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Professional Online IELTS Tutors

All of our high quality online ielts tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online IELTS tutor Philip
MA in Theology, University of Wales, Trinity St. David

First taught online in 2007 and offline in 1996 - I am a UK native speaker: specialist for IELTS/business + general English. I have multiple English teaching certificates, an English Literature Major and additional Creative Writing Minor university degree + an "enhanced DBS" security check (on the automatic update service) - the first 30 minute meeting is free.

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975 hours taught
professional online IELTS tutor Lynne
Law, Greys Inn College London

Experienced English, literacy and IELTS Tutor with legal background.

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106 hours taught
professional online IELTS tutor Alice
Comparative Literature, Harvard University

English Language and Literature Teacher with experience teaching students in France, East Asia, and the U.S. I specialize in assisting students with perfecting their academic writing and learning English as well as with Ivy League and Oxbridge undergraduate and graduate admissions.

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professional online IELTS tutor Elena
MSc Real Estate, Cass Business School
240 hours taught
professional online IELTS tutor Josh
Humanities, Education, University of Edinburgh

International teacher of English, Business, Philosophy & Humanities, with a decade of experience teaching GCSE, A-Level and IB in international schools around the world. I am fully student-focused, with a history of success developing engaging and relevant classes to help students overcome their academic and study challenges. I believe in the values of patience and kindness in supportive academic relationships in order to develop student confidence and determination.

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1723 hours taught
professional online IELTS tutor Amal
International Law, University of Leeds

English Teacher, specialising in IB English Language & Literature HL & SL, GCSE/IGCSE, Language & Literature and English as a Second Language (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Exams).

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58 hours taught
professional online IELTS tutor Shane
English And Philosophy , Maynooth University, Ireland🇮🇪

Certified Tutor With 3 Years Of International Experience

Secondary Education & Special Education Teacher, Ireland
English Language Teacher, Thailand
Creative Writing Specialist & Tutor, Slovenia
Writer For Foreign Teacher Notes

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16 hours taught
professional online IELTS tutor Robert
Philosophy, English and Spanish, University of Bristol

Experienced international Baccalaureate educator and current examiner, let's work together to help you maximise your potential in your examinations!

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professional online IELTS tutor Thomas
Clinical Neuroscience , UCL

Qualified neuroscience researcher with experience tutoring Science and English to A-level and university students. I have a history of academic awards and achievements and I'm here to help you do the same.

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professional online IELTS tutor Melanie
English , Cambridge

I have been a professional tutor for over a decade and love what I do; I have achieved impeccable results, specialising in exam preparation and students struggling with confidence.

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professional online IELTS tutor Nasim
Mathematics , University of East Anglia

Highly qualified and Experienced Mathematics & Science Teacher. Throughout my 9 years of teaching Maths and Science, I have taught both nationally in the UK and Internationally and have followed all the British Secondary School curriculums as well as some American high School curriculums.

I am very comfortable teaching up to GCSE and some A-level topics. I can also teach based on your preferred exam board.

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professional online IELTS tutor Daniel
English Language and Literature, Sussex University

Experienced, Dedicated and Inspiring Tutor for English and Admissions with an Exceptional Success Rate

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Recent IELTS Tutor Class Reviews

Lynne - Jackeline- IELTS - Admissions
23rd February 2024
I am so pleased that I have found Lynne, she is a great teacher, with a lots of knowledge and skills. She is also very friendly and polite.
Philip - Magdalena - IELTS - Admissions
15th March 2022
Well organized and productive lesson. Essays corrected and some time provided for speaking practice as well.
Philip - Magdalena - IELTS - Admissions
10th March 2022
Speaking practice, a couple of exam questions covered. A sort of disagreement over the"radiation energy" issue, which was based upon the philosophy of examining and passing exams rather than on the language itself. Changing of the backward distracted the attention of both parties.
Philip - Magdalena - IELTS - Admissions
3rd February 2022
Task 2 structure, an example, two essays reviewed. Speaking on the benefits of cold showers, cold baths and the method of Wim Hof and how it helps to deal with household problems and a frustrating landlady. The time has passed too fast. The lesson was pleasant and will pay off when it comes to the ielts exam.
Philip - Magdalena - IELTS - Admissions
14th November 2021
I have received a number of tips and clues on the strategy and technique for a description of a line graph.
Philip - Íñigo- IELTS - Admissions
11th July 2021
Great professor!
Philip - Haitham- IELTS - Admissions
21st May 2021
It was a good lecture ,Mr: Philip continued teaching strategic tools for students in writing exam
Philip - Haitham- IELTS - Admissions
20th May 2021
It was good lecture ,Mr: Philip teach the students the strategical tools in writing exam
Philip - Haitham- IELTS - Admissions
6th May 2021
It was full with information
Philip - Haitham- IELTS - Admissions
30th April 2021
The class was full of new information ,Tricky questions may not be able solved and it was one of the tricky questions in writing ,Mr: Phillip done very well to explain how to mange such type of questions although the question was randomly selected by one of the students. Good job

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Online IELTS Tutoring FAQs

Why Study IELTS?

Studying IELTS is pivotal as it stands as the world’s premier English language proficiency test tailored for higher education and global migration. The IELTS Academic reading component assesses your prowess in interpreting academic texts. Leveraging the right IELTS materials, combined with consistent IELTS lessons, guarantees an enhanced score. Having a well-defined course and participating in a class every week are instrumental in fortifying continuous learning with IELTS tutors.

What Are IELTS Lessons Required For?

IELTS lessons are indispensable for international students aspiring to enrol in English universities. The IELTS writing segment, for instance, probes your aptitude to articulate effectively in academic settings. Your IELTS score often determines university admissions. Expert IELTS tutoring, particularly online IELTS tutoring, paves the way for acquiring the desired score. During these lessons, tutors offer invaluable feedback, enabling students to pinpoint and rectify shortcomings, thereby elevating their IELTS results.

How Does IELTS Help With Immigration?

Securing a visa in English-speaking nations can be daunting. Immigration authorities delve into your English proficiency, making it crucial for you to communicate fluently. Taking the IELTS test vouches for your English competency, enabling you to follow instructions and engage with peers seamlessly. Passing the IELTS test bolsters your visa and employment prospects in English domains. Leveraging online resources, like free IELTS tools, augments your test preparation. The IELTS score is also a visa prerequisite for the UK, necessitating a minimum score of 6.5 for eligibility.

How Expert IELTS Tutoring Can Help You?

IELTS tutors, with their vast teaching experience, will meticulously assess your baseline and craft a customised curriculum, aligning with your goals. Online classes will predominantly target your weaknesses, be it vocabulary or spoken English. By immersing students in both comfortable and challenging areas, tutors ensure holistic development, instilling effective learning practices.

Why Choose Spires’ IELTS Preparation Tutoring?

At Spires, our IELTS courses are tailored to meet the evolving demands of English IELTS students. We are meticulous in our tutor selection, recruiting merely 4% of the applying teachers, ensuring they are well-versed in the nuances of IELTS and are seasoned educators from globally reputed institutions. Many of our tutors, adept at both general and academic IELTS, hold degrees from eminent UK and US universities. They understand the distinct needs of each IELTS student, ensuring their online lessons are fruitful. Whether you’re aiming to sharpen your vocabulary for IELTS writing or hone your listening prowess, our tutors adapt their teaching accordingly. These bespoke online IELTS sessions, conducted via webcam, not only accentuate your strengths but also address challenges, offering a holistic IELTS learning experience.

How Do Spires’ Online IELTS Tutors Work?

Securing a proficient tutor is a breeze:

  • Use the ‘Find A Tutor’ feature to detail your requirements, encompassing subjects, levels, and expertise.
  • From our vast pool of adept educators, handpick the ideal tutor. Post your search, simply click on ‘view profile’ to delve into reviews, ratings, teaching hours, and hourly rates.
  • Schedule your online class, ensuring flexibility and convenience without any travel.
  • Review the lessons at leisure, absorbing every nuance at your pace.

How Many Expert IELTS Tutors Are Available For IELTS Online Tutoring?

We currently boast over 20 tutors, each specialising in IELTS test preparation. Their experience ensures that our IELTS lessons, both private and group-based, stand out in quality and content. Our online platform allows students to take advantage of these lessons, ensuring thorough preparation.

What Qualifications Do Teachers Need?

Every teacher at Spires, dedicated to IELTS training, holds at least a Bachelor’s degree, with several further possessing Master’s or PhDs. Their prowess in English IELTS and writing IELTS segments stands testimony to their commitment. To wear the badge of an IELTS tutor, they undergo rigorous English teaching certifications. All tutors are subject to DBS or equivalent checks. This ensures that every hour spent in their classes guarantees top-notch services. Rest assured, our academic writing experts and IELTS tutors, through one-to-one sessions, are geared to ensure you achieve the IELTS score you seek.

Do Your Tutors Prepare for Academic IELTS?

Absolutely! Our IELTS courses are comprehensive. When posting, clarify if you need academic or general IELTS tutoring. Our adept IELTS tutors, backed by years of hands-on teaching experience, offer complete test preparations. They guide you through every class, dispensing invaluable strategies, especially in tackling the trickiest IELTS questions. Through their lessons, you’ll be well-prepared for learning both Academic and General IELTS modules. Each course is structured meticulously, keeping in mind the unique challenges of IELTS.

Why Is a High IELTS Score Important for Law and Medical School Admissions?

A high IELTS score is crucial for law and medical school admissions, especially for students whose first language isn’t English. These programs require strong command over the English language for coursework and interactions in a professional setting. A high IELTS score demonstrates the proficiency in English necessary for the demanding academic environments of law and medical schools, often a prerequisite for admission in universities across the UK and other English-speaking countries.

Can Spires’ IELTS Tutors Help with English Fluency for Business Professionals?

Spires’ IELTS tutors can significantly help business professionals improve their English fluency. The tutors tailor their lessons to focus on business-related vocabulary, presentation skills, and formal communication, essential for the corporate world. This targeted approach not only prepares professionals for the IELTS exam but also equips them with the language skills necessary for effective communication in international business settings.

What Strategies Do IELTS Tutors Use to Teach Effective Essay Writing?

IELTS tutors employ various strategies to teach effective essay writing, including breaking down the essay structure, focusing on thesis development, argumentation, and conclusion. They also emphasize the importance of coherence and cohesion in writing, along with proper grammar and vocabulary usage. Practice exercises and personalized feedback are key components of their teaching strategy to enhance students’ writing skills.

How Does IELTS Preparation with Spires Aid in Mastering UK University Interview Techniques?

IELTS preparation with Spires aids in mastering UK university interview techniques by improving students’ spoken English and confidence in communication. The preparation focuses on developing clear articulation, understanding and responding to complex questions, and expressing thoughts coherently – all of which are essential skills for university interviews. Tutors often conduct mock interviews, providing a realistic practice environment.

Can Enhancing Vocabulary with IELTS Tutoring Improve Academic Performance in Secondary School?

Enhancing vocabulary with IELTS tutoring can significantly improve academic performance in secondary school. A broader vocabulary aids in better understanding of course materials, effective participation in class discussions, and improved writing skills. These improvements are not limited to English classes but extend across various subjects that require comprehension and expression in English.

What Role Does IELTS Play in Developing Advanced Communication Skills for University Students?

IELTS plays a pivotal role in developing advanced communication skills for university students. It trains students in all aspects of the English language, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This comprehensive approach ensures students can effectively engage in academic discussions, understand lectures, and produce well-structured, coherent academic work, which are essential skills for university education.

How Do IELTS Tutors at Spires Tailor Lessons for Students with Different Cultural Backgrounds?

IELTS tutors at Spires tailor lessons for students with different cultural backgrounds by incorporating culturally responsive teaching methods. They consider each student’s unique cultural context in the learning process, using examples and references that are relatable. This approach not only makes learning more engaging but also ensures that students from diverse backgrounds feel included and understood.

Is Familiarity with British and American Accents Important in IELTS Speaking Tests?

Familiarity with British and American accents is important in IELTS speaking tests as it helps in understanding various English pronunciations and nuances. This familiarity can make students more comfortable and confident during the speaking test, as they are likely to encounter examiners with different accents. Understanding these accents can also aid in the listening component of the IELTS.

Can IELTS Tutoring Help Overcome Barriers for Non-Native English Speakers in the Corporate World?

IELTS tutoring can help non-native English speakers overcome language barriers in the corporate world by enhancing their proficiency in English. It focuses on practical language skills relevant to professional environments, such as formal communication, presentation skills, and business vocabulary. Improved English fluency and understanding can significantly enhance workplace interactions and professional opportunities in global business contexts.

Do Your Tutors Offer IELTS Speaking Preparation?

Certainly! Our IELTS speaking lessons are among the best online. Our assortment of IELTS tutors has an excellent track record, consistently helping students achieve their IELTS speaking objectives. Engaging with our dedicated tutors in private online sessions guarantees success in your IELTS endeavours. With IELTS becoming a critical communication tool, our tutors focus on real-world scenarios in their lessons. Regardless of your goal – be it studying overseas, career progression, or academic challenges – our tutors are ready for every hour of mentorship. So, don’t wait! Contact us to start your online IELTS journey today.

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