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5.0 1733 hours in IB Economics


M.Sc. in Economics (c) - Private Bolivian University

Pamoja Teacher IB Extended Essay Tutor IB Examiner IB Economics HL & SL Teacher Undergraduate Economics
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Recent Students: 46 Total Hours: 1829
All-time Students: 179 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023


5.0 199 hours in IB Economics


BBA - Mahidol University International College

Total experience to date: I have approximately taught and delivered around 5,000 hours of 1:1 tutorials since 2016. I have been a tutor for the past six years. I have taught economics, English literature, business studies, and geography extensively in the IB, A-levels and IGCSE syllabus. I have also taught and helped students prepare for their foundation university exams and helped prep with college essays. Tutoring for these courses has been done from high school to the bach...
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Recent Students: 47 Total Hours: 676
All-time Students: 62 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023


5.0 130 hours in IB Economics


Business and Economics - University of Cambridge, UCL

· Pamoja online teacher education · IB SL teacher · IB HL teacher · IB examiner · IB extended essay supervisor · Qualified teacher status (QTS), UK · Outstanding Teacher Award – Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted, UK) · Academic coach/ learning coach – study skills
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Recent Students: 5 Total Hours: 145
All-time Students: 19 Last Online: 05 Jun 2023


5.0 57 hours in IB Economics


Business and Economics - Nottingham University

I passionately believe in students achieving their potential and enjoy the role of personal tutoring to further aid students learning. I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business and Economics (2:1) and have worked for a number of large organisations offering a variety of depth and experience. Online tutoring is about helping students form around the world to access education via the platform of the internet, to help them succeed at their studies. Firstly, I like to make an in...
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Recent Students: 8 Total Hours: 1084
All-time Students: 97 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023


5.0 48 hours in IB Economics


Economics - University College London (UCL)

Experience: In addition to offering tuition to students for the last 10 years, I also worked as a tutor in Explore Learning and Kumon. I helped to create a friendly atmosphere for students to increase their enthusiasm towards education and thereby enhance their performance. This was an extremely valuable experience as I observed how my contributions lead to the development of their school lives. I also volunteered at the Oxford Central Library for the Summer Reading Challeng...
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Recent Students: 11 Total Hours: 198
All-time Students: 14 Last Online: 05 Jun 2023


4.5 29 hours in IB Economics


Economics BA Honours Degree - University of Liverpool

15 years teaching - I specialise in Economics and Business Studies and Well-known for my passion, patience and enthusiasm. As an experienced IB and A-Level/GCSE examiner I can offer expertise in exam technique, Internal Assessment and the Extended Essay.
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Recent Students: 3 Total Hours: 44
All-time Students: 9 Last Online: 05 May 2023


5.0 18 hours in IB Economics


Economics - Portsmouth

Phil is an exceptional teacher who is able to make the subjects of economics and business come alive by relating concepts to the real world making them much easier for students to understand. He has taught for the last 20 years in South East Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East at renowned international schools. He has tutored many students in IB/A Level and IGCSE subjects including other subjects such as History and Travel & Tourism. Phil is a spcialist in teaching stud...
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Recent Students: 12 Total Hours: 49
All-time Students: 12 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023


5.0 15 hours in IB Economics


Political Economy - IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

I have taught and tutored for more than ten years at various schools and universities. I taught politics and sociology at the Central European University and later Corvinus University. I worked at the International American School of Warsaw, teaching Economics, Business Management, TOK, and English, before taking up an offer at ELAB Education Laboratory where I teach various IB subjects (Psychology, Geography, TOK) and SAT test prep. I have been tutoring IB subjects (mostly ...
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Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 15
All-time Students: 1 Last Online: 30 Mar 2023


5.0 14 hours in IB Economics


Economics and Economic History - London School of Economics

I've been tutoring for 5 years across several subjects - Maths, Economics and History. Teaching is my passion; having myself experienced the transformational impact a great teacher can have, I love to do the same for others, building their confidence and understanding of the subject so they can realise their potential. Rather than rote-learning from the textbook, I encourage and push my tutees to engage with the subject, equipping them to excel independently in the future. I...
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Recent Students: 4 Total Hours: 111
All-time Students: 11 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023


5.0 12 hours in IB Economics


Economics - Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

Here is a brief list of courses I have taught students from different universities! BBK: Economics for Managers (Farzanesh) DCU: Mathematics (Weronika) ESADE: Macroeconomics, Quantitative Methods (Charlotte, Ebba) ESIC: Mathematics (Sofia) EHL Hospitality: Macroeconomics (Adrien) Erasmus University Rotterdam: BT1204 Mathematics (Bruno) ICBS: BUS170161 Advanced Macroeconomics (Silvana) JHU: International Economics (Kateryna) KCL: 7QQMM200, 5QQMN937, 5QQMN938 KBS: BUSN8021, BU...
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Recent Students: 77 Total Hours: 1384
All-time Students: 165 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023

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