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Online Developmental Psychology Tutors for Undergraduate Psychology Students

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Professional Online Developmental Psychology Tutors for Undergraduate Psychology Students

All of our high quality online developmental psychology tutors for undergraduate psychology students are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Psychology tutor Ruwayda
Masters Degree, Lebanese American university

I have 22 years of teaching experience in 2 universities. I can teach computer and Statistics courses. I have a very good experience in SPSS / Jamovi / Jasp / Stata to help you in your statistics courses and in your research. I am very patient, dedicated, and ready to assist you in understanding key concepts.

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2851 hours taught
professional online Psychology tutor Amy
BA/MA English, Drama and Education , University of Cambridge

Hello! I am a Cambridge-educated tutor with years of experience in assisting students with academic work, in a variety of subjects, especially Psychology, Sociology, Education, Media and Research Methods - from undergraduate to Doctorate level. I am flexible, dedicated and personal in my approach, have an excellent eye for detail and criticality and happy to provide structuring, editing, proofreading and feedback services.

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2630 hours taught
professional online Psychology tutor Alexander
Cognitive Neuroscience, Health and Clinical Psychology, Birkbeck, University of London

I'm a current Ph.D. student investigating the neural underpinnings of depression and anxiety, and how certain interventions effect them. I love the field and want to help you hone your strengths and love the subject of psychology and the wider sciences!

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447 hours taught
professional online Psychology tutor Liezel
Research Psychology, Stellenbosch University

I am a quantitative researcher with more than 30 years experience, who specializes in statistics and research methodology. I hold a PhD and am a registered research psychologist. I was a lecturer for many years in research methodology and statistics for the social sciences, as well as psychometrics. I am also an SPSS trainer and tutor SPSS from introductory to advanced topics.

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1231 hours taught
professional online Psychology tutor Maria
Developmental Psychology and Clinical Practice; Clinical Psychology, UCL / Anna Freud Centre; University of Edinburgh

PhD candidate with extensive experience in psychology research, including primary author publications in high-impact journals. A hybrid statistics enthusiast and deep-thinking qualitative investigator. Read, run, and reflect a lot.

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157 hours taught
professional online Psychology tutor Harriet
Psychology PhD, University of Huddersfield

Experienced Psychology Tutor, currently undertaking a PhD in Psychology, looking into Emotional Labour and Boundaries in Care Workers! I would love to help you with Psychology, looking forward to hearing from you!

View Full Profile
926 hours taught
professional online Psychology tutor Tavis Ryan
BA (Hons), MSc, MA, PhD Candidate, Richmond the American International University in London

A veteran psychology tutor with one-to-one experience teaching GCSE, A-Level, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels.

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professional online Psychology tutor Alexandros
Psychology, University College London; University of Edinburgh

I am a PhD canditate at the University of Edinburgh, and hold an MSc from UCL.
As a rare breed Psychology statistics and research methods enthusiast, I make statistical concepts and analyses simple to understand, to help you ace your essays, exams, lab reports or dissertation.

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267 hours taught
professional online Psychology tutor Henry
Medicine, University of Sydney

I specialize in helping students become the best medical students they can be.
Improve your performance in exams, on boards and on the wards.
I also tutor premedical exams (MCAT, GAMSAT) and medical school interviewing

View Full Profile
1250 hours taught
professional online Psychology tutor Graham
Psychology, Univeristy of Oxford

Highly experienced tutor and research psychologist at the University of Oxford who has worked with more than 360 students

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20 hours taught
professional online Psychology tutor Angela
Psychology , Sheffield Hallam University

I’m sorry, I currently have no more availability. I will open up my profile again if I have any spaces become available or closer to the exams.

Experienced GCSE, A Level and IB teacher, an examiner of Psychology and Sociology for 18 years.

My passion is teaching students what makes people tick and how society is structured.

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606 hours taught
professional online Psychology tutor Dr Ben
PhD, University of Nottignham

Experienced Oxford-trained lecturer and tutor in psychology and neuroscience

View Full Profile
43 hours taught

Recent Psychology Undergraduate Tutor Class Reviews

Graham - Victoria- Psychology - Undergraduate
1st December 2023
Great session, informative and covered what I needed to support current studies. Graham explains things clearly and concisely.
Ruwayda - Victoria- Psychology - Undergraduate
28th November 2023
Extremely helpful, Ruwayda explained things clearly and concisely. It has provided the clarity I required to move on within my studies.
Ruwayda - Shannon- Psychology - Undergraduate
26th November 2023
I've had a few tutors on this and Ruwayda is by far the best.
Dr. Elena Serena - sarah- Psychology - Undergraduate
8th October 2023
Elena helps me in every way with my work. Always grateful for your time
Dr Anne - Lexi- Psychology - Undergraduate
2nd October 2023
Insightful and helpful! Dr. Anne has taught me so many new writing skills.
Amy - Olga- Psychology - Undergraduate
30th September 2023
Amy is an amazing teacher ! And she explains everything clearly and is willing to help !
Dr Anne - Lexi- Psychology - Undergraduate
30th August 2023
Such a lovely and helpful teacher!
Emily - Naomi- Psychology - Undergraduate
23rd August 2023
The revision session was very helpful and Emily explained all the concepts with great detail with examples for each one. Thank you so much
Emily - Mugen- Psychology - Undergraduate
7th August 2023
Detailed feedback given to help get the best grade
Emily - Mugen- Psychology - Undergraduate
7th August 2023
Excellent and in depth guidance on my essay plans. I had a target grade I was hoping to achieve when working together to plan my essay, and Emily helped me to surpass it! Her timely responses made the process so efficient too

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Online Developmental Psychology Tutoring FAQs

How can Developmental Psychology Tutors on Spires enhance my learning experience?

Our adept tutors take the time to understand your current level of understanding, crafting a bespoke learning plan to help achieve your academic objectives. They focus on strengthening your grasp on weak areas, building the requisite confidence to excel. Through engaging and interactive sessions, they nurture a positive learning atmosphere, facilitating consistent improvement in your understanding of Developmental Psychology.

Why should I opt for Spires for personalised Developmental Psychology tutoring?

Only a select 4% of professional tutors make it to our platform, ensuring a high-quality learning experience. The majority of our tutors have extensive experience in teaching, mentoring, or lecturing at various educational levels. They hold degrees from leading universities worldwide, with many having achieved noteworthy success in their fields. Our competitive rates, set by tutors themselves, alongside a robust interactive learning platform, make the learning experience both affordable and effective.

What is the process to commence online private tutoring in Developmental Psychology?

Starting is simple. Use the ‘Find a Tutor’ feature to create a job post detailing your requirements. You can then peruse through the suggested matches, review their profiles, and communicate with a tutor before scheduling your first lesson. Your online sessions can be accessed from anywhere, and you can even review recorded lessons at your convenience.

Is proximity a factor when choosing a Developmental Psychology tutor?

Absolutely not. The essence is in finding the most competent tutor to meet your academic goals. Being an online platform, Spires enables access to a broader spectrum of specialist tutors, ensuring you receive top-tier support from the comfort of your home.

Who will my Developmental Psychology tutor be?

The choice is yours. With hundreds of highly qualified academic tutors available, you can review their profiles, check student evaluations, and even have a chat via webcam to ascertain a good fit before scheduling your first lesson.

How many Developmental Psychology tutors are available for one-on-one sessions?

Our platform hosts over 800 tutors with academic and professional experience across various subjects, including Developmental Psychology. Their expansive knowledge ensures tailored support for your undergraduate studies.

What qualifications do Developmental Psychology tutors hold?

All our tutors hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with substantial tutoring experience. Most possess higher degrees from reputable institutions and have undergone requisite background checks, ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment.

How are the tutoring rates determined for Developmental Psychology sessions?

The rates are set by the tutors themselves, starting at £35/hr for undergraduate tutoring. The exact cost may vary based on the tutor’s expertise and your level of study.

What impact does tutoring have on my understanding of Developmental Psychology?

Tutoring on Spires is designed to aid in mastering your chosen subject. Our tutors employ their expertise to help you grasp, analyze, and retain course content, effectively managing your study and revision time to enhance exam techniques. They won’t do your work, but will provide the necessary guidance to achieve a deeper understanding of Developmental Psychology.

How does Spires ensure the effectiveness of online tutoring in Developmental Psychology?

Online tutoring on Spires offers a blend of accessibility, time efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. Our platform connects you to top professional tutors globally, ensuring a personalized learning experience. The interactive online sessions coupled with the ability to review recorded lessons fosters a positive, impactful learning environment, enabling you to excel in your Developmental Psychology modules.

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