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5.0 4 hours in IGCSE History


Education; Neurodevelopmental Conditions; Archaeology - Durham University

Working with students aged three through 33, I’ve had the privilege of providing thousands of hours of professional tuition, home schooling, academic and lifeskill mentoring, as well as educational therapy, since 2016. I love deepening my own subject knowledge and understanding; however, it is the student who needs to be or to become the author or critic, the mathematician, chemist or historian, inter alia. My one ultimate focus, therefore, is my student’s attainment and pro...
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Recent Students: 17 Total Hours: 791
All-time Students: 62 Last Online: 27 May 2023


5.0 3 hours in IGCSE History


Doctor of Philosophy - Oxford University

Hello! I have over ten years experience working with students at all levels of learning. My goal with tuition is to understand where a student is struggling - whether it is essay structure, exam anxiety, focusing in class, note-taking skills, or effective reading - and create strategies to work with each student that will target their unique problem. I am especially good at working with students who have learning disabilities or who find the traditional classroom setting to b...
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Recent Students: 5 Total Hours: 134
All-time Students: 14 Last Online: 23 May 2023


5.0 2 hours in IGCSE History


History - University of Bristol

Annabelle has been working as a teacher for several years and has experience of improving student attainment and tutoring one-on-one. She has strong communication and inter-personal skills and is experienced at working with students with additional needs and from disadvantaged backgrounds. She also has effectively worked with students whose first language is not English. She believes that all students, regardless of background and ability, deserve access to quality education ...
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Recent Students: 3 Total Hours: 3
All-time Students: 3 Last Online: 26 May 2023


5.0 1 hours in IGCSE History


Soviet/Russian Politics and History - Oxford Brookes University

2 years experience lecturing and leading seminars at Oxford Brookes University - Political Science and Modern History. 5 years private tutoring individual and small groups - GCSE, IB, A-Level, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Politics and History, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research Methods/Skills. 2 years private tutoring English language to international students. 10 years experience proof-reading - A-level essays to Doctoral Theses (diverse subjects).
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Recent Students: 39 Total Hours: 988
All-time Students: 134 Last Online: 27 May 2023

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