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Professional Online Politics Tutors

All of our high quality online politics tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Politics tutor Huw
Soviet/Russian Politics and History, Oxford Brookes University

Experienced History, Politics, Research Methods Tutor and Proof-reader. Love to help my students with fun, interactive lessons. Happy to teach GCSE, IB, A-Level, Undergraduate and Postgraduate.

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1625 hours taught
professional online Politics tutor Dr Steve
Doctorate, University College London: Institute of Education; Postgraduate in Philosophy: Birkbeck College, University of London; MA in Design: UAL Central Saint Martins;

I have 26 years of experience in tutoring and supporting learners to achieve their goals. I have a strong knowledge of excellent academic practice, developing your understanding of the arguments, and sharpening your subject comprehension, critical thinking, and essay writing skills for examination and assessment. I convert complicated theories and paradigms into straightforward ideas, with practical worth, and impart useful advice to my clients.

I tutor KS3, GCSE/IGCSE, A-Level/IAL-Level, AP, CAIE/CIE, EPQ, IB, IPQ, PRE-U, and SQA Learners, Undergraduate, Postgraduate/Doctoral Students, Oxbridge Entrance/UCAS Personal Statement Applicants, and US Common App/Ivy Applicants, College Essay Students, and Professional Clients.

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8716 hours taught
professional online Politics tutor Yannis
PhD International Relations, University College London

Experienced tutor in International Relations, Political Science, and International Political Economy. I also teach courses on Qualitative Research Methods and Academic Writing.

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3911 hours taught
professional online Politics tutor Oliver
Philosophy Politics and Economics; MA in International Relations (with distinction); doctorate in British European policy, University of Oxford (undergraduate); University of Nottingham (postgraduate)

Former University Lecturer and textbook author delivering outstanding sessions in Politics, International Relations, History, qualitative methods, academic writing and personal statements. Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Member of The Tutors' Association and Enhance DBS checked.

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458 hours taught
professional online Politics tutor Sotirios
Sociology, University of Warwick
443 hours taught
professional online Politics tutor Chris
Politics, Philosophy and Economics, University of Oxford

Politics and Economics geek, enthusiastic explainer. I love showing people how interesting and fun these subjects can be when things become clear.

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646 hours taught
professional online Politics tutor Deirdre
Social Anthropology, University of Sussex

Anthropology PhD and University Lecturer

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744 hours taught
professional online Politics tutor Dr Georgia
PhD in International Relations / History, King's College London

PhD in International Relations / History
MA in European History
BA in History of Art / History / International Relations

QTS approved

Professional certificate: Business Management

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professional online Politics tutor anissa
International Relations, London School of Economics

Anissa is a Dr in International Relations (LSE) and an experienced academic, teacher, researcher, and editor with a background in academia and journalism

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453 hours taught
professional online Politics tutor Stacey
Education and International Development, UCL

Head of History and Politics and History examiner. I have twenty years experience of teaching at some of the most academic schools in both the UK and overseas. My aim is to inspire students to love my subjects as much as I do and achieve the very best grades possible.

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618 hours taught
professional online Politics tutor Fernanda
Politics , University of Florence (Italy) , University of Naples (Italy) , London School of Economics and Political Sciences (London-UK).

I am an experienced teacher of Politics, with specialism in UK and US, in Political Theory, Global Politics, International relations. My teaching is tailored to students' needs, and my students are of all ages, of all academic levels and from all backgrounds. Get in touch and I will help you to achieve your goals.

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professional online Politics tutor Philip
PhD Political Science & International Relations, The University of Queensland

Dr. Philip Moyle, a political science expert with a PhD from one of the world's top 50 universities, works now as a public sector consultant for a global consulting firm. His diverse experience spans academia, private industry, and consulting.

View Full Profile
113 hours taught

Recent Politics Tutor Class Reviews

Sotirios - Jaydon- Politics - A Level
22nd May 2024
Sotiris is an experienced teacher that is very effective and teach very well.
Philip - Edoardo- Politics - Undergraduate
20th May 2024
I was really happy with all information given and provided by Philip, it will help streamline my research and my writing
Leo - Abi- Politics - A Level
14th May 2024
great lesson for before my exams. helped go through concepts that I struggled with.
Philip - Marko- Politics - Undergraduate
9th May 2024
Had a great Class with Phillip, extremely useful and would definitely book another again!
Sotirios - Jaydon- Politics - A Level
8th May 2024
good consolidation lesson today
Huw - Oscar- Politics - A Level
10th April 2024
really useful to patch up on areas of uncertainty!
anissa - Talia- Politics - Undergraduate
12th March 2024
As usual, Anissa provided an amazing class and provided guidance to my essay !
Andreas - Sophia- Politics - University
8th March 2024
Excellent lively discussion. You can't get bored and Andreas is a very keen and attentive tutor. Highly recommend
Andreas - Hamza- Politics - A Level
4th February 2024
Yannis - Moon- Politics - Undergraduate
31st January 2024
Yannis is incredibly helpful - he knows exactly what kind of things a teacher expects, and is able to communicate ideas effectively. It was a huge relief working with him. He is very efficient at what he does and I appreciated his help greatly.

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FAQs For Online Politics Tutoring At Spires Online Tutors

Why Study Politics?

Pursuing politics can pave the way to myriad careers. Beyond the obvious roles of being a politician or local government officer, politics offers a springboard to diverse career trajectories. These include opportunities in the public sector, such as roles in the federal and local governments, non-profit organisations, and even positions that merge politics and history or politics and English.

Studying politics could also lead you to work in media campaign management, journalism for esteemed newspapers and magazines, or even teach politics at a university level. Careers in public relations, human resources, finance, and aid work frequently value a background in politics. Politics as an academic discipline extends far beyond the basic understanding of government structures; it delves into the intricacies of political theories, the history of political movements, and the practical implications of policy decisions. Tutors from Spires, many of whom have extensive experience in teaching politics at various levels, including GCSE, A-Level, and university, offer a unique perspective that can greatly enhance a student’s learning experience.

Can Studying Politics with a Politics Tutor Assist in Becoming a UK Politician?

Certainly! Deepening your understanding of politics through lessons from a politics tutor can be instrumental. Studying politics not only equips you with insights into global affairs but also bestows specific knowledge regarding international relations and the UK’s political milieu. While many assume degrees in political science or public administration are prerequisites for governmental roles, diverse educational backgrounds are found among politicians.

For those aiming to become politicians in the UK, studying politics with a level politics tutor is an invaluable step. These tutors, often with backgrounds in law, economics, and history, provide insights not just into the theoretical aspects of politics but also into the practicalities of political life in Britain. They help students understand the workings of institutions like the House of Commons, the nuances of British political history, and the interplay between law and politics.

Online politics tutoring has emerged as a powerful tool in this educational journey. Spires’ approach to online tutoring incorporates a range of techniques and resources, tailored to suit each student’s learning style. Whether it’s for A-Level politics, GCSE, or university-level studies, online tutoring offers flexibility and accessibility. Students can connect with experienced tutors from across the UK, including regions like London and Hampstead, or even with tutors who have studied at prestigious institutions like the University of Oxford.

How Can Expert Online Politics Tutoring Enhance My Understanding in Government Studies?

Engaging with Spires politics tutors offers personalised guidance tailored to your political aspirations. Whether you’re delving into A-level politics, GCSE politics, or exploring other politics subjects, tutoring zeroes in on areas needing improvement and nurtures confidence. Our politics tutors also challenge students in their strengths, fostering consistent growth and cultivating positive learning habits. Remember, experience matters; with years of experience, our politics tutors are adept at delivering impactful lessons.

Why Opt for Spires Online Tutors for specialised Politics Tutoring?

Choosing Spires for politics tutoring online is a commendable choice. Our politics tutors, with their years of experience, exhibit proficiency in teaching politics across various levels, encompassing GCSE, A-level, and even university degrees. Their profound knowledge encompasses not just politics but related areas like history, economics, and literature. The convenience of online politics lessons means students, whether undergoing homeschooling or otherwise, can connect with tutors from London to any other location. Our lessons are marked by interactivity, thanks to video chat and webcam functionalities. Furthermore, Spires simplifies the tuition experience by handling all administrative tasks. With competitive prices and interactive online politics lessons, students can concentrate solely on learning.

How Does Spires’ Online Politics Tutoring Work?

Spires’ online politics tutoring operates via a streamlined platform, bridging students and tutors. After pinpointing the politics tutor suiting your needs, you can establish contact to delineate your requirements and schedule sessions. All sessions, conducted via video chat, facilitate real-time tutor-student interactions. In four steps, you can align with an adept teacher online, beginning with outlining your prerequisites, selecting the ideal tutor based on bids and reviews, attending the scheduled online lesson, and subsequently revisiting politics lessons as needed.

How Many Online Politics Tutors Are Available to Give Private Lessons?

Currently, over 40 politics tutors are ready to impart invaluable politics lessons, covering topics from GCSEs to postgraduate endeavours. Understanding each student’s distinct requirements, our politics tutoring is inherently personalised. Whether you’re zooming in on a niche within politics, honing analytical prowess, or seeking coursework guidance, our tutors adapt their sessions accordingly. The diversity of online politics tutors available through Spires is impressive. These tutors come from various academic and professional backgrounds, including economics, philosophy, theology, and even science subjects like biology and physics. This interdisciplinary approach is particularly beneficial in politics, where understanding different perspectives and methodologies can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of political issues.

How Much Does a Private Tutor Cost per Hour at Different Levels?

Tuition rates differ based on levels:School: Rates for Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education commence at €25/hr.University: Undergraduate and Postgraduate tutoring starts at €35/hr.Professional: Rates for Chartered Qualifications and Admissions Test tutoring begin at €45/hr.The price range fluctuates based on tutors’ experience and the student’s academic level.

What is the Hourly Rate for an Experienced Politics Tutor in London, UK?

In London, the average rate for a politics tutor is approximately £40/$53/€45 per hour, contingent on the tutor’s experience and the student’s level. Owing to London’s elevated cost of living, rates might be higher compared to other UK regions. Discussing the cost of private tuition is a practical consideration for many. In London and other parts of the UK, the hourly rates for private politics tutors can vary depending on the tutor’s experience, the student’s level of study, and the specific requirements of the course. Spires ensures transparency in this aspect, offering clear information on tuition costs for GCSE, A-Level, and university-level politics tutoring.

Do Spires Tutors Offer Comprehensive A-Level Politics Revision Classes?

Yes! Numerous politics tutors on our platform possess A-level degree tutoring expertise, familiar with awarding bodies like AQA, CCEA, OCR, and Edexcel. Simply refine your search for A-Level tutors online and initiate a conversation with potential tutors. They’re well-versed in A-level politics curriculum, offering extensive support for exam preparations.

How to Book an A-Level Politics Tutor with Spires for Targeted Exam Preparation?

Absolutely! Booking an A-level politics tutor via Spires is simple. Our tutors are well-equipped to cater to students at every level, ensuring a comprehensive approach to learning. Browse through our extensive list of qualified tutors, each offering expertise at various levels. After selecting a tutor aligned with your level and needs, you can engage in a dialogue about your specific requirements and schedule lessons. Your chosen tutor will then devise a curriculum tailored to your level and objectives, ensuring a bespoke approach every step of the way.

Do Your Tutors Offer Politics Admissions Support at All Levels?

Yes. Our tutors offer politics admissions support tailored to every level, particularly for university aspirants. This multi-level approach includes counsel on crafting captivating personal statements, suitable for both English universities and others. Furthermore, our tutors can assist with admissions interview preparations, offering insight into the nuanced expectations at each level. They’re also adept at guiding students in procuring impactful recommendations, vital for university admissions. With their extensive knowledge in politics studies at both the A-level and university level, our tutors adeptly guide students through the university admissions, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

Can I Get Politics Dissertation Help at the University Level?

Of course! Our tutors, well-versed in the English university system, offer tailored support for those pursuing politics at the university level. Whether you’re just starting or looking for advanced guidance, our tutors are here to help at every level. From assisting in topic selection, suitable for English universities, to guiding through extensive research at the university level, our tutors ensure you’re on the right track. The intricacies of writing and editing, especially for English universities, can be challenging, but our tutors ensure your dissertation and literature pieces meet the highest calibre. With an in-depth approach and a strong focus on the specific requirements of the university level, you’re in good hands with our tutors.

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