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Professional Quantitative Methods Tutors

All of our high quality Quantitative Methods tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Quantitative Methods tutor JOHAN
PhD in Entrepreneurship University of Strathclyde
Johan is a professional academic and business consultant based in Scotland. He is also the founder of Vox Solo a think tank based in Glasgow.
869 hours taught
professional online Quantitative Methods tutor Singh
M.Phil. New Delhi
Hello! I am comfortable in teaching courses in most Undergraduate/Postgraduate economics & business programs such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics and Econometrics. Please feel free to schedule a class for any of these courses. Thanks :)
1419 hours taught
professional online Quantitative Methods tutor Neha
Masters of Science in Quantitative Economics Indian Statistical Institute
Masters of Science (MSc) in Quantitative Economics, Cleared Core Technical series in Actuarial Science
3694 hours taught
professional online Quantitative Methods tutor Liezel
Research Psychology Stellenbosch University
I am a quantitative researcher who specializes in statistics and research methodology. I am a registered research psychologist and was a lecturer in research methodology and statistics for the social sciences. I am also an SPSS trainer and tutor SPSS from introductory to advanced topics.
484 hours taught
professional online Quantitative Methods tutor Ruwayda
Masters Degree Lebanese American university
I have 21 years teaching experience in 2 universities. I can teach computer and Statistics courses. I have a very good experience in SPSS to help you in your statistics courses and in your research. I am very patient, dedicated and ready to assist you to understand key concepts
918 hours taught
professional online Quantitative Methods tutor Dean
Medical Statistics University College London
Experienced Academic Senior Teaching Fellow
19 hours taught
professional online Quantitative Methods tutor Dr William James
Medical Sciences, Anatomy and Surgery University of Medical Science, Keele University School of Medicine, Queen Margaret's University
I am an experienced professor of anatomy, histology and embryology. I have spent several years in the health services sector and within medical education. My specialist subject is that of human anatomy. I cover all aspects of clinical anatomy, embryology and histology. Anatomy is a vast subject within the basic medical and healthcare sciences and I strongly believe in the importance of the subject... see more
243 hours taught
professional online Quantitative Methods tutor Mujeeba
Psychology Univeristy of St Andrews, UK
I am a professional Teacher, Researcher, and Clinical Psychologist.
My Associations include the British Psychological Society, British Association of Cognitive and Behavior Psychotherapy, International Society of Political Psychology, Irish Psychological Society
38 hours taught
professional online Quantitative Methods tutor Virender
Honours Mathematics; Applied Statistics; PGCPE University of Southampton; BPP University
I act as a 'guide' to my students, helping them to learn maths using their own thinking, thus making sessions a shared learning experience.
264 hours taught
professional online Quantitative Methods tutor Shubh
Masters in Economics and Statistics DSE
Specialise in Econometrics, Statistics and Microeconomics. Author of two e-books on Amazon (One for Statistics and one for Econometrics). Ask me a doubt ten times, I would still be patient and helpful and would come up with new stories and examples to make the concept simpler to understand.
2062 hours taught
professional online Quantitative Methods tutor Phillip
Psychology University of New South Wales (Sydney)
PhD graduate with 5 years experience teaching psychology and statistics to undergraduate classes, as well as private one-on-one tutoring sessions. Passionate about psychology and research, I am friendly and easy-going, with a knack for explaining complex topics in a simple way.
355 hours taught
professional online Quantitative Methods tutor Kanish
Finance, Economics India
Experienced tutor in finance and economics dissertations using econometric methods and computations tools like STATA, R

Coursework in Corporate Finance, Quantitative Finance, financial modeling, Accounting, Management Accounting, CFA, CMA.

Worked with students and professionals from multiple geographies like US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Gulf Countries.
266 hours taught
professional online Quantitative Methods tutor Sandra
Finance Federation University
I am an experienced and proactive lecturer with eight years experience in teaching students that there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to numbers.
34 hours taught
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Recent Quantitative Methods Tutor Class Reviews From Our Students

Student Professional Tutor Date Subject Rating Comment
Dr William James 01 Dec 2021 Quantitative Methods
1st session was very professional and helpful. Thank you.
Singh 25 Nov 2021 Quantitative Methods
Excellent. Simple and clear
Mujeeba 08 Nov 2021 Quantitative Methods
She is great, I like her way for explanation and clarification. thank you Mujeeba for your fast help
Dr William James 17 Oct 2021 Quantitative Methods
Very helpful.
Ruwayda 10 Sep 2021 Quantitative Methods
Ruwayda is very knowledgeable! She has explained to me, step-by-step, how to run a logistic regression. I greatly appreciate all her help!

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Student's (and parent's) most Frequently Asked Questions

Why study Quantitative Methods?

Studying quantitative methods introduces you to a range of strategies and techniques that are used to study socio-economic and psychological numeric patterns. Typically, a course in quantitative methods would also consist of courses such as calculus, trigonometry, differential equations etc. Primarily it teaches you useful statistical data compilation techniques, and it is most often used for testing purposes in social sciences. E.g., Quantitative psychologists use statistical analysis to observe human behaviour.

Using quantitative methods is at the heart of research and would make your life extremely easy when you decide to conduct your own thesis or analysis. It doesn't necessarily have to be social sciences; there are many other fields such as finance and IT where quantitative methods' skillset can be indispensable. Employers in every testing facility, even at government testing laboratories, require experts who can analyse massive data sets of national scale through quantitative methods.

What university degrees is quantitative methods useful for?

Having a background in quantitative methods sets you up to study an extensive range of subjects that fall under social sciences. You could pursue a bachelor's in the main branches of social sciences that are psychology, sociology and even criminology. There are many universities that offer an undergraduate degree with such titles such as "Bachelor of Science in criminology with quantitative methods". You may go on to complete your master's in the field you choose and even go up to a PhD.

If you wish to choose a different path than what has been normally laid down, you can also get a bachelor's in geography with QM since geographers have to use statistical data during fieldwork.

You might be surprised to hear that you can also get a bachelor's in political sciences with quantitative data, as politicians and government agencies use data to measure voter behaviour. Similarly, some universities have also started offering a bachelor's in social policy.

How does Quantitative methods help in political sciences?

Quantitative System is fast becoming a rare skill set around the world, with students having limited knowledge of its capabilities. Studying political science along with QM can set you up for a very lucrative career path since politicians constantly need data analysis taken from public surveys. This, in turn, helps them make targeted decisions for the welfare of the community by announcing policies. The results of those policies are also observed through quantitative system to monitor the social impact that many changes in policies are having.

Political science specialists provide prominent leaders with data analysis on everything from election demographics to specific issues such as radicalism. Simply put, it is one of the most important cogwheels of good governance.

What careers can studying QM lead to?

  • Psychologist
  • Project manager        
  • Trade union lobbyists
  • Health informatics analysts
  • Finance management
  • Social statisticians      
  • Government economists       
  • CEO and industry officials
  • Government statisticians and researchers    
  • Entrepreneur
  • Civil Service manager            
  • PR and market analyst
  • Politician
  • Management consultant
  • Evidence-based policymaker
  • Opinion pollster

How expert mathematics tutoring can help you?

Teachers will take the time to assess your starting point then develop a personalised syllabus to work towards your objectives. Classes will focus on your areas of weakness and on developing the confidence you need to achieve your goals. Tutors will also push students in the regions that they are already comfortable, encouraging constant improvement and developing positive learning habits.

Why Choose Spires Online Quantitative Methods Lessons?

We only hire 4% of the teachers that apply to Spires, and they are all professional and experienced educators. Many have qualifications from top universities and institutions in the UK, USA and around the world. All have a PhD, MSc, Ma, BSc or Ba in their chosen field.

Because they set their rates via an auction system, our prices are more competitive than many tutoring companies. Our classroom is stable and fun to learn through. It has an interactive whiteboard, and students can access recordings of classes at any time.

Spires deals with all of the matching, scheduling, payments and administration, we take all of the hassle out of organising support and allow students to focus purely on learning.

Does it matter if the Online Quantitative Methods tutor is near me?

No, it doesn't! It's all done online whenever and wherever you are. All you have to do is pick your ideal mentor and communicate with them to arrange the best time for you.

Who will be my tutors online for QM sessions?

This is all up to you. You have a vast choice of experienced instructors to choose from. You can look through their profiles, check review and bids, their qualifications and backgrounds.

Then, communicate with your favourites to see if they are right for your needs and learning style. You can have a chat over zoom, then pick the person you'd like to assist you - and schedule your first lesson!

How many private teachers are available to give online Quantitative Methods lessons?

We currently have over 13 Quantitative Methods Experts with academic and professional experience specialising in a wide range of topics from GCSEs to postgraduate support, and everything in between.

What qualifications do online tutors need?

All of our tutors must hold at least a Bachelor's degree and have tutoring experience. Most of our tutors have higher degrees on top of that in specialised areas such as master's degrees or PhDs. All of our tutors are DBS checked or have had equivalent background checks.

What is the role of Quantitative Methods online tutors?

It is our tutors' responsibility to guide you to understand a subject you have chosen. Using their expertise in the chosen topic and their teaching experience, they will assist you to understand, analyse and use the content of the teachings to apply at a later date, whether it is at your chosen academy, your career or in your day-to-day life.

How much do Quantitative Methods lessons cost per hour?

Tuition is priced according to level:

  1. School: For Primary school, Secondary and Higher Education prices start at €25/hr

  2. University: For Undergraduate and Postgraduate tutoring, prices start at €35/hr

  3. Professional: For Chartered Qualifications and Admissions Test tutoring, prices start at €45/hr.

The average tutor price ranges based on the tutors' experience and expertise and the strength of the student.

How much is a tutor per hr in London?

The average tutor price is £40/$53/€45 per hr, depending on a teachers' experience and the strength of students. This is higher than other areas in the UK due to the higher living costs that come with living in London.

What happens when I send a tutor a message?

Once you've used the Find Tutors feature to find your perfect tutor, you can contact them with any questions you might have. A teacher should respond to you within 24 hours with an answer and availability. If a tutor isn't able to fit you into their schedule, we will recommend other tutors that fit your specifications. After a tutor replies, you can then schedule a zoom meeting, and if you are satisfied, you can go ahead and schedule your first lesson!

Do your tutors offer AS-level QM assistance?

Yes, they do! We have a huge selection of tutors with AS-level tutoring experience with a background in AQA, CCEA, OCR, Edexcel and other awarding bodies. Just use the filter to look for AS-Level tutors, and feel free to message the ones you like to ask if they provide the assistance that you need before scheduling a lesson.

Do your tutors use AS level QM past papers?

Yes, they do! After you find your perfect tutor, you can communicate with them before scheduling a lesson. This is the perfect time to inform your tutor you'd like to go over past papers. Your teacher will then tailor a syllabus based on your specific needs and provide any extra material, such as past Quantitative Methods exam papers.

Can I arrange revision help?

Yes, you can! Our huge database of teachers offers a wide range of specialisations and expertise. Just use the filter to search for tutors and  browse through available candidates. You can see their description and review as well as communicate with them about your needs before you schedule a lesson.

Can I get assignment assistance at University?

Yes, you can! We have a huge selection of  tutors who can provide QM tasks assistance as well as admissions help and exam preparation. Just communicate with your tutor before telling them your specific needs.

Do you offer varsity tutors in Quantitative Methods?

Yes, we do! With Spires, you can find experienced tutors familiar with the US system in a whole range of subjects. The same goes for the US high-school system as well as the Australian, South African, Canadian and New Zealand.

Do you offer Quantitative Methods teachings for adults?

Yes, we do! Our huge database of Quantitative Methods teachers offers a wide range of specialisations and expertise. Just use the Find A Tutor feature to search for your type and browse through available candidates.

You can choose from a wide range of specialisations whether you are preparing for an entrance exam, looking to advance your career or just to brush up on your analytical and writing skills. We are confident you will be able to find what you are looking for from over a hundred professional academics in our network.

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