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Professional Online Aeronautical Engineering Tutors

All of our high quality online aeronautical engineering tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Aeronautical Engineering tutor Benjamin
Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering, University of Cambridge

Experienced and highly qualified tutor with a friendly and personalised approach tailored to each student. I specialise in Maths and Physics at A-level, engineering support including Matlab at undergraduate and graduate levels, and university admissions preparation.

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919 hours taught
professional online Aeronautical Engineering tutor Andrew
Mechanical Engineering, University of Portsmouth

I was a qualified chartered engineer when I returned to Higher Education. I subsequently spent nearly 30 years as a university lecturer teaching a range of engineering subjects including Stress Analysis, Dynamics, Design and Computer Aided Design. I have had considerable experience of “real life” engineering and I combine this into the academic side where ever possible. This helps to show students why it is necessary to master certain topics and puts essential parts of the “puzzle” in place, facilitating a fuller and faster learning.

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professional online Aeronautical Engineering tutor Hamid
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, University of Birmingham

Best Teacher Awardee 2022 and a Multilingual Chartered Engineer/Lecturer From a Russell Group University.

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124 hours taught
professional online Aeronautical Engineering tutor Mohammadreza
Mechanical/Chemical Engineering, University of Leeds

I am a highly experienced private tutor in a variety of engineering subjects. I did my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and my BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering, and now, I am working as a researcher and lecturer at the university.
I love Engineering subjects, Mathematics, and Physics and I like to keep this passion through teaching.
I am a dedicated tutor who loves teaching and cares about the satisfaction of the students.

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176 hours taught
professional online Aeronautical Engineering tutor Sung in
Aerospace Engineering, KAIST and Queen's University Belfast

First-Hand Experienced University Lecturer in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
PhD in Aerospace Engineering from KAIST (PhD)
Fellow of the Advance HE (Higher Education Academy) (FHEA)
Chartered Engineer as a Member of IMechE (CEng)

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21 hours taught
professional online Aeronautical Engineering tutor shirin
PhD, Imperial College London

Expert in Online Tutoring undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level in Civil and Structural Engineering.

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92 hours taught
professional online Aeronautical Engineering tutor Sanober
Engineering, De Montfort University of Leicester, UK

PhD qualified in Engineering, with 8+ years teaching and research experience.

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professional online Aeronautical Engineering tutor Joseph
Information and Computer Engineering, Cambridge University

Experienced Cambridge Engineering PhD candidate, with a first-class masters degree. I have over 200 hours of experience and enjoy passing on my excitement for Maths and Physics to my students. I have experience preparing many students for University entrance exams.

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professional online Aeronautical Engineering tutor Nick
PhD (Physics), London

After obtaining 12 O levels, 5 A levels and 2 S levels at School I obtained a first-class honours degree in Physics and Mathematics and a PhD in Physics from London University. I have taught in a University, numerous schools and currently tutor online to many students.

I am a very experienced tutor and examiner who has helped numerous students of all abilities in Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and Chemistry. I have been a lecturer and teacher for over 30 years and tutored students online for over 3000 hours and been awarded the best online tutor of a major tutoring company.

I am friendly, compassionate and approachable. I am passionate about education, always striving for the best in every student, allowing them to reach their maximum potential. I tutor 13+, 16+, GCSE, IGCSE, IB, A Level, STEP, NSAA, MAT, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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Recent Aeronautical Engineering Tutor Class Reviews

Hamid - Saqib- Aeronautical Engineering - Undergraduate
21st November 2023
Class was great
Mazhar - loukas- Aeronautical Engineering - University
12th September 2023
I have worked with Mazhar several times and I have to say his professionalism is outstanding. He always comes prepared to the meetings in order not to waste time. I would definitely work with him again.
Yaser - Fatma- Aeronautical Engineering - Undergraduate
3rd September 2023
He explained everything in details and made sure I understood everything. I would definitely go back to him if I have any other questions
Matteo - Dinko- Aeronautical Engineering - Undergraduate
7th June 2023
it was very informative
Matteo - Sam- Aeronautical Engineering - Undergraduate
8th May 2023
Great, was very easy to follow
Ehsan - Dauood- Aeronautical Engineering - Undergraduate
30th July 2022
Capable of explaining and provides true understanding to the maths. Also able to teach other topics such as fluid mechanics
Ehsan - Dauood- Aeronautical Engineering - Undergraduate
21st July 2022
Explains clearly and at a pace that is set by the student's understanding. Offers different approaches to one problem and does not miss steps in logic to solve questions that prevents confusion.
Benjamin - Jose - Aeronautical Engineering - Undergraduate
4th December 2021
Great, first session.
Benjamin - Carmelo- Aeronautical Engineering - University
2nd August 2021
Very helpful. As a non aeronautics student with a very specific ask, Ben has a tough job on his hands as I don't know what I don't know but we're making good progress.
Benjamin - Carmelo- Aeronautical Engineering - University
26th July 2021
Great start to a very complex topic. Session allowed us to align on my needs and I'm sure Ben will be able to help me with my understanding of this topic.

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Online Aeronautical Engineering Tutors FAQs

Why study Aeronautical Engineering?

Aeronautical engineering is a branch of aerospace engineering mainly concerned with aircraft design and general aviation. The field of aeronautical engineering deals with aspects such as the design, manufacture, and testing of aircraft.

Since aeronautical engineering is concerned with the design and development of aircraft, it includes topics such as civil aviation, military aviation, air transport, aerodynamics and bird flight. For students interested in these topics, aeronautical engineering could be a good subject.

However, this field is very competitive and very few students take this course nowadays. Yet, if you do well in it there are a number of career opportunities for aeronautical engineers that will make for a very happy and successful career path.

How Expert Aeronautical Engineering Tutoring Can Help You

Teachers will take the time to assess your starting point and then develop a personalised syllabus to work towards your objectives. Online classes will focus on your areas of weakness and on developing the confidence you need to achieve your goals. Lessons will also push students in areas that they are already comfortable in, encouraging constant improvement and developing positive learning habits.

Our online aerospace engineering tutors excel in tailoring sessions to individual needs. Whether addressing specific homework requests or delving deep into niche topics, the learning experience is always tailored. Transparency is a hallmark of Spires, and our pricing structure, catering to every level grade, is a testament to this ethos.

For those eager to get started, our platform’s user-centric design ensures swift browsing, selection, and scheduling with your chosen aerospace engineering tutor. As the aerospace realm continually evolves, our tutors ensure students remain updated with the latest news and field advancements.

While our aerospace engineering tutors are undoubtedly specialists, Spires’ expansive tutor network spans various disciplines. So, whether your interest lies in programming, another branch of engineering, or even broader academic pursuits, Spires is your academic ally.

In essence, for top-tier aerospace engineering tutoring, Spires is the destination. Our unwavering commitment to academic excellence, coupled with our vast tutor network, ensures every student is poised for success.

Why Choose Spires’ Tutoring?

We only hire 4% of the teachers that apply to Spires and they are all professional and experienced school and university level educators. Many have qualifications from top universities and institutions in the UK, USA, and around the world. All have a Ph.D., MSc, Ma, BSc, or Ba in their chosen field.

We have a lot of repeat students and you can check out the high star ratings our clients leave.

Because tutors set their rates via an auction system, our prices are more competitive than many other companies. Our online classroom is stable and fun to learn through. It has an interactive whiteboard and students can access recordings of classes at any time. They use webcam video chat when being taught.

Spires deals with all of the matching, scheduling, payments, and administration, we take all of the hassles out of organising support and allow students to focus purely on learning.

How Does Spires’ Aeronautical Engineering Tutoring Work?

You can find a professional tutor in four easy steps:

  1. Use the Find A Tutor feature to create a post outlining your needs and requirements. You can choose from subject, level, price, and expertise.
  2. Find your perfect tutor from our wide variety of skilled professors and educators. After you filter your search results using the Find A Tutor feature, you can choose to ‘view profile’ of the best choices for your needs.
  3. Have your face-to-face class. This can be done whenever and wherever you are, it’s all online – neither you nor the tutor travels!
  4. Replay the classes afterward for any missed information at your own pace and convenience.

Private help is that easy!

Does It Matter if the Tutor Is Near Me?

No, it doesn’t! It’s all done online whenever and wherever you are. All you have to do is pick your ideal mentor and speak to them to arrange the best time for you to have video lessons. It doesn’t matter at all if they are miles and miles (or kilometres and kilometres) away from you!

Aerospace engineering, a captivating blend of flight wonders and intricate design, beckons many. If this discipline intrigues you and you’re in search of an aerospace engineering tutor, Spires stands out as the premier platform. Delving into the reasons, our platform showcases a diverse array of engineering tutors. By accessing each tutor’s full profile, students can ensure they find the perfect academic companion, be it for secondary school or more advanced studies.

While our presence is robust with tutors in London, the beauty of our online platform is its reach. Students across the United Kingdom can seamlessly connect with top-tier aerospace engineering tutoring. Beyond the core curriculum, our engineering tutors often weave in related areas, such as programming, to offer a rounded educational experience.

Who Will My Teacher Be?

This is all up to you. You have a huge choice. You can look through our member tutor profiles, check student reviews and bids, their qualifications and backgrounds, hourly rates, hours taught, other subjects they teach – and even check out if they have many repeat students.

Then, communicate with your favourites to see if they are right for your needs and learning style. You can have a free video call by webcam, usually over Zoom. Then you pick the person you’d like to help with your studies and schedule your first webcam lesson!

How Many Aeronautical Engineering Tutors Are Available to Give Private Lessons?

We currently have over 16 Aeronautical Engineering Tutors with academic and professional experience specialising in a wide range of topics from GCSEs to postgraduate support, and everything in between.

What Qualifications Do Tutors Need?

All of our tutors must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree and have tutoring experience. Most have higher degrees on top of that, in specialised areas such as Master’s degrees or PhDs. All of our tutors are DBS checked or have had equivalent background checks.

What Is the Role of a Tutor?

It is their responsibility to guide you to understand the subject you have chosen. Using their expertise in the chosen topic and their teaching experience, they will help you to understand, analyse, and use the content of the lessons to apply at a later date, whether it is at your chosen university, your career, or in your day-to-day life.

How much does a private Aeronautical Engineering tutor cost per hour?

Tuition is priced according to level:

  1. School level: For Primary school, Secondary and Higher Education prices start at €25/hr
  2. University level: For Undergraduate and Postgraduate tuition, prices start at €35/hr
  3. Professional level: For Chartered Qualifications and Admissions Test tutoring, prices start at €45/hr.

The average price per hour ranges based on the tutors’ experience, expertise, and student’s level.

How Much Is an Aeronautical Engineering Tutor per Hour in London?

The average tutor price per hour is £40/$53/€45 depending on a teacher’s experience and students’ level of study. This is higher than other areas in the UK due to the increased living costs that come with London life.

What Happens When I Send a Message?

Once you’ve used the Find A Tutor feature to find your perfect Aeronautical Engineering tutor, you can contact them with any questions you might have or even meet in advance. A tutor should respond to you within 24 hours with an answer and the hours they are available. If your selected teacher isn’t able to fit you into their schedule, we will recommend others that fit your specifications. After a tutor replies, you can then schedule a free webcam meet, and if you are satisfied, you can go ahead and schedule your first lesson!

Can I Arrange Aeronautical Engineering Revision Help?

Yes, you can! Our database of Aeronautical Engineering teachers offers a wide range of specialisations and expertise. Just use the filter to search for Aeronautical Engineering tutors for your level and browse through available candidates. You can read their description and reviews as well as communicate with them about your needs before you schedule a lesson.

Do You Offer Aeronautical Engineering Admissions Help?

Yes, we do! Our database of Aeronautical Engineering teachers offers a wide range of tutors offering admissions help at various levels such as UCAS, Oxbridge Entrance, and even IELTS and TOEFL preparation for non-native speakers.

Can I Get Aeronautical Engineering Dissertation Help at the University Level?

Yes, you can! We have a selection of University-level tutors who can provide literature assignment help as well as admissions help and exam preparation. Just communicate with your tutor before telling them your specific needs.

Do You Offer Aeronautical Engineering Lessons for Adults?

Yes, we do! Our database of Aeronautical Engineering experts offers a wide range of specialisations and expertise. Just use the Find A Tutor feature to search for Aeronautical Engineering tutors for your level and browse through available candidates.

You can choose from a wide range of specialisations whether you are preparing for a university entrance exam, looking to advance your career, or just to brush up on your analytical and writing skills. We are confident you will be able to find what you are looking for from over a hundred professional academics in our network.

Is ‘Aeronautical Engineering Tutor Wanted’ a Suitable Title for My Advert?

Although this may not be the worst opening line, we strongly recommend that you give it some more thought. What do you need? What are you trying to achieve? Think about what level you are and what you need to improve on, whether you need help with GCSE level guidance or help with a University admissions letter, put it in your advert.

For example, a great opening for many of our clients could be: ‘Support required to help with Oxbridge Admissions Test’. The more details, the better the match!

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