Alexander $40-50/hr

Engineering - University of Cambridge

I am currently a tutor for Gojimo, this form of tutoring has the added difficulty of being an instant messenger conversation. It means that you have to be extra careful about the way that you explain different principles as there is not the same human interaction that exists when talking face to face with a tutee. I have also tutored in person at A-level standard during my holidays. My experience means that I can clearly convey the ideas and examples that are necessary to understand the required concepts. I always check during sessions if the tutee is understanding the information and then try and ask them questions that are relevant to the topic so that they can be further pushed in that area. I also try and get them to forge the course of the session so that they are getting the information that they feel is more relevant to them.

Andrius $40-50/hr

Mathematics - University of Oxford

I have been a mathematics tutor at St Anne's College, Oxford. I love teaching and giving intuition to the mathematics, which makes it much easier and enjoyable to do mathematics. I believe that everyone can do well and enjoy mathematics.

James $40-50/hr

Economics - University of Cambridge

I have some experience in Tutoring from by time as a sixth form student, where I tutored many of my fellow classmates in Economics and Maths. I am a very dedicated tutor who will be fully invested in the outcome of every person that I teach.
During my time at Cambridge I have specilized in the mathmatical side of economics, this will put me in a good position to provide my students with information that goes beyond their course of study and prepares them well for their further education.
I am also in a ver good position to help with university applications as I have only recently been through the process myself, this means that I am fully aware of all the hoops you need to jump through with your application as well as what is expected f you once you get to interview.
I think for all of these reason I would be able greatly benifit every person that I tutor and that I will be able to help them achieve any goals that they set for themselves.

Eduardo $40-50/hr

Computer Science - University of Oxford

I have already worked as advisor of undergraduate-level students during the development of their final year projects a few years ago. That was something similar to tutoring, in which I met in a weekly basis with the students and helped them over questions about the quality of their own work. All of them passed on their assessments and we published some papers together at conferences. While there, I also participated in assessment commissions of other students undertaking their final year projects.

Lisa $40-50/hr

Master's - University of Pittsburgh

Previous students have praised me for being an excellent programmer, patient, supportive, and reliable.

Tolu $40-50/hr

Chemical Engineering - University of Cambridge

I have only ever tutored friends who studied the same subjects as me. I have been told that I am good at explaining things and make things a lot easier to understand. Therefore, this would be a good opportunity to help other people struggling with school work and make learning an exciting and enjoyable activity!

Spencer $40-50/hr

BSc Computing/Education - Derby

Thus far in my career I have primarily focused on 'Games Design'. As I have a passion for computing that reflects in my manor and enthusiasm for the subject. With the ability to make even complex subject matter relevant and understandable to my students.

Martin $40-50/hr

Engineer degree - University of Economics

I am willing and happy to explain things from different angles.
Everytime trying to look trough the eyes of beginner, because it's not important not knowing the things, important is the will to do better and I also believe, in whatever subject you are trying to improve, key to success is interest in the begining and satisfaction along the process to keep you going further.

Jenny $40-50/hr

Maths and Computing - Imperial College London

Having just finished education myself, not only is the knowledge of the subjects still there but also the knowledge of what learning is like. I can empathise with students and help them solve problems in a way that suits them rather than just providing textbook answers.

I have experience with one-on-one tutoring iGCSE Computing and A Level Maths (ages 15 and 17), as well as leading JavaScript sessions with around thirty children aged 8-15 for the past two years. This has taught me how to explain things well and work with children and teens of a variety of ages and skill levels.

I am a friendly but firm tutor. I recognise that different people have different learning styles and believe that I can adapt to suit these, keeping sessions interactive to maintain my tutees interest and enthusiasm.

Andrew $40-50/hr

Computer Science - University of Cambridge

At college I was part of tutoring programme, helping the first year A level students. In addition throughout this time I also received tutoring for my qualifications so I understand the needs and requirements of a tutee. Throughout the past few years I have also attended many events such as the Young Rewired State Festival of Code where I tutored children aged 10-16 with web development.

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