Lisa $40-50/hr

Master's - University of Pittsburgh

Previous students have praised me for being an excellent programmer, patient, supportive, and reliable.

Daniel $40-50/hr

BSc - University of Cape Town

I love Computer Science and programming. I am a third year student at the University of Cape Town studying CS and Clinical and Neuro Psychology. I am proficient in Java and Python, but can adapt to other languages as necessary.

Nathalie $40-50/hr

Computer Science - University of Oxford

I am currently a DPhil student in computer science in the area of verification. I have previously worked as a research assistant and have a Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Hons). My love and passion for the subjects makes me a good tutor in my field. I have previous experience in tutoring undergraduate mathematics and in being a teaching assistant in electronics.

sahar $40-50/hr

Bsc Computer Science - Helwan University

My six years of experience working in Education and two years in the IT industry has enabled me to become innovative and able to employ a wide range of strategies to ensure that a high standard of academic excellence is achieved and maintained.
I am an IB Computer Science examiner and also tutor AP Computer Science .

Jenny $40-50/hr

Maths and Computing - Imperial College London

Having just finished education myself, not only is the knowledge of the subjects still there but also the knowledge of what learning is like. I can empathise with students and help them solve problems in a way that suits them rather than just providing textbook answers.

I have experience with one-on-one tutoring iGCSE Computing and A Level Maths (ages 15 and 17), as well as leading JavaScript sessions with around thirty children aged 8-15 for the past two years. This has taught me how to explain things well and work with children and teens of a variety of ages and skill levels.

I am a friendly but firm tutor. I recognise that different people have different learning styles and believe that I can adapt to suit these, keeping sessions interactive to maintain my tutees interest and enthusiasm.

Anna $40-50/hr

Computer Science - University of Oxford

My first ever student was my younger brother, whom I was preparing for a Maths competition. I discovered that I really like to share my knowledge and I have now been tutoring for two years. I expect a willingness to learn, but I am able to explain the riddles of maths very well.

Anna's last completed IB Computer Science job with Akhil: 1-2_HOURS - Computer Science Higher tutor and Maths Higher too

Martin $40-50/hr

Engineer degree - University of Economics

I am willing and happy to explain things from different angles.
Everytime trying to look trough the eyes of beginner, because it's not important not knowing the things, important is the will to do better and I also believe, in whatever subject you are trying to improve, key to success is interest in the begining and satisfaction along the process to keep you going further.

Rumman $40-50/hr

Computing - Imperial College London

I ensure I gain a rapport with the tutee in order for them to feel at ease whilst learning. It shouldn't be a daunting experience and I feel the peak of learning is when you are most relaxed. I will never rush a pupil; everyone is different with different learning styles and thus will relay concepts in different ways from various angles to ensure concepts are understood.

Andrew $40-50/hr

BSc (hons) Computer Science with Mathematics (1st class) - University of Bath

I have always been a port of call for friends and colleagues, but I began formal tutoring as a member of academic staff in 2010, providing one-on-one help for Computer Science units at my university. I was consistently top-rated by my students and was on multiple occasions asked to give advice to other tutors at the university. After my PhD I became a full time teaching fellow, and was the sole unit convenor on four undergraduate and two postgraduate units, from writing and delivering lectures to setting and marking exams and coursework. The whole time I had some private students and now I do this full time, as a private tutor one-on-one and in small groups – the format that I think really benefits the students most.

I offer a friendly and experienced approach, focusing on trying to see the problem from the student's point of view. It is very easy for someone who has completed their education to forget how hard it can be to learn something from scratch. I combine my expertise with my personable nature to quickly identify where the student is struggling, and then try a variety of approaches to bring true comprehension; not simply knowing the answer, but understanding it.

I have been tutoring online for years and with the advancements in webcam quality, Internet speed, and using a pen tablet combined with whiteboard software I genuinely believe the experience is superior to face-to-face tutoring.

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Grant $40-50/hr

Bcomm - University of Cape Town

I am able to relate to the person I am tutoring and adapt to their learning style. I tutored first year mathematics and statistics last year and all of the people I tutored achieved their objectives. I am currently employed by the University of Cape Town as a statistics tutor.

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