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199 total hours

177 hours in IB Economics

Ignacio $46/hr

M.Sc. in Economics (c) - Private Bolivian University

Pamoja Teacher
IB Extended Essay Tutor
IB Examiner
IB Economics HL & SL Teacher
Undergraduate Economics

Ignacio's last completed IB Economics job with Max:

1-2 hrs/week - Hello. I'm a parent and I am looking for tutoring in Math Analysis SL and Econ HL for our 11th grader. The idea would be to do 2 hours per week. Thanks for your information and credentials. Kind regards

Ignacio's last review in IB Economics from James:

Great to see you again, I can feel myself getting more knowledgeable every lesson! thank you!

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147 total hours

100 hours in IB Economics

David $65/hr

Business Information Innovation - RMIT

My passion is to develop in students a commitment to their own life long learning and develop the associated skills to achieve their aspirations.

In tutoring, my goal is to support students to achieve to the best of their ability by helping them understand their role in learning, supporting them to develop the necessary subject specific skill competencies as well as content understanding.

Recent students have achieved over 80% in their university entrance exams with just a few sessions including some focus on exam preparation as well as content. Another student with a commitment to her own success achieved a 7 in IB Business Management with one on one teaching over only one year, where I coached her to develop and apply her learning to achieve her desired results. In 2020, through Spires I coached a student for a few months on her Business Management IA which facilitated her to reach a 7!

In the initial free meeting, I will help students to identify and plan their learning goals, then coach them to achieve those goals in future lessons. I also seek to engage with parents from the beginning to ensure students have as many levels of support for their learning as possible.

David's last completed IB Economics job with Annabelle :

1-2 hrs/week - I am studying IB HL Economics online through distance education, with Pamoja Education. I am looking for some personal assistance to clarify the concepts and review my assessments, on an ongoing basis (1-2 times a week). I am struggling to understand the content due to the lack of interaction. Not all of the material is covered in our zoom classes, so I may need to be taught some concepts.

David's last review in IB Economics from Annabelle :

Final preparation for the end of year exam on Micro and Macro We had a final 2 hour lesson to review the last bits of content before my yearly exam tomorrow. We reviewed topics that I had a bit of trouble with, and cleared them up so I understood them. Thanks for all of your help!

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491 total hours

33 hours in IB Economics

Trevor $65-75/hr

Business and Economics - Nottingham University

I passionately believe in students achieving their potential and enjoy the role of personal tutoring to further aid students learning. I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business and Economics (2:1) and have worked for a number of large organisations offering a variety of depth and experience. Online tutoring is about helping students form around the world to access education via the platform of the internet, to help them succeed at their studies. Firstly, I like to make an initial meeting to understand the needs and objectives of the personal tutoring before developing a detailed plan of the outline of personal tutoring support. I am keen to ensure that both parents and students alike are happy with the service and will accommodate additional requests. I like to ensure that the learner is both enthused and engaged in the tutoring sessions and have a range of resources and assessment techniques.

Subjects and levels taught:
Economics: A Level and GCSE (Pearson, AQA and OCR)
Business Studies: A Level and GCSE (Pearson, AQA, OCR and WJEC)
BTEC Business: Level 2 and Level 3
Cambridge Technicals: Level 2 and Level 3

Trevor's last completed IB Economics job with Bryn:

1-2 hrs/week - I am struggling with section 2: Macroeconomics.

Trevor's last review in IB Economics from Dirk :

Went through the whole syllabus and Trevor was able to answer every question I had with an in depth response :)

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16 total hours

16 hours in IB Economics

Jenny $60-70/hr

Master, Bachelor of Science and Qualified Teacher Status - University of Cambridge, UCL, La Trobe, University of Surrey

I have over 12 years teaching and tutoring experience in a face-to-face and online environment. I have tutored students with all kinds of abilities and I always ensured that they build on their learning performance and skillset.

I know how to tutor effectively and I always prepare my sessions well so that my students get the most out of it.

Jenny 's last completed IB Economics job with Cameron:

Occasional - Hi, enquiry re Economics tutoring for a current Y12 IB Economics SL student (Sydney, Australia)... looking for help to improve my daughter's responses from Grade 6 to Grade 7... so reviewing her past exam responses to improve correctness, completeness, quality and depth is what we are after I believe. Past students not really up to this part for her... your background seems far more relevant... so hoping you might be able to help please with discussing/reviewing her responses? Can easily email (DropBox files link) you her recent past exam responses to get started. Thanks, Gordon.

Jenny 's last review in IB Economics from James:

First Meeting - Discussion on Learning Targets It was a first chat and went very well. Need to make decisions.

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9 total hours

6 hours in IB Economics

Polina $65-75/hr

International Relations, International Economics, Education - Johns Hopkins University, Empire State College, Binghamton University

I have been tutoring private clients for more than 10 years in IB Economics, Business Management, Study skills and Math.

Polina's last completed IB Economics job with Xarlasht Asad:

1-2 hrs/week - We three (3) parents looking are looking for following tutoring help:

Student 1 & 2
Grade 11 IBDP
2 hours per week per student – Evenings
These two students require tutoring on regular basis

Student 3
Grade 12 IBDP
Math, Econ and English (English Language and Literature) – 10 hours each
This student requires exam prep so preferably teachers who are IB examiners etc.

Could you please let us know the availability as well as rates?


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262 total hours

3 hours in IB Economics

Adam $52/hr

Economics and Managment - University of Oxford

I have considerable experience tutoring before for both in-person and online

Over the years , I have spent hundreds of hours teaching ambitious people just like you, who are not getting the support they need in school to achieve their goals

Consequently, I appreciate that every student learns at their own pace and their own style. Some learn best visually, others through analogy

That's why I take the time to speak with you and learn your specific goals, challenges and learning styles

I then tailor my lessons to maximise your progress and help secure the grades you want!

Adam's last completed IB Economics job with Leone :

1-2 hrs/week - A my first year as an IB student (Grade 11), Economics is one of my higher level subjects. At first it didn't present itself too difficult and I was able to grasp the fundamental of the subject. However, as I progressed into more complex sub topics, I began to struggle. I feel that there are some gaps in my understanding that hinder me to advance comfortably. My last summative test didn't go so well, scoring a 4. I fell that I could do better with some assistance. I am willing to dedicated as much time needed to further my understanding. Thank You.

Adam's last review in IB Economics from Kenji:

Go over exam technique and content for past paper sent over In this class Mr. Adam guided me on answering a past paper and asked how I would answer the question. Because I was given an opportunity to explain my train of thought, and it got me to think more and was helpful in understanding my shortcomings so it was a good class.

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3 total hours

3 hours in IB Economics

Donald $45-55/hr

B.A. History. MA Education. - Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University

23 years experience as a classroom teacher in US public schools and overseas international schools.

Donald's last completed IB Economics job with Paula:

Occasional - Please let me know if you have time to provide in person and written feedback for a draft IB Economics Extended Essay.

I am looking for an experienced tutor who has served as an IB Econ EE Advisor for many students.

Thank you!

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16 total hours

2 hours in IB Economics

Izabela $60-70/hr

MSc in International Business and Economics - Coventry University

I have over 10 years of tutoring experience.

Having tutored for several years, I am familiar with all major exam boards (Edexcel, OCR, AQA, CIE, IB,) and for University level, the general structure/format of exams that institutions typically set. I employ a pragmatic style that really delivers results and I generally look to improve grades by at least 2-grade boundaries, with the majority of my students receiving the top grade possible.

Furthermore, while many tutors may very well offer tuition regarding the material - I also pride myself on being able to help students with the other, less tangible skills required such as Exam technique and, crucially, Confidence. I feel this adds a huge amount of value and can impact grades significantly given the "it's how you perform on the day" factor. For those students who are at all panicked, nervous or worried by looming exams, I will ensure that this is no longer an issue by exam day.

Izabela 's last completed IB Economics job with Kenji:

1-2 hrs/week - I am currently in DP2. I am struggling to grasp the key details throughout the course, such as understanding the factors of consumer spending and how it links in with other factors. I need to understand the right study method as well as answering exam style questions in a deep and structured way.

Izabela 's last review in IB Economics from Kenji:

It was the first time to have an online tutor so I'm not sure how it usually goes, but my tutor today was very nice and explained the topics very easily for me to understand.

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1 hour

1 hour

Rebecca $55-65/hr

Qualified Teacher - University of Brighton & Loughborough University

From my 7 years experience as a teacher for Business and Economics students I know how tutoring can provide you the tailored support you are looking for; whether you are finding the subject a challenge or whether you want extensions to help you prepare for applications to the top universities. I have many resources to share with you that will help you in the areas you need.

I am an experienced examiner, having completed marking series with AQA, IB and OCR both at GCSE and A Level. Therefore, I would be able to offer you specific insights and tips when preparing for your exams or internal assessments. If you want to understand the assessment objectives better then I can help ensure your hard work and understanding in the subject converts into the marks and grades you deserve.

I like to do things differently. Economics and Business are about real life so it’s important we use interesting case studies that you will be able to relate to. As a dyslexic myself I have many tips and tricks I like to use which I can share with you, as well as providing guidance on how to plan and write essays.

Rebecca 's last completed IB Economics job with Max:

1-2 hrs/week - Hello. I'm a parent and I am looking for tutoring in Math Analysis SL and Econ HL for our 11th grader. The idea would be to do 2 hours per week. Thanks for your information and credentials. Kind regards

Rebecca 's last review in IB Economics from Max:

Initial free meeting. I am happy to discuss implications of your son doing Maths Applications SL. Looking forward to speaking with you. Rebecca Great introductory meeting.

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576 total hours

Chris $85-95/hr

Politics, Philosophy and Economics - University of Oxford

I have studied a BA in PPE, and also have an MA in Politics as well as an MSc in Economics. I have a knack for grinding down on complex problems until they look easy, and I love doing this with students and watching how things start to make sense to them. As regards language teaching: I am a German native speaker. What I think is even more important, though, is that I have learned several languages, both in school, but also since, in my free time (including French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian), so I am well aware of how students learn languages and which aspects may be less intuitive than others.

Chris's last completed IB Economics job with Edward:

Intensive - Diagrams.

Chris's last review in IB Economics from Edward:

Having a chat about specific issues and goals, and how we'll tackle them. So far so good...

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