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223 total hours

Sasha $55-65/hr

Modern Languages - University of Oxford

I have taught everything from music theory to English as far afield as New York and Madagascar, in classrooms, 1-to-1 and online. I have a Congratulatory First in Modern Languages from Oxford and have been tutoring a range of subjects for the last 9 years. I also have experience of living, working and studying in both France and Germany. Although my style of teaching is friendly and laid-back, I take immense pleasure from academic achievement and from inspiring others to achieve their academic goals.

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27 total hours

Jessica $40-50/hr

English Language and Literature - University of Oxford

I think I make a good tutor as I truly understand what it is like to come from an educational background that provides little help to be the best that you can be. I am a trained peer supporter so know how to listen to you effectively and actually understand the problems you face! I also do like english a lot, even if it can be a hard subject - I do really enjoy tasks such as close reading or proof reading!!

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63 total hours

PHILLIPPA $45-55/hr

Music - University of Oxford

I have 14 YEARS of TEACHING EXPERIENCE. This has encompassed ALL AGES (preschool to adults) and abilities (BEGINNER to POSTGRADUATE). Subjects I've taught are: GCSE & A Level (Music, Business Studies, Media Studies, Maths), British Primary School Curriculum (Maths, English), Admissions Tests (11+, 12+, 13+, 16+, SAT, GRE), American Elementary School Curriculum (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, etc.), Preschool (Numeracy & Literacy), English proficiency tests (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge YLE), Business English, Academic Writing/Composition & Presentations, English Conversation, Grammar, University & Job Applications, Project-Based Learning (PBL), Music Theory & Analysis, Improvisation & Jazz, Saxophone, & Piano. Additionally, I have worked in all kinds of SETTINGS at both public & private primary & secondary schools, universities, adult learning centres, cram schools, businesses, within the home (as a residential home school & a private tutor) and online (to students worldwide). In addition, I have served as the Head of English & PBL at a private elementary & junior high school, as the Academic Director of a test prep centre, and have provided educational consultancy & tutor training to Oxford's oldest tutorial college.

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Jasmine $58/hr

BMus Honours - Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

I like to make learning a language an enjoyable experience, whether that be French or English. I believe it should be fun, satisfying, exciting and mainly conversational, alongside the study of grammar, writing and reading. I have the ability to adjust my teaching method in order to suit the learner, as I believe everybody comes at languages from a different angle, some from an aural perspective and others from a more grammatical understanding. It is important for me to understand the learners' approach so I can help them fully immerse in the subject. I believe that languages are a vital skill in this global world today and would love to help you improve and work towards fluency in either French or English.
Music tutoring; I tutor Music GCSE and A.S/A-Level, piano grades 1-7, voice (jazz/pop), composition and music theory levels 1-5.
I believe ultimately the study of music should be fun and fulfilling and that the fundamental basics of music (e.g. scales/understanding of harmony & theory/listening skills/analytical skills) are required in order to progress with excellence. Musical examinations are not essential in order to be a great musician, but they do help one improve technique, precision and theory. GCSE and A-level music may well be necessary in order to study music at university level, particularly at music conservatoires. I consider music to be mainly about training the ear and playing with meaning and expression.

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Peter $40-50/hr

Engineering Science - University of Oxford

I am a driven individual who is dedicated to helping those students who want an Oxbridge place, for physics or engineering, to get one. I am no pushover. I will ask you challenging questions and make sure that you are outside of your intellectual comfort zone, to coerce from you your very best performance when it is needed.

Rhiannon $35-45/hr

Modern and Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge

I am a CELTA-qualified teacher, English native speaker and Masters graduate with a broad range of teaching experience, including business English, teaching children and adults, exam preparation, intensive classes and project-based learning. I have taught various levels and class sizes and am skilled at adapting my methods to individual learners. In addition to English, I have taught French, German and Russian, all of which I speak at a C1/C2 level.

In a number of teaching roles, including my current one teaching adult refugees, I have gained experience with a wide range of learner groups and teaching approaches. Having worked sometimes with pre-set curricula but often with the freedom to design my own curriculum, I have built up experience in creating learning programmes that teach and assess material in an engaging, memorable and meaningful way. As a volunteer for online high school Sky School, where I've helped to build the 'English for Changemakers' module, I've gained an insight into how distance education works, what platforms are available for it, and how it can be made impactful for learners.

Tim $40-50/hr

Music - University of Oxford

Whilst studying at school and university I've given individual music lessons on the piano, saxophone and organ. I've spent the last three years perfecting my essay writing skills writing almost 150 tutorial essays in my time at university. I've helped various family friends through the UCAS process as well. Helping people make the best impression of themselves in their work and applications is something I feel passionately about. I have an eye for detail and a love of sharing knowledge and learning.

Joseph $40-50/hr

History and Modern Languages - University of Oxford

I've been teaching and tutoring for five years now, with experience in universities, language schools and one-on-one tutoring agencies. My interest in languages means I know what it's like to learn one and can explain things in a way that makes sense. I've studied Russian at undergraduate and postgraduate level and have lived in Russia for three of the last four years, so I have a lot of knowledge of and enthusiasm for the language, the literature and the country which makes learning for my students not just useful but fun.

Aleta $40-50/hr

Modern Languages - University of Oxford

I worked as a tutor in the past for students in school, covering everything from basic maths to complex Spanish grammar. My greatest skill as a tutor is helping students break down a subject into its component parts. When a student can clearly visualize all the parts of a problem, they can tackle it piece by piece. Breaking down a book, a language, or a maths problem into smaller manageable portions is one of the best ways I have been able to teach my students to tackle their most challenging subjects. I help students learn new ways of approaching school work; no matter how difficult it may seem, it is always possible to learn something new!

Krista $40-50/hr

History - University of Oxford

I studied at Oxford University and graduated with First Class Honours in History. Currently, I am studying a Master's in Law, Business and Management. I will be starting work as a lawyer at an international commercial law firm in London in August. I am passionate about learning and love to help. I enjoyed my History degree and would be happy to share my interest in the subject with students. I'm certain that my experience and passion for the subject will help you do excellently. Editing and proofreading both my own and others' work is something that I enjoy and do very frequently. I'm confident that I can help you get the best possible grade for your assignment through this process, as well as give you tips and comments that will help you write effectively in the future. I am also especially interested in aiding people who are in the process of applying to university.

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