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Professional Online French Tutors

All of our high quality online french tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online French tutor SAMY
Teaching French as Foreign Language, University of Artois

Boost your confidence with a qualified French native!

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868 hours taught
professional online French tutor Amelie
Literature, translation, civilization, teaching and research, La Sorbonne

La Sorbonne-educated, highly dedicated French native speaker and passionate teacher, offering excellent classes for all levels, including exam preparation.

View Full Profile
435 hours taught
professional online French tutor Elizabeth
French and Spanish, University of Bristol

Experienced online teacher and tutor of French and Spanish, with more than five years' of teaching experience. PGCE with Qualified Teacher Status from the University of Manchester. Exam preparation for Edexcel and AQA GCSE and A-Level French and Spanish.

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373 hours taught
professional online French tutor Audrey
French teacher, France

Let me bring my expertise and passion directly to you

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professional online French tutor Stephen
Post Graduate Certificate of French, Moray House Institute of Education, Edinburgh University

Experienced school French teacher in the United Kingdom and online. I am a passionate language learner, I learned English, German, Italian, now Portuguese. I love to pass my passion onto my students in inspiring and engaging ways

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professional online French tutor hamid
french, france

French Education

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118 hours taught
professional online French tutor Carine
Human, Social and Political Science, The University of Cambridge

I graduated from the University of Cambridge having studied Modern and Medieval Languages (French and beginners Russian) in my first year, and Human, Social and Political Sciences (specialising in Sociology) in my second and third years. I then completed the Japanese Language and Japan Studies Program at Nihon University (Tokyo) and passed the N2-level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I am currently a Master's student at the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology in Seoul, South Korea. I have been a professional tutor for over 5 years. In that time, I have tutored pupils ranging in age from 4 to post retirement, and have had particular success with grade improvement at GCSE, entrance into Oxbridge, and working with students to improve their confidence levels. My specialist areas are French, Japanese, Essay Writing and Entry into Oxbridge.

My tutoring style consists of first assessing a student’s level by speaking to them and using past papers. From here I create lesson plans targeting what they hope to achieve and the specific area the pupil found challenging. I believe a tutor must be reliable, creative and patient.

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professional online French tutor Miguel
Certificate to teaching languages to adults (CLTA), Goldsmiths University

Experienced bilingual Spanish and French Tutor

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professional online French tutor Phil
French and German Joint Honours, Loughborough University

I am a highly experienced former Head of Department with over 10 years teaching in state and private schools and have taught students who have gone on to study at Oxbridge.
GCSE Examiner for AQA for 3 years and highly adept at online tuition provision.
I have an extensive knowledge of the current GCSE and A level specifications.

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60 hours taught
professional online French tutor Daniel
Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge and University of Oxford

Experienced Languages and Oxbridge Admissions Tutor

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55 hours taught
professional online French tutor Juliette
French Language & Literature and Social Anthropology , University of Oxford - University College London

French-American student with an English Accent, who specializes in French Language and Literature teaching. Raised in Paris and fully fluent in both languages, I am a great match for anyone looking to achieve excellent grades or simply practice their spoken French.

View Full Profile
professional online French tutor Lucy
BA Japanese and Korean, MA Translation Studies (French into English, Japanese into English), Soas University of London, University College Cork, Ireland.

Experienced and Qualified Japanese & French Tutor- All levels welcome! (IB, GCSE, A-Level).

View Full Profile
33 hours taught

Recent French Tutor Class Reviews

Jasmine - Allison- French - IB
16th May 2024
Jasmine is an excellent French tutor. She is thorough, highly intelligent and careful. She knows the IB exams and understands how to help prepare for them. She has a beautiful French accent and is very engaging as a tutor.
Jasmine - Allison- French - IB
15th May 2024
Excellen tutoring!! Jasmine is extremely helpful!!
Phil - Maeve- French - A Level
7th May 2024
Phil is very encouraging and supportive and is an expert at getting a bit more out of you than you thought possible! Very enjoyable.
Elizabeth - Maeve- French - A Level
7th May 2024
Elizabeth is great. I’m not a natural linguist but already, after a few lessons I feel more confident and am making progress. Better still it’s enjoyable!
Phil - Thivya- French - IGCSE
29th April 2024
Phil has really helped my son prepare for his GCSE french exams. He took him on with only a short time to the exams but has really targeted his approach. He is very friendly, encouraging, and patient and I've been really impressed with how supportive and committed he has been to seeing him make progress. My son has been very happy with his progress and his confidence has increased every lesson.
Elizabeth - Maeve- French - A Level
29th April 2024
Excellent class, Elizabeth is very thorough, patient and encouraging.
Elizabeth - Maeve- French - A Level
24th April 2024
Elizabeth is great and is really helping me with my French speaking.
Jasmine - Allison- French - IB
17th April 2024
Jasmine is fabulous! She helped our daughter get a very high grade on her IB orals despite a short time period. I highly recommend Jasmine!!
Jasmine - Allison- French - IB
12th April 2024
Jasmine is a terrific tutor! My daughter did extremely well on her French IB oral after studying with her.
Elizabeth - Maeve- French - A Level
12th April 2024
Elizabeth is always an engaging and supportive teacher. I always feel she is well prepared for the lessons and I am enjoying them and making progress.

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Online French Tuition

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Online French tutors FAQs

How Can Expert Online French Tutoring Help You In Learning French?

By opting for online French tutoring, students unlock access to top-notch guidance tailored to their learning needs. These online sessions are led by qualified French tutors, who employ their extensive experience to foster improvements in speaking, writing, and understanding French culture. At Spires, our dedicated French tutors evaluate each student’s level to design lessons that focus on their areas of improvement, nurturing confidence and fostering continuous growth.

Why Study French?

French is an essential language in global communication with its influence spanning across 29 countries. With over 250 million French speakers globally, French holds its prominence in international organizations like NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the European Union, and UNESCO. Furthermore, French is recognized as the 5th most prevalent language, creating waves in art, fashion, theater, and literature domains. Embracing languages like French not only enhances employment avenues but also broadens one’s cultural perspectives.

Studying French opens doors to a world rich in culture, history, and global connections. As a language spoken in multiple countries, French is not just a linguistic skill but a gateway to understanding diverse cultures, including those of Paris, Brussels, and beyond. Learning French enhances cognitive abilities, improves understanding of native language structures, and offers a competitive edge in various fields such as international business, diplomacy, and linguistics. It’s also a step towards becoming a multilingual individual, an invaluable asset in our increasingly interconnected world.

Why Choose Spires Tutoring For Learning French?

Spires boasts an elite community of tutors, with only 4% making the cut from global applications. Our tutors hail from renowned universities, bringing rich educational backgrounds with degrees like PhD, MSc, and MA. Our cost-effective online lessons, equipped with interactive whiteboards and archived lesson recordings, provide unparalleled learning experiences. By streamlining tasks like tutor-student matching and payment procedures, Spires ensures students can focus solely on their French classes and learning journey.

Choosing Spires Tutoring for learning French offers several advantages. Spires boasts a selection of highly qualified tutors, many of whom are native speakers with extensive teaching experience, ensuring lessons are both authentic and effective. The platform caters to various levels and goals, from GCSE preparation to conversational fluency for adult learners. Spires’ flexible online format allows for learning at your own pace, with the ability to book lessons according to your schedule. Additionally, the platform’s emphasis on personalized learning ensures that each lesson is tailored to the student’s individual learning style and objectives.

How Does Spires’ Online Tutoring Work For French Language Students?

Spires’ intuitive platform offers a seamless tutor selection process:

Use the “Find A Tutor” feature to specify your requirements, including the desired subject, level, and price.
Review the tutor profiles presented based on your criteria, considering factors like bids, reviews, and their experience in teaching French online.
Engage in personalized online French lessons at your convenience.
Revisit your lessons anytime to reinforce your learning and fill knowledge gaps.

Spires’ online tutoring for French language students is designed for efficiency and effectiveness. Upon signing up, students can browse through a list of qualified French tutors, viewing their profiles, experience, and reviews. Once a suitable tutor is found, students can book a trial lesson to assess compatibility. The lessons are conducted online, using interactive tools to facilitate an engaging learning experience. Tutors provide customized lesson plans, including resources like digital textbooks, audio-visual materials, and exercises tailored to the student’s learning objectives and style.

Who Will Be My French Online Tutor?

The choice rests entirely with you. View our extensive tutor profiles, considering factors like qualifications, teaching hours, and student reviews before selecting a tutor for your lessons. Open channels of communication with potential French teachers, perhaps through a quick Zoom chat, before finalizing your ideal French tutor for your lessons.

How Much Does a Private Tutor of French Cost per Hour?

Tuition rates differ based on the level:

School Levels: Pricing begins at €25/hr.
University Levels: Starts from €35/hr.
Professional Courses: Rates begin at €45/hr.
Note: The final price is influenced by a tutor’s experience, expertise, and the student’s educational level.

The cost per hour for a private French tutor varies based on several factors including the tutor’s experience, qualifications, and the level of instruction required. Generally, prices can range from more budget-friendly options for basic French lessons to higher rates for specialized instruction, such as advanced linguistic studies or preparation for exams like DELF and DALF. It’s important to consider the tutor’s background and the value they bring to your learning experience when evaluating cost.

How Much Does an Online French Tutor Cost per Hour in London?

In London, the average rate for a French tutor is approximately £40/$53/€45 per hour, contingent on the tutor’s experience and the student’s level. This rate is slightly higher, reflecting London’s elevated living costs.

What Happens When I Message a French Tutor?

When you message an online French tutor at Spires after browsing our wide selection of French tutors, you’ll be connecting with an expert in the French language. These tutors usually give a response within a day to discuss their availability for French lessons. If there’s a scheduling conflict, don’t worry! Spires will introduce you to alternative French tutors who fit your criteria based on reviews and their experience. After having an initial conversation, possibly through a platform like Zoom, you can finalise your chosen French tutor. Together, you’ll discuss how online lessons of French will be structured, ensuring a smooth start to your French lessons.

Can a student Get Help With GCSE French From French Language Tutors?

Absolutely! Spires is proud to offer numerous French tutors proficient in the GCSE French curriculum. Our French tutors are well-acquainted with AQA, CCEA, OCR, Edexcel, among other educational standards. Students seeking specialized guidance will find the reviews of our tutors helpful. With their vast knowledge and experience, these native French tutors are perfectly poised to help students grasp intricate French vocabulary and concepts.

Booking GCSE French teachers is straightforward, especially through platforms like Spires. These teachers are specialized in the GCSE curriculum and understand the specific requirements and challenges of the exam. When booking a teacher, you can view their qualifications, experience, and student reviews to ensure they meet your academic needs. These teachers provide tailored lessons, comprehensive revision guides, and practice exams to prepare students thoroughly for their GCSE French exams.

Can I Book GCSE French Teachers?

Of course! Our extensive database includes many professional French teachers who specialize in primary and secondary education. When you find a French teacher who meets your GCSE needs, you can communicate your requirements. After discussing the French tuition specifics and having a brief Zoom chat, students can schedule their French lessons with their teachers. Reviews from other students can provide valuable insights into how these French teachers conduct their lessons and if they are really good at teaching French.

Do Your Tutors Use French A-Level Past Papers In French Lessons?

Yes, they absolutely do! Once you’ve pinpointed the right A-level French tutor for your learning needs, they can integrate past papers into your lessons. Such an approach helps in strengthening learning by revisiting previous years’ questions. Your French tutor will also adapt the curriculum according to your requirements, ensuring that any additional materials or past French exam papers are available for students.

Can I Arrange Help With French Revision From French Language Tutors?

Certainly! Our platform boasts a broad range of French tutors who specialise in diverse aspects of the French language. By using filters and checking reviews, students can pinpoint tutors who best align with their learning needs. After analyzing their profiles and gauging their expertise in the French language, a quick discussion can set the stage for focused revision lessons. With the support of native French tutors, enhancing your vocabulary and overall understanding becomes an achievable goal.

What Makes Spires’ French Tutors Different from Other Online Teachers?

Spires’ French tutors differentiate themselves with their unique blend of linguistic expertise and cultural insights. Unlike typical online teachers, these tutors often are native French speakers or possess a profound command of the language. This expertise is further enriched by their extensive experience in various educational systems, including the GCSE, A-level, and IGCSE curriculums.

Additionally, many of our tutors bring a multilingual perspective, often being fluent in languages such as Portuguese or Spanish. This diversity in language skills not only enriches their teaching methodologies but also provides a broader understanding of linguistic nuances, greatly benefiting students at all levels.

How to Find the Best French Tutor for Advanced Level Students?

To find the best French tutor for advanced level students, it’s essential to consider several key factors. Firstly, look for tutors with a strong educational background in French or linguistics and significant experience in teaching advanced levels. The tutor’s experience in French-speaking regions, like Paris or Florence, can provide invaluable cultural and linguistic insights.

Reviews and testimonials are also crucial in assessing the effectiveness of a tutor. Trial classes offer a practical way to evaluate whether the tutor’s teaching style and expertise align with the student’s learning needs and objectives.

What Are the Qualities of an Effective French Language Tutor?

An effective French language tutor combines educational qualifications with personal skills. Ideally, they should be either native speakers or have a strong command of the French language, including pronunciation and cultural nuances. Key personal qualities include patience, adaptability, and the ability to engage students with diverse learning styles.

Effective tutors also embrace modern teaching methods, utilizing various resources like podcasts and cultural materials to enrich their lessons. Positive reviews and a proven track record in helping students achieve their language learning goals are also indicative of a tutor’s effectiveness.

How Do French Tutors Help in Improving Conversation Skills?

French tutors help in improving conversation skills through tailored, immersive lessons. They create scenarios that mimic real-life conversations, encouraging students to practice speaking in French. Regular interaction with a native speaker or someone with an authentic French accent is invaluable for mastering correct pronunciation and learning colloquial expressions.

These tutors also employ engaging methods like role-play and discussions on current topics, providing instant feedback to correct mistakes and improve fluency. This approach not only builds conversational skills but also boosts confidence in using the language in everyday situations.

What Personalized Teaching Methods are Used by French Tutors?

French tutors use a variety of personalized teaching methods to cater to individual learning preferences. For visual learners, lessons might include a range of multimedia resources, while auditory learners might focus more on oral exercises and listening practices. Tutors often incorporate elements of French culture into their lessons, making them more engaging and offering a comprehensive understanding of the language.

For students preparing for specific exams, such as the DELF or DALF, tutors provide tailored strategies, focusing on exam formats, practice tests, and revision techniques to maximize student performance and confidence.

How Do French Tutors Customize Lessons for Different Learning Styles?

French tutors understand the importance of catering to different learning styles. For auditory learners, the focus is often on conversation and listening exercises, whereas visual learners might engage more with written and visual materials. Tutors for kinesthetic learners might incorporate interactive activities and practical usage of the language.

The customization also extends to pacing and focus, depending on the student’s proficiency level, whether they’re preparing for academic exams like the GCSE or are adult learners seeking conversational fluency. This personalized approach ensures that each student’s unique needs and goals are effectively met.

Can I Get Help in Mastering DELF and DALF with Online French Tutors?

Yes, online French tutors are well-equipped to assist students in mastering DELF and DALF exams. They provide specialized lessons focusing on the specific requirements of these exams, helping students become familiar with the format and question types. Students receive tailored revision strategies, practice exams, and feedback aimed at enhancing their performance.

The tutors’ expertise allows them to guide students through the intricacies of these exams, ensuring a thorough understanding and building the confidence necessary for success on the test day.

Why Hire a Tutor To Help My Child Learn Different Languages like French?

Introducing your child to the French language starts with the right resources and tutors. Seeking out a native French teacher can be pivotal as they offer authentic accents and cultural insights. By engaging an online French tutor, students get tailored lessons that focus on building vocabulary, understanding grammar, and cultural nuances. Establishing clear objectives and tracking noticeable progress is crucial when learning French online. Reviews from other parents can also offer insights into which French teachers have had the most success in fostering a love for learning and enhancing French vocabulary. Remember, every French lesson brings your child closer to fluency.

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