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19 total hours

Fergus $40-50/hr

BSc in Computer Science and Business Computing - University of Cape Town

I try to develop a personal relationship with the student as I feel it allows me to better gauge how the student is currently engaging with the content, and how it could be improved. Over the past 2 and a half years I have gained a lot of experience in various learning and teaching styles, all of my students have not only performed better in examinations, but become more interested and passionate about the topic.

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7 total hours

Peter $45-55/hr

Electronic Engineering with Foundation - University of Westminster

Now approaching 10 years as an Electronics Design Engineer and Leading Electronics Teams designing Laboratory Instruments and Large Machines, I am responsible for Circuit Designs and training of Engineers and Graduates. I have always tutored students from I myself was a student, through to today, where I have now successfully tutored and seen many students through their Module Exams, Full Degrees and even lead them into successful careers.

I currently lead Electronics and Mechanical teams as Lead Hardware Engineer to a Medical Company designing Neonatal Ventilators. I train Engineers, Graduates and Non-Technical Staff, as well as prepare documentation and organise Projects for success and on-time and on-budget delivery.

Tutoring students, my style is to synchronise our efforts with their Module Notes, while adding in strong and practical understanding of governing and foundational principles, while we tackle the theory and associated equations. Adding a modern and relevant industrial perspective is my unique offering in this process. Our efforts are entirely driven by the student, slowing down on more challenging topics, and drilling into a depth of detail appropriate to my student. Satisfying desired deadlines for covering course materials and preparing courseworks will always be the main drive of how our time is prepared.

As a tutor, I have supported individuals studying A-Levels, BTEC and of course studying at University, up to PhD level in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, as well as Computer Science. I am certainly also happy, and competent to support students in Physics and Mathematics as desired.

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19 total hours

Huan $40-50/hr

D.Phil - University of Oxford

I have tutoring experience of 70+ hours, working with undergraduates, high school students and even primary school pupils. Tutoring subjects cover computer science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, and CHINESE Mandarin. I have a bachelor and a master degree in (computer) engineering and am currently working towards a doctorate at University of Oxford. I am good at combining theoretical knowledge with illustrative presentation, e.g. figure or table. I use interactive Q&A to ensure students would seize the gist of certain knowledge with high amount of focus. Also I would like to share my previous study experience with students and try to come up with suitable learning methods according to students' actual circumstances.

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4 total hours

Peter $40-50/hr

Engineering Science - University of Oxford

I am a driven individual who is dedicated to helping those students who want an Oxbridge place, for physics or engineering, to get one. I am no pushover. I will ask you challenging questions and make sure that you are outside of your intellectual comfort zone, to coerce from you your very best performance when it is needed.

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Surbhi $65-75/hr

Msc. (Tech.) Information Systems - Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani

Teaching suits well with my attitude as I have great patience in listening to students' needs and they immensely appreciate this. I very much like the positive energy and enthusiasm of learning as well as respect in this relationship of a tutor and a student, which always motivates me to become a more and more better help for them. My sincerity, dedication and good work ethics are the key to my and my students' satisfaction.

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gaytri $45-55/hr

MCA - Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

I have been in the education industry since the past 7 years. I started my career with the primary school with pathways School gurgaon. From that I have moved to the middle school and finally to the senior School all throughout teaching the IB and Cambridge curriculum.
My teaching methodology has evolved from various workshops that I have attended from the prestigious schools of Delhi and NCR which I have worked with.
I have been regularly working part time as an online tutor and hence I am very comfortable with the use of online tools while teaching virtually.

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9 total hours

Oliver $40-50/hr

Engineering Science - University of Oxford

I am currently studying for a PhD in cancer research at the University of Oxford. Before this I studied a degree in Engineering Science here at Oxford. I have been teaching people at many different levels for as long as I can remember and I have a lot of experience in explaining complicated concepts simply.

I have studied many different disciplines during my GCSEs, A levels and while at Oxford so I can help in broad range of subject areas. I can give many helpful tips on how to use your time more effectively, making things stick in your memory and working towards exceptional exam results.

I have helped people of all ages to prepare for tests and to improve their general understanding of a subject area - I am happy to report that they have found my help very useful and they feel that I made a real difference to their progress. I'm a friendly, outgoing person who enjoys helping people to do well in exams!

Going at the student's pace and keeping the subject entertaining are the keys to learning well and enjoying it.

w4rner $75-85/hr

Computational Social Science - University of Chicago

500+ hrs professional tutoring experience.
Lead Educator, agileEducation.

Saif $50-60/hr

Advanced Computer Science - The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Graduates with a Masters in Computer Science from the prestigious University of Manchester. My skill sets includes expertise in C, C++, and Java Programming languages. I am able to grasp what parts of the language (syntax, semantics, logic) a student is struggling with, and then guide him stepwise to where he should be heading. Then following up with him if he is keeping up with the steps, and able to work on the problem ahead.

Saif's last completed IB Computer Science job with Markus: Intensive - ​I have my computer science standard level exam in 5 weeks, and I need a lot of help to prepare for the exam especially in programming (Simple Java). I'm very flexible and speak fluent English. Since my exam is coming up in 5 weeks, I would like to book at least two meeting a week. Last years exam papers are attacked.

James $40-50/hr

Economics - University of Cambridge

I have some experience in Tutoring from by time as a sixth form student, where I tutored many of my fellow classmates in Economics and Maths. I am a very dedicated tutor who will be fully invested in the outcome of every person that I teach.
During my time at Cambridge I have specilized in the mathmatical side of economics, this will put me in a good position to provide my students with information that goes beyond their course of study and prepares them well for their further education.
I am also in a ver good position to help with university applications as I have only recently been through the process myself, this means that I am fully aware of all the hoops you need to jump through with your application as well as what is expected f you once you get to interview.
I think for all of these reason I would be able greatly benifit every person that I tutor and that I will be able to help them achieve any goals that they set for themselves.

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