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Professional Online Marketing Tutors

All of our high quality online marketing tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Marketing tutor Alexandra
Marketing and Business Management, Academic Research, Manchester Metropolitan University, Central Saint Martins, Istituto Marangoni London & Florence, University of Westminster, Cambridge University

Certified Professor in Academic Research and Writing

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1922 hours taught
professional online Marketing tutor Dr. Johan
PhD in Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde

Dr. Johan is a professional academic and business consultant based in Scotland. He is also the founder of Vox Solo a think tank based in Glasgow.

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2233 hours taught
professional online Marketing tutor Rebekah
Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing

I am an experienced and passionate marketer and enjoy igniting that passion in others looking to improve their marketing knowledge or start a new career in the industry.

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251 hours taught
professional online Marketing tutor Kylash
MBA, Heriot Watt University

A dedicated and experienced educator and tutor with over 12 years experience in UK Secondary, Higher, and Further Education Sectors, specializing in Business Management and Marketing programs.

I have tutored students throughout their academic careers, from Secondary School to Undergraduate to Master's Level, covering subject content as well as essay and exam preparation.

I am focused on facilitating student learning and development, towards the achievement of improved grades.

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professional online Marketing tutor Dr Steve
Doctorate, University College London: Institute of Education; Postgraduate in Philosophy: Birkbeck College, University of London; MA in Design: UAL Central Saint Martins;

I have 26 years of experience in tutoring and supporting learners to achieve their goals. I have a strong knowledge of excellent academic practice, developing your understanding of the arguments, and sharpening your subject comprehension, critical thinking, and essay writing skills for examination and assessment. I convert complicated theories and paradigms into straightforward ideas, with practical worth, and impart useful advice to my clients.

I tutor KS3, GCSE/IGCSE, A-Level/IAL-Level, AP, CAIE/CIE, EPQ, IB, IPQ, PRE-U, and SQA Learners, Undergraduate, Postgraduate/Doctoral Students, Oxbridge Entrance/UCAS Personal Statement Applicants, and US Common App/Ivy Applicants, College Essay Students, and Professional Clients.

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8425 hours taught
professional online Marketing tutor Amy
BA/MA English, Drama and Education , University of Cambridge

Hello! I am a Cambridge-educated tutor with years of experience in assisting students with academic work, in a variety of subjects, especially Psychology, Sociology, Education, Media and Research Methods - from undergraduate to Doctorate level. I am flexible, dedicated and personal in my approach, have an excellent eye for detail and criticality and happy to provide structuring, editing, proofreading and feedback services.

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2831 hours taught
professional online Marketing tutor Dr Aster
Marketing Strategy, The Open University Business School

Doctorate in Marketing and Strategy - The Open University Business School (OUBS); MSc in Marketing & BA Hons in Business Economics - University of Leicester; PGCHEP Higher Education in Practice – University of Plymouth; Digital Marketing Diploma – Digital Marketing Institute.

I have over 15 years of experience in academia with a strong knowledge of excellent academic practice. My goal in tutoring is to support learners to achieve their goals by enabling them to understand complex subjects, think analytically, and communicate their ideas effectively.

I am also an award recipient for the Academy of Marketing (2019) Teaching Research and Development Grant.

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professional online Marketing tutor Ruwayda
Masters Degree, Lebanese American university

I have 22 years of teaching experience in 2 universities. I can teach computer and Statistics courses. I have a very good experience in SPSS / Jamovi / Jasp / Stata to help you in your statistics courses and in your research. I am very patient, dedicated, and ready to assist you in understanding key concepts.

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3325 hours taught
professional online Marketing tutor Crispin
Business studies primarily covering economics, accountancy and law, University of Dundee

Over 35 years in industry accumulating a wealth of practical experience across diverse sectors combined with tutoring roles at the University of Bedfordshire (innovation) and Majan College University Oman (corporate strategy). Previously tutored on brand management at Ashridge Management College. Particularly versed in corporate strategy, innovation and consumer research

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professional online Marketing tutor Dr. Gemma
Social Work, Social Research Methods, University of Sussex

Supporting students to succeed is my goal. I have extensive experience in higher education lecturing, tutoring and training. Areas of expertise include social work, social care, sociology, childhood and youth studies. I specialise in assisting students apply for and prepare for university level social work interview processes. I tutor in dissertations and professional practice portfolio work. I often work with students who are dyslexic, autistic, ADHD and have other neurodivergences.

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professional online Marketing tutor Ross
English Literature (Hons), Cambridge University

Highly experienced professional tutor covering a range of subjects, but with a specialism in SAT, ACT, GMAT and GRE.

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professional online Marketing tutor Matteo
Accounting, University of Kent

More than 10 years of private tutoring experience - 1:1 and group students, both online and face-to-face. I have successfully supported undergraduates, postgraduates, mature students, and professionals within both the UK and Italy.
My teaching method is characterized by clear and simple explanations aimed at achieving the desired outcomes in an ‘EEE’ (Efficient, Effective, and Excellent) way.
The teaching approach is concrete, highly interactive and focused on specific students’ difficulties.
The duration and content of the lessons are calibrated consistent with the needs of each student.
Particular attention is paid to the strategies and techniques of understanding, reasoning, learning and memorizing the contents required to achieve objectives in a short time.

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Recent Marketing Tutor Class Reviews

Dr. Johan - Ella- Marketing - Undergraduate
24th November 2023
Very committed to helping me understand complex concepts and has been very patient guiding me through challenging assignments. This has been through both motivation, helping me further understand topics and providing useful information. Overall, helped me become more confident with my work. A pleasure to work with, thanks!
Alexandra - Janina- Marketing - University
17th July 2023
If there is a guardian angel for academia, Alexandra is that angel!
Nicolae - Maxim- Marketing - Dissertations
7th June 2023
The session was constructive. It provided me with some practical guidance and a sense of direction to tackle issues regarding my dissertation.
Alexandra - Janina- Marketing - University
15th March 2023
I have had Alexandra for 2 months and already I am improving my writing and understanding of my subject. She is very patient and is always happy to help me when I am stuck on anything including the smallest things. Furthermore, she gives me direction and notes on what I can do on my assignments to help improve them or read the information that could be useful and a little more direction as I have a learning difficulty. All I can say overall is that I wish I found her sooner!
Alexandra - Questa- Marketing - Undergraduate
7th February 2023
Experienced, engaging, and patient tutor. Alexandra is very thorough and takes careful measures in helping me grasp the concept of my assigned work. The lessons are very useful and I have learned so much in my classes. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in boosting their grades!
Andrew - Maxi- Marketing - Undergraduate
2nd January 2023
Very helpful
Dr. Johan - Faisal- Marketing - Postgraduate
2nd November 2022
Dr. Johan is. well-manageable, patient, and an excellent communicator.
Alexandra - Katsiaryna - Marketing - Undergraduate
28th October 2022
I would like to thanks Alexandra for my first lesson. All the material ,that I couldn't realise before - now became really clear. Another nice thing was that the tutor knows not only English ,so I had a possibility to speak my native language (Russian). Now I feel the confidence ,that I will achieve an excellent result in marketing and Small business environment in a short period of time . Well, I can surely recommend this platform for extra lessons and in particular Alexandra as a teacher.
Christopher - Juliana- Marketing - Undergraduate
7th October 2022
I've had one class with Christopher so far. I've been struggling with my topic idea for my dissertation. He helped brainstorm some ideas, and by the end of the class, I had a topic I was happy with and a plan for the next steps forward. Thank you.
Kylash - Kareemat- Marketing - University
24th August 2022
Great session

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Online Marketing Tutoring FAQs

Why study Marketing?

Marketing teaches you how to sell your product or ideas to target audiences. It’s an invaluable skill that’s needed by every organisation around the world in one way or another. Also great to be able to pitch your ideas properly as well!

Perceptions of truth largely dictate the decision-making process for many consumers. Marketing allows the opportunity to examine that process alongside the intricacies of design, promotion, and branding.

Consumers make purchases based on how products and services are packaged and presented to them. It is not a decision based on truth, but rather the perception of truth. The ability to influence decision and buying habits is a useful skill, even outside of a conventional marketing role.

An education in marketing can prepare you for a wide range of career paths. This program appeals to students because it combines solid business training with the opportunity to develop marketing skills.

What masters is Marketing useful for?

The most common route for those who undertake marketing as a major is a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). It will help you in climbing up the corporate ladder and attaining positions such as marketing director.

Alternatively, you could switch to a master of science degree in economics if you’re interested in the research aspect of business. These programs can often land high-paying jobs since firms are always on the lookout for experts who can bring innovative techniques to the table.

A master’s in advertising or a master of science in integrated marketing communication is another option that can complement your marketing degree.

What careers can studying Marketing lead to?

Studying marketing can land you a very wide range of careers from advertising to handling public relations. Marketing is one of the most sought-after and increasingly in-demand careers out there.

Here are some career options in marketing:

  • Advertising account executive
  • Advertising art director
  • Digital marketer
  • Market researcher
  • Marketing executive
  • Public relations officer
  • Social media manager
  • Digital copywriter
  • Event manager
  • Product manager
  • Web content manager
  • Publishing rights manager
  • User interface or User experience designer

How does Marketing help with public health?

There are several opportunities for marketing students to enter the healthcare field. In fact, many topics also overlap between the two subjects, such as social marketing and public relations.

Public health marketing is an emerging field that is becoming increasingly relevant due to issues like unhealthy eating habits, environmental concerns, and pandemics. It is now widely recognized how marketing experts are employed by both private and public health organizations. Health professionals use advertising to communicate important information and positively influence social behavior. Therefore, pursuing a master’s in public health can complement your marketing degree and enable you to make a real difference in people’s lives.

How can expert online marketing tutoring help you?

Spires tutors will assess your starting point and develop a personalized syllabus tailored to your objectives. The classes will focus on addressing your weaknesses and building the confidence needed to achieve your goals. Lessons will also challenge you in areas where you are already comfortable, fostering continuous improvement and positive learning habits. Our experienced marketing tutors specialize in providing top-notch tutoring to help students like you master the intricate concepts of marketing. With a wealth of marketing experience, our tutors are well-equipped to guide you through the diverse subjects that marketing encompasses.

At Spires Tutoring, we understand that marketing is a dynamic and ever-evolving field. That’s why we’ve curated a team of dedicated tutors who specialize in providing unparalleled marketing tutoring. Our tutors are not just educators; they are mentors who are passionate about helping you succeed in the world of marketing.

Whether you’re a student seeking to grasp the fundamental concepts of marketing or a professional aiming to refine your strategies, our marketing tutors are here to guide you every step of the way. With years of experience, our tutors have a comprehensive understanding of marketing’s intricacies, and they are eager to share their knowledge with you. Our marketing tutoring sessions are designed to be flexible and tailored to your individual needs. With a marketing tutor by your side, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into key marketing principles, explore the latest trends, and develop practical skills that will set you apart in the competitive market. Our tutors are not just educators; they are mentors who are dedicated to your growth.

Why choose Spires’ marketing tutoring?

We hire only 4% of the teachers who apply to Spires, ensuring that all our tutors are professional and experienced educators at the school and university level. Many have qualifications from top universities and institutions in the UK, USA, and around the world. They hold PhD, MSc, MA, BSc, or BA degrees in their respective fields.

Our prices are more competitive than many tutoring companies because our tutors set their rates through an auction system. Our online lessons are stable and enjoyable, facilitated by an interactive whiteboard, and students can access class recordings at any time.

Our marketing tutoring is more than just lessons; it’s a comprehensive education tailored to your needs. With a strong background in business and management, our tutors bring real-world insights to your learning journey. From digital marketing to business skills, we cover a wide range of subjects to ensure you’re well-prepared for success.

Our London-based tutors, with backgrounds checked and verified, are committed to your growth. With hours of dedication, they have honed their teaching skills to provide engaging and informative lessons. Whether you’re a student seeking to grasp marketing concepts or a professional looking to enhance your business acumen, our tutors are here to help.

Spires takes care of matching, scheduling, payments, and administration, eliminating the hassles of organizing support and allowing students to focus solely on learning.

How does Spires’ online private tutoring work?

You can find a professional tutor online in four easy steps:

  1. Use the “Find Tutors” feature to create a post outlining your needs and requirements. You can choose the subject, level, price, and expertise.
  2. Find your perfect marketing tutor from our wide variety of skilled professors and educators. After filtering your search results using the “Find A Tutor” feature, you will be presented with the best choices for your needs. You can then review bids, view tutors’ profiles and student responses, and communicate with tutors online before scheduling a lesson.
  3. Have your online one-on-one marketing lessons. These can be conducted whenever and wherever you are, as everything is done online!
  4. Replay the lessons afterwards at your own pace and convenience to review any missed information.

Who will be my online marketing tutor?

The choice is yours. You have a wide selection of experienced marketing instructors to choose from. You can browse their profiles, review student responses and bids, and assess their qualifications, backgrounds, experience, and hours taught online.

Communicate with your private marketing tutor to see if they are suitable for your level and learning style. You can have a chat over Zoom, then select the person you’d like to work with and schedule your first lesson.

How many private marketing tutors are available?

We currently have over 16 marketing tutors with academic and professional experience specializing in a wide range of topics, from GCSEs to postgraduate support, and everything in between.

How much does a marketing tutor cost per hour in London?

The average tutor price is £40/$53/€45 per hour, varying based on the teacher’s experience and the level of students. The cost is slightly higher in London compared to other areas in the UK due to the higher living expenses associated with the city.

What happens when I send a tutor a message?

After connecting with a tutor through the “Find a Tutor” feature, the tutor should respond to your message within 24 hours with an answer and their availability. If a tutor is not available, we will recommend other tutors that fit your specifications. Once a tutor replies, you can schedule a Zoom meeting and, if you are satisfied, go ahead and schedule your first lesson!

Can I arrange revision help?

Yes, you can! Our extensive database of marketing teachers offers a wide range of specializations and expertise. You can use the filter to search for support at your level and browse through available candidates. You can review their profiles, read reviews from students, and communicate with them about your needs before scheduling a lesson.

Do you offer admissions help?

Yes, we do! Our vast database of tutors offers a wide range of private marketing tutoring for admissions help at various levels, including UCAS, Oxbridge Entrance, and even IELTS and TOEFL preparation for non-native speakers.

Can I get dissertation help?

Yes, you can! We have a wide selection of university-level tutors who can provide marketing assignment help as well as assistance in business, management, engineering, and related subjects. Just communicate with your marketing tutor, informing them about your specific needs.

Do you offer varsity tutors in marketing?

Yes, we do! With Spires, you can find tutors familiar with the US university system in a variety of subjects, including business and management. It doesn’t matter if you are in the United Kingdom or not. The same goes for the Australian, South African, Canadian, and New Zealand professional qualification, university, and school systems.

Do you offer marketing tutors for adults?

Yes, we do! Our extensive database offers a wide range of specializations and expertise. You can use the “Find a Tutor” feature to search for your private marketing tutor online at your level and browse through available candidates. You can view tutors’ profiles and read reviews from students.

You can choose from a wide range of specializations, professional marketing qualifications, and academic tutoring. We are confident that you will find the help you are looking for among our network of over a hundred professional tutors.

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