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Humanities, Education - University of Edinburgh



365 hours in IGCSE English Language

2020-present - teacher for online school in the UK; Philosophy, English, Geography, Sociology, Politics 2020-present - Private online teacher of English, Business, Philosophy, Humanities (IGCSE, AS/A-Level, IB, AP, etc) 2019-2020 - Head of Business & Teacher of English, International School in Slova...
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Recent Students: 21
Total Hours: 1381
Classes Taught: 1411
All-time Students: 128
Last Online:
Signed up:


Creative Writing and Film Studies - Manchester Metropolitan University



197 hours in IGCSE English Language

I have taught internationally in schools in Jakarta, Lima, Istanbul and Budapest for fourteen years and have tutored students privately, both in person and online, throughout this time. I enjoy literature immensely and believe that teaching students to understand literature is a subject they can ex...
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Recent Students: 35
Total Hours: 1261
Classes Taught: 1233
All-time Students: 117
Last Online:
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English and Drama PGCE / English Literature - London Metropolitan University / University of Kent



146 hours in IGCSE English Language

I am a fully qualified and trained English and Drama secondary school teacher, with one years experience teaching both subjects in the classroom with groups of 25 students in inner-London secondary schools. I was praised during evaluations for my ability to focus on individual student needs and for ...
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Recent Students: 12
Total Hours: 663
Classes Taught: 520
All-time Students: 36
Last Online:
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English Language and Literature - University of Oxford



115 hours in IGCSE English Language

I am an English Literature graduate from Oxford University. I am passionate about educating young people and ensuring they reach their highest potential. To date I have worked as a private tutor, mentor, workshop facilitator and coach. As a private tutor I have taught English at GCSE and A-Level and...
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Recent Students: 18
Total Hours: 2672
Classes Taught: 2725
All-time Students: 175
Last Online:
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2-1 BA English Literature - Sheffield



86 hours in IGCSE English Language

I have been teaching English Literature and English Language in UK independent and and international schools for 13 years, involving whole class and one-to-one tutoring at all levels from 11-18 (Key Stage 3, GCSE/IGCSE and A-level/IB. My teaching roles have included Head of Department and Assistant ...
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Recent Students: 3
Total Hours: 278
Classes Taught: 287
All-time Students: 30
Last Online:
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Christopher Roy

MA Classics and Ancient History - Exeter University


71 hours in IGCSE English Language

I am a teacher with many years experience of teaching in both the UK and abroad. I recently finished six years at the School of the Nations in Macau, where I worked as Head of English teaching IGCSE English and I.B. Diploma English Language and Literature. I also taught I.B. Diploma Theory of Knowle...
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Recent Students: 0
Total Hours: 71
Classes Taught: 63
All-time Students: 2
Last Online:
Signed up:


Postgraduate PGCE in Secondary Education with Qualified Teacher Status in English and History - Edge Hill University


67 hours in IGCSE English Language

Highly motivated and enthusiastic results orientated teacher. As an engaging, insightful and energetic teacher I am dedicated to helping students here on this platform to identify and enhance their unique potential for academic and personal achievement. • Over 7 years of invaluable teaching experien...
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Recent Students: 1
Total Hours: 251
Classes Taught: 264
All-time Students: 28
Last Online:
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Education; Neurodevelopmental Conditions; Archaeology - Durham University



58 hours in IGCSE English Language

Working with students aged three through 33, I’ve had the privilege of providing thousands of hours of professional tuition, home schooling, academic and lifeskill mentoring, as well as educational therapy, since 2016. I love deepening my own subject knowledge and understanding; however, it is the ...
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Recent Students: 4
Total Hours: 845
Classes Taught: 840
All-time Students: 65
Last Online:
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Dr Anne

Psychology - University of St. Andrews



52 hours in IGCSE English Language

My teaching experience encompasses every sort of learner: University - Qualitative reasearch metholdology; Health and Social Care A Levels and IGCSE/GCSE - English Literature, English Language, and Psychology TEFL - Cambridge C1/C2
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Recent Students: 10
Total Hours: 68
Classes Taught: 82
All-time Students: 10
Last Online:
Signed up:


English Literature and Language - University College London (UCL)



50 hours in IGCSE English Language

I have taught a variety of subjects and age groups, both in schools and online. My main training and experience is in teaching English Literature and Language (KS3-KS5) but I have also taught ESL/EAL, Music, Drama and PSHE. I have taught in comprehensive and international schools so I have experienc...
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Recent Students: 12
Total Hours: 284
Classes Taught: 280
All-time Students: 17
Last Online:
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