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Professional Online Sociology Tutors

All of our high quality online sociology tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Sociology tutor Dr Steve
Doctorate, University College London: Institute of Education; Postgraduate in Philosophy: Birkbeck College, University of London; MA in Design: UAL Central Saint Martins;

I have 26 years of experience in tutoring and supporting learners to achieve their goals. I have a strong knowledge of excellent academic practice, developing your understanding of the arguments, and sharpening your subject comprehension, critical thinking, and essay writing skills for examination and assessment. I convert complicated theories and paradigms into straightforward ideas, with practical worth, and impart useful advice to my clients.

I tutor KS3, GCSE/IGCSE, A-Level/IAL-Level, AP, CAIE/CIE, EPQ, IB, IPQ, PRE-U, and SQA Learners, Undergraduate, Postgraduate/Doctoral Students, Oxbridge Entrance/UCAS Personal Statement Applicants, and US Common App/Ivy Applicants, College Essay Students, and Professional Clients.

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8438 hours taught
professional online Sociology tutor Sotirios
Sociology, University of Warwick
417 hours taught
professional online Sociology tutor Angela
Psychology , Sheffield Hallam University

Experienced GCSE, A Level and IB teacher, an examiner of Psychology and Sociology for 18 years.

My passion is teaching students what makes people tick and how society is structured.

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788 hours taught
professional online Sociology tutor Amy
BA/MA English, Drama and Education , University of Cambridge

Hello! I am a Cambridge-educated tutor with years of experience in assisting students with academic work, in a variety of subjects, especially Psychology, Sociology, Education, Media and Research Methods - from undergraduate to Doctorate level. I am flexible, dedicated and personal in my approach, have an excellent eye for detail and criticality and happy to provide structuring, editing, proofreading and feedback services.

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2831 hours taught
professional online Sociology tutor Hafsah
PGCE (Cardiff), Sociology (BA Hons), Religion, Culture & Society (MA), UCLAN

Teaching is not just a profession for me, but a passion. Sociology is my area of expertise. I break down complex concepts and teach in a manner that is relatable and easy to comprehend.

Due to my fervour for teaching, and desire to see students succeed, I go the extra mile providing resources, time and energy all at an affordable price!

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98 hours taught
professional online Sociology tutor Robert
Sociology, Stony Brook University

An experienced teacher and social scientist with a strong track record of tutoring and mentoring students at GCSE, A-Level, IB and University-level.

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73 hours taught
professional online Sociology tutor Iona
BA Joint Honours Sociology and Anthopology, Goldsmiths College, University of London.

A qualified and experienced tutor with a passion for the subject of sociology, with a positive collaborative attitude. Skilled at assisting students of all levels to succeed.

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51 hours taught
professional online Sociology tutor Toby
History of Technology, University of Oxford

I'm an historian with a decade of teaching and admissions experience, who has worked with the University of Oxford and NASA. I want to do the very best to help you get the results you want.

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professional online Sociology tutor Bethia
BSc Geography , University of Wales and University of Plymouth

Geography teacher with sixteen years experience teaching both in the UK and abroad. I also have experience as an AQA Examiner. I have a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (from University of Wales) so if English isn't your first language, I can help you grasp subject terminology and articulate your knowledge better too. I am passionate about Geography; my subject knowledge is constantly being added to and I am laser focused on top grades.

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147 hours taught
professional online Sociology tutor Frederico
PhD, University of London
259 hours taught
professional online Sociology tutor Paula
Doctor of Philosophy, Oxford University

I specialise in essay-writing techniques: including exam essays, coursework, and dissertations.

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professional online Sociology tutor Deirdre
Social Anthropology, University of Sussex

Anthropology PhD and University Lecturer

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724 hours taught

Recent Sociology Tutor Class Reviews

Hafsah - Lucy- Sociology - A Level
27th April 2024
Really helpful as i was able to learn how to structure my essays due to Hafsah having informative PowerPoints.
Robert - Maha- Sociology - Undergraduate
26th April 2024
Robert is a great tutor always available to help and give great advices.
Hafsah - Sean- Sociology - A Level
22nd April 2024
great patience and knowledge
Hafsah - Maya- Sociology - A Level
17th April 2024
Todayā€™s intro class was informative, and extremely helpful allowing me not only to recap what I already know, but to give me confidence in doing exam questions using the PEEEL structure. I am starting to understand how best to evaluate and link back to the question, and maximise my chance of being awarded the higher marks. :)
Hafsah - Sean- Sociology - A Level
15th April 2024
really helpful and clear power points
Bethia - Alla- Sociology - IGCSE
10th April 2024
During the past 3 months I have been working with Bethia to prepare for the IGCSE sociology exam. She is very patient and understanding, she does a lot of work through conversations instead of boring text work. She makes the lessons very fun and enjoyable. Bethia works very well with my short timeline and she accommodates to fit in all the necessary material in a designated period of time. Bethia is very helpful and compassionate if you do not know or understand the questions, she has never made me feel bad for needing extra support. Bethia is quite flexible with the way she teaches in order to help you learn in the most suitable and best way for you. Overall I have been very pleased and satisfied with our lessons and she has helped me improve significantly. I would highly reccomend her to anyone that requires a specific approach to learning or works better with talking through their learning.
Hafsah - Savannah- Sociology - A Level
4th April 2024
Hafsah is very knowledgeable and is very helpful in making topics easy to understand. She is also very helpful in structuring my paragraphs
Iona - Eby- Sociology - A Level
21st February 2024
Very concise and easy to understand.
Sotirios - Clare- Sociology - A Level
13th January 2024
Good. Informative and is reinforcing my knowledge so I can become more confident before my final exam.
Robert - Konstantina - Sociology - Undergraduate
17th December 2023
Rober has been very helpful with my request and provided great guidance in terms of academic writing in sociology.

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Online Sociology Tutoring FAQs

How Can Expert Online Sociology Tutors Help You?

Our sociology tutors at Spires are skilled at assessing your current understanding and crafting a personalised lesson plan aligned with your goals. The lessons our tutors deliver, especially concentrate on rectifying your weaknesses, bolstering your confidence, and making the subject matter resonate with you. Our adept sociology tutors, with their wealth of knowledge and teaching experience, are geared towards aiding students in mastering the nuanced concepts of sociology. Every hour spent with a Spires sociology tutor is an investment in deepening your understanding of the vast scope that sociology offers.

If you’re a student aiming to get a grip on fundamental sociology concepts or a professional wishing to refine your expertise, our tutors stand ready to assist. Possessing years of experience, our sociology tutors have intricate insights into sociology, making them ideally positioned to share this wealth of knowledge during their lessons. Each lesson with our sociology tutor is structured flexibly, always keeping your unique needs in focus.

Studying sociology provides profound insights into how societies and individuals interact. This valuable subject, sociology, allows a comprehensive understanding of the social, political, and economic challenges shaping our world. For those considering a variety of careers, including politics, education, and social work, sociology is especially pertinent. A degree in sociology paves the way for roles in social work, human resources, and public relations. Furthermore, such a degree is an ideal foundation for postgraduate lessons in sociology, psychology, and related social sciences.

Why Choose Spiresā€™ Sociology Tutoring?

Spires’ sociology tuition is crafted, keeping you in mind. Whether you’re a casual learner, an A-level student, or an adult learner seeking more comprehensive lessons in sociology, our online tutors, many of whom have studied at prestigious institutions like Oxford, are prepared to guide you. These tutors integrate rich insights from diverse fields, including politics, literature, and naturally, sociology, into your lessons. Every hour you commit to our sociology tutor translates to an enriching learning experience. Our tutors, trained meticulously, are genuinely committed to launching you on a transformative learning journey, enhancing your grasp of sociology with every lesson.

How Does Spiresā€™ Online Private Tuition Work?

You can find a professional tutor online in four easy steps:

  1. Begin by using the “Find A Tutor” feature to create a post outlining your needs and requirements, including the subject, level, and desired hourly rate.
  2. View tutors’ profile, student reviews, and communicate with tutors online to schedule your trial lesson.
  3. Find your perfect Sociology tutor from our wide variety of skilled professors and educators. After filtering your search results using the ā€œFind A Tutorā€ feature, you will be presented with the best choices for your needs. You can then review bids, view tutorsā€™ profiles and student responses, and communicate with tutors online before scheduling a lesson.
  4. Have your online one-on-one sociology lessons via webcam. You can book lessons whenever you like, as everything is done online!
  5. Replay the online lessons at your own pace and convenience to review any missed information.

Whether you need help with GCSE sociology, A-level sociology, or university-level sociology, our tutors are here to help. They can provide sociology lessons, help with sociology dissertation writing, and offer more support for international students. With their extensive experience, our tutors can provide valuable insights and advice to help you succeed.

How Many Private Tutors Are Available For Sociology?

Currently, we boast over 16 private Sociology tutors, each with both academic and professional experience in sociology. These tutors specialize in a plethora of sociology topics, from GCSEs to postgraduate lessons and everything more in-depth.

How Much Do Online Sociology Tutors Cost per Hour in London?

The average tuition price by our sociology tutors is Ā£40/$53/ā‚¬45 per hour. This cost reflects the tutor’s experience and the student’s level. Due to the heightened living expenses in London, the hourly rate for sociology tuition is marginally higher than in other UK regions. Remember, investing more hours in tuition can yield better results.

What Happens When I Send a Tutor a Message?

Once you contact a tutor through our ā€œFind a Tutorā€ feature, you can expect a response within 24 hours, detailing their availability for sociology lessons. If your chosen tutor isnā€™t available, we will suggest more tutors with similar expertise in sociology. Once you receive a reply from a tutor, you can schedule a more in-depth Zoom session and, if pleased, plan your subsequent sociology lessons.

Can I Arrange Revision Help with Tutors for My Subjects?

Absolutely! Our extensive tutor database is brimming with experts in sociology. For more focused help, use our filter to pinpoint sociology tutors suited to your academic level. Review their profiles, delve into reviews from other students, and contact them to discuss your unique requirements. Following this, scheduling lessons becomes a breeze.

Can I Book A-Level Classes for Sociology?

Yes, you can. Our sociology tutors can provide guidance on how to approach A level exams. They teach you how to solve past papers, develop effective exam techniques, and address any areas of weakness. With their extensive experience in teaching A-level sociology, our tutors can provide valuable feedback on your answers and help you improve your performance.

Our online sociology tutoring sessions are designed to be flexible and tailored to your individual needs. With a webcam and an interactive whiteboard, our online lessons are as effective as face-to-face sessions. You can schedule online lessons at a time that suits you, and replay the lessons afterwards at your own pace and convenience to review any missed information.

Do Your Tutors Offer University Admissions Support for Sociology?

Our sociology tutors can provide support for university admissions at various levels, including UCAS, Oxbridge Entrance, and even IELTS and TOEFL preparation for non-native speakers. With their deep understanding of the sociology subject and the admissions process, our tutors can help you navigate the admissions process with confidence.

Can Tutors Help Me in Dissertations and Assignments in My Subject?

Yes, they can! We have a wide selection of university-level tutors who can provide sociology assignment help as well as assistance in psychology, social studies, and related subjects. Just communicate with your sociology tutor, informing them about your specific needs. Completing a dissertation is a significant milestone in your university education. Our university-level sociology tutors can provide support for sociology dissertations at the university level. Whether you need more help with selecting a suitable topic, conducting research, or writing and editing your dissertation, our sociology tutors can provide the guidance you need to complete your dissertation successfully.

Do Your Tutors Offer Sociology Tuition for Adults?

Yes! For adults keen on diving deeper into sociology, our expansive database is the perfect starting point. Through the ā€œFind a Tutorā€ feature, you can browse and contact a multitude of online sociology tutors tailored to your needs. Explore their profiles, read more student reviews, and familiarise yourself more with their approach to online tutoring. Your journey into extensive sociology lessons begins here.

Why Is Studying Sociology with Spiresā€™ Sociology Tutors Beneficial for Understanding Social Dynamics?

Studying Sociology with Spiresā€™ online tutors is beneficial for understanding social dynamics because their expert guidance provides deeper insights into societal structures and behaviors. The tutors’ specialized knowledge helps unravel complex social interactions and phenomena, enhancing students’ comprehension of societal functions.

How Can an Expert Sociology Tutor Enhance Your Analytical Skills in Social Research?

An expert Sociology tutor from Spires can enhance your analytical skills in social research by teaching advanced research methodologies and critical analysis techniques. Their guidance helps in effectively interpreting social data and trends, which is crucial for robust sociological research.

What Makes Tutors from Spires Ideal for A-Level and University Students?

Tutors from Spires are ideal for A-Level and University students due to their specialized knowledge and tailored teaching approach. They focus on meeting the specific academic requirements of these levels, ensuring students receive the support they need for academic success.

Can Online Sociology Tutors Help me in Preparing for Major Sociology Exams?

Yes, online Sociology tutors from Spires can significantly help in preparing for major Sociology exams. Their targeted teaching methods and exam-focused strategies ensure that students are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of these crucial assessments.

Can Spires’ Sociology Tutors Help You Excel in Advanced Sociological Theories and Concepts?

Spires’ Sociology tutors can help you excel in advanced sociological theories and concepts by providing in-depth explanations and real-world examples. Their expertise in the field aids in making complex theories understandable and relatable.

How Do Spiresā€™ Tutors Approach the Teaching of Sociology to Foster Critical Thinking?

Spiresā€™ tutors approach the teaching of Sociology by encouraging inquiry and debate, fostering critical thinking. They use a variety of teaching methods that promote analytical thinking and a deeper understanding of sociological principles.

What Role Does Online Sociology Tutoring Play in Enhancing Understanding of Cultural Studies?

Online Sociology tutoring plays a vital role in enhancing understanding of cultural studies by providing insights into diverse cultural phenomena. The tutors’ expertise in sociology offers a comprehensive perspective on cultural dynamics and interactions.

How Can Spires’ Tailored Sociology Tutoring Prepare Students for Research Projects and Dissertations?

Spires’ tailored Sociology tutoring prepares students for research projects and dissertations by guiding them through the process of topic selection, research design, and data analysis. This personalized support is crucial for producing high-quality academic work.

What Strategies Are Used by Spiresā€™ Sociology Tutors to Simplify Complex Social Theories for Beginners?

Spiresā€™ Sociology tutors use strategies like breaking down theories into simpler concepts, using relatable examples, and interactive discussions to simplify complex social theories for beginners, making them more accessible and easier to understand.
Can Spires’ Sociology Tutors Aid in Understanding Sociological Impacts of Current Global Events?
Spires’ Sociology tutors can certainly aid in understanding the sociological impacts of current global events. Their expertise allows them to connect theoretical knowledge with real-world occurrences, providing a comprehensive analysis of contemporary societal changes and challenges.

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