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384 total hours

20 hours in IB

Shahid $75-85/hr

MSc - Manchester

I estimate I have at least 6000 hours of experience, having been a tutor since 2011. I initially started teaching Maths and Physics to Engineering students at University and I gradually expanded into secondary school level tuition. I have worked full time as a tutor since 2012 and during that time I have taught Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering.

I have taught A Levels, IGCSE/GCSE, IB, Pre-U, AP and I have covered nearly every exam board including Edexcel, OCR, AQA, WJEC. All of my students are seeking to get into top Univeristies.
What makes me a good tutor is my ability to break down a subject and cover it in a particular order so that a student who might not have a good understanding can understand how to progress through the topics. It doesn't hurt that I have a sense of humour and make my lessons actually fun and enjoyable.

Shahid's last completed IB job with Era: Intensive - I am doing physics IB SL and I am struggling very much, I need to achieve a level 5 on my IB exams this may.

Shahid's last review in IB from Rikardo: Go over IA and recommend corrections, explain theory if needed poor comment on written work

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93 total hours

20 hours in IB

Dr Carl $50-60/hr

Chemistry - Durham University

Relatively new to the Spires platform, I'm a qualified chemistry teacher holding a Master's, a Doctorate and with over 15 years’ professional and industry experience working in chemistry

I have established an excellent reputation for helping students gain more confidence and achieve exam success. Every summer, over 80 % of my students achieve top grades and go on to study highly-competitive degrees such as medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine at Oxbridge and Russell group universities.

With examining experience for GCSE, A level and International Baccalaureate Diploma chemistry, I have a wealth of tips and strategies to improve exam technique and ensure exam success.

Now a successful online tutor, over the last 4 years I have delivered nearly 4,000 hours of tuition to students in 16 different countries. As a full-time tutor, I am 100% committed to my students' success and guarantee a reliable and professional service.

I provide high-quality resources (revision notes and booklets of past paper questions) matched to each specification at no additional cost.

Dr Carl's last completed IB job with Aniela: 1-2 hrs/week - I will be having my IB exams next year and I'm looking to get a 6-7. I am currently on a 5 but I'm really not confident and have been quite lost for a while now.

Dr Carl's last review in IB from Sandra: Very helpful

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46 total hours

11 hours in IB

Olivia $45-55/hr

Medieval History - University of Oxford

My secondary education was comprised of the IB Diploma, in which I received the full 3 bonus points and graduated with a commendation. I am familiar with IB Higher Level and Standard Level curricula, but also able to tutor A-Levels and GCSE.

I completed my undergraduate degree in History at King`s College London and graduated with a distinguished First, being awarded the Elizabeth Levett Memorial Prize in History for the highest mark on a BA or MA dissertation. My interests are far-ranging and cover 20th-century world affairs, Tudors, Stewarts, and the early modern period in England, and the medieval world. I wrote two extended theses in this period, both of which received marks over 70.

In 2016 I received a Masters in History from the University of Oxford, with an emphasis on medieval history and textual history including book production and medieval script, and produced an thesis of 25,000 words. I have had papers accepted at multiple conferences around the country and am available for proofreading and editing as well as subject tutoring.

Olivia's last completed IB job with Flavia: Intensive - I am struggling with strategizing my revision for the IBDP History HL exam. (for example, I am looking for a tutor who knows the IB and who can help me strategize what war and leaders I should know in greater details than the rest). Also, I need help to get a 7 in P1 and essay structure for P2,3.

I am currently at a 4/5 and I need to secure a 6 for my conditional university offer.

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10 total hours

8 hours in IB

Dario $50-60/hr

Computer Science - The University of Manchester

What you can expect from tutorials with me:

Concise, clear explanations: You will end each tutorial confident in your understanding of the topic. You will be able to answer related exam questions, apply concepts in coursework assignments and see how different topics fit in the greater picture.

A tailored program: Whether you want to spend time revising a particular topic, practicing exam questions or discussing a particular topic more in depth, tutorials will be designed to suit your needs.

An hands on approach: At the end of each tutorial, I will send you further material to practice and revise the material covered. Ahead of the following tutorial, I will then correct your work and provide useful feedback. This can take the form of written questions, past papers, programming assignments, etc.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Dario's last completed IB job with Yemi: 1-2 hrs/week - Hello, I'm considering an online tutor for my daughter. She studies IB computer science HL and is in year 13. I think it may help boost her confidence for exam prep. How much will an online tutor cost?

Dario's last review in IB from Yemi: Dario's lessons have really improved both my knowledge and confidence in computer science and I would definitely reccomend him to anyone looking to improve in either of these aspects for computer science!

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53 total hours

6 hours in IB

Jennifer $45-55/hr

History - Oxford University

I am a friendly, experienced tutor who can help you improve your skills and your grades.

In History and English, essay-writing skills and exam techniques are crucially important, and that's what most students really need help with. I can help you learn and revise content, but more importantly I'll build your skills so you're not dependent on me.

I believe in a stress-free tutoring environment, so always feel free to ask me questions - that's what will help you learn!

I am also available to proofread coursework - having written roughly 75 essays and two theses in the last four years, I've had plenty of practice! I've also tutored students with coursework for several different exam boards in both History and English.

For friendly, effective help - I'm your girl!

Jennifer's last completed IB job with Antoine: Intensive - Extended Essay- Final Draft on the B-A boundary but I want to improve it so that it will definitely get an A.

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152 total hours

6 hours in IB

Georgie $45-55/hr

Distinction - King's College London

She finds that academic success is best achieved when students are really engaged with their subject. Georgie enables her tutees to get the grades they want but also teaches students to read deeply; skills which will benefit them throughout their education and later life. She finds that such a focus also helps students develop lateral thinking methods, important for Oxbridge interview.

She has wide experience teaching a range of subjects and syllabuses - from Primary to Undergraduate. She is experienced with a range of exam boards including Edexcel, AQA, Pre-U, OCR and WJEC.

Georgie's last completed IB job with Samantha : Intensive - Need help to enhance draft EE (Topic: Allegory and Metaphors in Animal Farm)

Georgie's last review in IB from Samantha : IB extended essay on "How does George Orwell use animal anthropomorphism and allegory to explain human motivation?" Georgie is very prompt, thorough, knowledgeable. She was given short notice, yet she delivers! Can't thank her enough!

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56 total hours

5 hours in IB

Frederick $45-55/hr

Ancient History - University of Oxford

I've loved Classics since I was 10, when I wanted to become an actor or the world's greatest Classicist. I can't claim to be the world's greatest, but it was a dream to go to Oxford University and study for a Master's degree.

During my studies, I tutored undergraduate students in Latin, whilst also tutoring GCSE students in London. I have also worked with 4-18 year-olds in Hong Kong teaching history, English and Latin. Since joining Spires, I have tutored students in Philosophy, Religious Education, Latin, and Academic Writing, achieving five star ratings across the board. I also have plenty of experience tutoring online with other organisations, and have an excellent record of bumping up grades at GCSE, A Level and Degree level studies.

I am incredibly patient, clear, friendly and enthusiastic. I have a wealth of knowledge about the Ancient World, a thousand interesting stories, and most importantly, I love to teach.

Frederick's last completed IB job with m: Intensive -

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50 total hours

4 hours in IB

Stephanie $45-55/hr

Classics and English, English Literature 1550-1700, English - University of Oxford (BA, MSt); University of Fribourg (PhD)

I'm an enthusiastic teacher with lots of experience working with young people of different ages and abilities. As well as tutoring English, Latin and Classics to students from primary to degree level, I've taught drama to teenagers and English at IB summer schools. I'm familiar with the AQA, OCR, Edexcel and WJEC exam boards. I believe that I've got the creativity, organisation and communication skills that make a good tutor, as well as specialised knowledge and heaps of enthusiasm!

Stephanie's last completed IB job with Dauood: 1-2 hrs/week - hello I just need extra help with my SL Eng Lit in IB

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51 total hours

4 hours in IB

Tabitha $40-50/hr

Classics - University of Cambridge

I have experience tutoring several students online in Latin, and in person in Latin and Greek. I also worked full-time for three months teaching English as a second language to children from the ages of 3 to 17.

Tabitha's last completed IB job with m: Intensive -

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102 total hours

3 hours in IB

Sasha $40-50/hr

Modern Languages - University of Oxford

I have taught everything from music theory to English as far afield as New York and Madagascar, in classrooms, 1-to-1 and online. I have a Congratulatory First in Modern Languages from Oxford and have been tutoring a range of subjects for the last 9 years. I also have experience of living, working and studying in both France and Germany. Although my style of teaching is friendly and laid-back, I take immense pleasure from academic achievement and from inspiring others to achieve their academic goals.

Sasha's last completed IB job with Dauood: 1-2 hrs/week - I need extra help with French IB

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