we need to start tuition because she isn’t very good at Russian , we would like to start a tuition as soon as possible

Rhiannon $40-50/hr

Modern and Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge

I am a CELTA-qualified teacher, English native speaker and Masters graduate with a broad range of teaching experience, including business English, teaching children and adults, exam preparation, intensive classes and project-based learning. I have taught various levels and class sizes and am skilled at adapting my methods to individual learners. In addition to English, I have taught French, German and Russian, all of which I speak at a C1/C2 level.

In a number of teaching roles, including my current one teaching adult refugees, I have gained experience with a wide range of learner groups and teaching approaches. Having worked sometimes with pre-set curricula but often with the freedom to design my own curriculum, I have built up experience in creating learning programmes that teach and assess material in an engaging, memorable and meaningful way. As a volunteer for online high school Sky School, where I've helped to build the 'English for Changemakers' module, I've gained an insight into how distance education works, what platforms are available for it, and how it can be made impactful for learners.

Saskia $40-50/hr

Modern and Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge

A years experience in private tutoring in French and Spanish, and Maths A level, and Physics, Chemistry, and Biology IGCSE. During secondary school I was a student social mentor and was chosen to aid students in lower years struggling academically. I have been tutoring for three years in total.
Having worked and studied in France and Russia respectively over this summer, I believe I am in a position to offer knowledge and insight that cannot be found in a textbook. With this experience and a hard-working ethic, I would provide a hands on approach to tutoring so that my students feel supported rather than lectured.
I am also very friendly and cooperative, and I love to help people reach their potential!

Joseph $40-50/hr

History and Modern Languages - University of Oxford

I've been teaching and tutoring for five years now, with experience in universities, language schools and one-on-one tutoring agencies. My interest in languages means I know what it's like to learn one and can explain things in a way that makes sense. I've studied Russian at undergraduate and postgraduate level and have lived in Russia for three of the last four years, so I have a lot of knowledge of and enthusiasm for the language, the literature and the country which makes learning for my students not just useful but fun.

Harrison $40-50/hr

Modern Languages and Linguistics - University of Oxford

I know what it's like not to understand a certain area of a subject. Unlike some tutors, I'm very patient and don't get frustrated, no matter how long it takes! Having a good student-tutor relationship is incredibly important to me and therefore I'm very friendly and approachable. I've taught English to Russian native speakers in Moscow and to secondary school children in Tanzania. I've also tutored Russian and French to neighbours and friends on and off for 3 years

Natalia $40-50/hr

PhD - University of St Andrews

I am a native Russian speaker with 17 years of teaching experience.
I taught graduate and postgraduate students at three universities in Scotland.
For the past 9 years I have been running Russian language courses for the Scotland-Russia Forum where I teach all levels. I teach Russian as a foreign language and I teach Russian-speaking kids.

James $40-50/hr

Modern & Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge

As a self-confessed lover of languages, I try to help develop not only tutees' language abilities but also their appreciation and enjoyment for one of the most important skills in an ever more globalised world. Through my own study of languages, I have learned that it is more than just reciting grammar tables, rather it is a vibrant exploration of the culture of a nation's people.
By using a combination of educational materials (i.e. textbooks, exercises, vocab lists etc.) and 'real life' examples of the language in action (in the form of newspaper articles, film clips, music etc.), I hope to develop tutees' knowledge of the language as it is really spoken and written; not just its distilled and artificial 'textbook form'.
I aim to provide an individual service, tailoring what I teach and the materials I use to each tutee's own particular needs.
Ultimately, having encountered obstacles to learning a language myself, I can appreciate how difficult the process can be sometimes! My objective is to help tutees overcome such difficulties in whichever way suits them best.

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