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Kate $65/hr

English Literature, Literature and Education - University of Cambridge

5.0 (513 classes)

I am a professional tutor who graduated from Cambridge with a 1st class BA degree and an MPhil in Education and Literature - I have been tutoring ever since. I tailor my tutoring to best fit my student's needs and learning style. With extensive experience ranging from primary to undergraduate students, I am confident tutoring for students of different ability and interest levels. As a published academic writer with experience of private school and Oxbridge admissions processes, I am furthe...
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Recent Students: 25 Total Hours: 528 Last Online: 28 Nov 2020
All-time Students: 28 Total IGCSE English Language Hours: 74 Signed Up: 26 Mar 2018

Alice $75-85/hr

English BA (hons) First Class - University of Birmingham

5.0 (63 classes)

I began tutoring students to fund my PhD in English Literature, and I taught a range of syllabuses (OCR, AQA, CCEA, EDEXCEL) and levels (KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-Level and degree). In 2011, I became a Learning Mentor at a top grammar school in Birmingham - King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls - where I helped GCSE students with revision and study techniques, and supported those who had problems revising. Fuelled by my love of tutoring, I trained to become a teacher, graduating from the King Edwa...
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Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 68 Last Online: 28 Nov 2020
All-time Students: 14 Total IGCSE English Language Hours: 36 Signed Up: 09 Apr 2020

Ella $84/hr

English Language and Literature - University of Oxford

5.0 (1164 classes)

I am an English Literature graduate from Oxford University. I am passionate about educating young people and ensuring they reach their highest potential. To date I have worked as a private tutor, mentor, workshop facilitator and coach. As a private tutor I have taught English at GCSE and A-Level and have prepared Ox-bridge candidates, most of whom have been offered a place at Oxford or Cambridge. I have worked with Eton and Mactrac Digital Education to deliver the Eton X language programme, spec...
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Recent Students: 59 Total Hours: 1161 Last Online: 27 Nov 2020
All-time Students: 76 Total IGCSE English Language Hours: 32 Signed Up: 02 Dec 2016

Jude $58/hr

PhD - Bath Spa

5.0 (41 classes)

I have been tutoring for over 20 years and was Head of Department and teacher of English in a leading online school for ten years. I have taught all aspects of English Language and Literature from providing assistance at undergraduate level, through A Levels and GCSEs, down to KS1. What I love about tutoring one-to-one is the building up of a personal relationship with a student and seeing them gain confidence and develop. Every student is different and learns in a different way, and I have ...
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Recent Students: 3 Total Hours: 41 Last Online: 23 Nov 2020
All-time Students: 8 Total IGCSE English Language Hours: 27 Signed Up: 23 Jan 2019

Joanna $72/hr

English Literature & Music - Cambridge University

5.0 (142 classes)

* 10 years experience as private tutor. * Experience teaching teenagers and adults, from pre-GCSE to degree level. * Prepared students for GCSEs and A Level with all major exam boards, including OCR, AQA, Edexcel and iGCSE. * Also familiar IB syllabus at both SL and HL level. * Assessor for OCR exam board, marking A level scripts in English Literature. * Tutored and mentored student studying for BA in English Literature with the Open University. * Mentored students with university applications ...
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Recent Students: 7 Total Hours: 141 Last Online: 28 Nov 2020
All-time Students: 8 Total IGCSE English Language Hours: 19 Signed Up: 10 Jun 2020

Yasmin $52/hr

Eng - University of Cambridge

5.0 (136 classes)

I have over three years’ extensive experience in tutoring, primarily in English and History. I have tailor-made an A-Level History revision course for a respected online tuition company; taught English classes and workshops in schools and universities abroad; and taught as a household tutor for a family. I help students find fresh approaches into essay writing and analysis, providing practised structures and key terms, which have received excellent feedback from previous students.
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Recent Students: 19 Total Hours: 154 Last Online: 28 Nov 2020
All-time Students: 23 Total IGCSE English Language Hours: 16 Signed Up: 10 Feb 2017

Kai $70-80/hr

PGCE, Masters in Criminological Psychology and BSC(Hons) in Psychology and Criminal Justice - University of the West of England, Birmingham University and Plymouth University

5.0 (125 classes)

I have studied in a boarding school, unisex and co-educational setting, and have adapted to different teaching systems in different countries, including Australia, Hong Kong and England. It has allowed me to recognise the importance of valuing cultural diversity and individuality. I am fluent in English, Chinese and Cantonese and have worked with students from the pre-nursery to university level, as well as individuals with learning difficulties and special needs. I have had the honour to teach...
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Recent Students: 16 Total Hours: 145 Last Online: 28 Nov 2020
All-time Students: 29 Total IGCSE English Language Hours: 11 Signed Up: 27 May 2020

Omari $91/hr

English & Spanish - Oxford

5.0 (11 classes)

I have over nine years' tutoring experience, as a full-time professional. I've been teaching students online since 2013 and altogether with online and face-to-face I've delivered well over 3000 hours of individual and group classes to more than 150 national and international pupils. I have wide experience teaching all ages, all Key Stages and the full range of exam boards at GCSE, A Level an IB. I've taught several pupils as part of bespoke homeschooling programmes and that includes students fo...
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Recent Students: 4 Total Hours: 10 Last Online: 20 Nov 2020
All-time Students: 4 Total IGCSE English Language Hours: 7 Signed Up: 15 Sep 2020

Amy $65/hr

Bachelor of Arts - English Language and Literature - University of Leeds

5.0 (185 classes)

I am a fully qualified teacher and I have been teaching in both state and international schools for 8 years, in London, Tanzania, and Singapore. My subject specialism is IB DP English A, but I also have experience teaching IB DP English B and IB DP Theory of Knowledge, as well as supervising Extended Essays. I have also taught MYP English A, MYP Drama and GCSE/IGCSE English. Please be aware that I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel the class with less than 24 hours’ notice, I wil...
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Recent Students: 23 Total Hours: 186 Last Online: 28 Nov 2020
All-time Students: 26 Total IGCSE English Language Hours: 6 Signed Up: 22 Jun 2020

Ben $58/hr

2-1 BA English Literature - Sheffield

5.0 (9 classes)

I have been teaching English Literature and English Language in UK independent and and international schools for 13 years, involving whole class and one-to-one tutoring at all levels from 11-18 (Key Stage 3, GCSE/IGCSE and A-level/IB. My teaching roles have included Head of Department and Assistant Head of Department at prestigious independent schools.
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Recent Students: 6 Total Hours: 8 Last Online: 28 Nov 2020
All-time Students: 6 Total IGCSE English Language Hours: 5 Signed Up: 29 Sep 2020

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