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Professional Online English Language Tutors

All of our high quality online english language tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online English Language tutor Josh
Humanities, Education, University of Edinburgh

International teacher of English, Business, Philosophy & Humanities, with a decade of experience teaching GCSE, A-Level and IB in international schools around the world. I am fully student-focused, with a history of success developing engaging and relevant classes to help students overcome their academic and study challenges. I believe in the values of patience and kindness in supportive academic relationships in order to develop student confidence and determination.

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1693 hours taught
professional online English Language tutor Daisy
English and Drama PGCE / English Literature, London Metropolitan University / University of Kent

Seeking new students. I am a creative and intuitive PGCE trained Secondary level English and Drama teacher, with a First Class English Literature degree. I am available to tutor students across key stages 3, 4 and 5 and at undergraduate level.

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913 hours taught
professional online English Language tutor Alex
Creative Writing and Film Studies , Manchester Metropolitan University

Full-time (Scottish) teacher of English language and literature to international students in High Schools on four continents over the last 14 years. I really enjoy the study of literature and spend my days talking to people about it and encouraging their ideas. I have experience of a wide range of High School courses and have had great success in helping students attain top exam scores while also developing a love of the English language. Currently available weekdays and (most) weekends.

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1693 hours taught
professional online English Language tutor Charlotte
Law, Cambridge University

Friendly, fun and experienced English tutor covering all age groups and all areas of English support. Cambridge Law graduate who has worked both in the City and internationally with Magic Circle law firms and is delighted to support students with an individual approach tailored to their their specific needs.

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685 hours taught
professional online English Language tutor Dr Anne
Psychology, University of St. Andrews

Having problems structuring your essays? Swamped by 'facts' but don't know how to organise them? Simply don't know what the examiner is actually looking for?

Whether it is language, literature or psychology you are studying, the key to getting the result you want is someone who can help you organise your throughts and writing coherently. I am a Chartered Psychologist with over 30 years of experience and know all the strategies to get your knowledge on paper!

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339 hours taught
professional online English Language tutor Christopher
English Literature and Media BA Joint Hons, PGCE Secondary English, Masters in Educational Leadership, Nottingham Trent University, University of Hull, University of Exeter

My name is Kit, I am an experienced Secondary and A Level teacher and tutor. I am passionate about reading and writing and understand how to make both short and long term progress with my students whether it is preparing for upcoming exams or developing understanding of the subject even further.

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professional online English Language tutor Stefanie
Film and Literature, Warwick

Experienced Examiner (A'Level and GCSE), Tutor and Qualified Teacher who delivers engaging and effective lessons to learners across the age and ability range.

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346 hours taught
professional online English Language tutor Joanna
English Literature & Music, Cambridge University

Cambridge University graduate and a private tutor for 12 years, specialising in English Literature and Language.

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454 hours taught
professional online English Language tutor Megan
BA (Hons) English Literature, Edge Hill University

I am an experienced and fully qualified English teacher and have taught English across many ages and curriculums for the past 5 years. I am extremely passionate about helping others find their passion for both learning and English. I have great availability and I am willing to be flexible to support the needs of my students.

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279 hours taught
professional online English Language tutor Ben
2-1 BA English Literature, Sheffield

Highly experienced teacher in the UK independent and international school sectors, including roles as Head of Department and Deputy Head of Department. Over a decade's worth of experience of teaching virtually all exam boards, including those for GCSE, IGCSE, A-levels and the IB.

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395 hours taught
professional online English Language tutor John
Postgraduate PGCE in Secondary Education with Qualified Teacher Status in English and History, Edge Hill University

2.1 Fully qualified and experienced English Language and Literature Teacher for GCSE, AS and A Level exams for over 120 students online and face-to-face.

Teaching style focused on your individual specifications and tailored for your individual preferences.

My aim is to help you enjoy learning and progress from the very first lesson!

View Full Profile
professional online English Language tutor Rebecca
English and Drama, University of Kent

Experienced English teacher, passionate about English Language and Literature, I love to enthuse young people who struggle with English, pupils who want to enhance their skills, revise for an exam, improve specific areas and help reach a personal goal. I have experience working with pupils with all needs and backgrounds, I'm friendly, welcoming, encouraging and very enthusiastic.

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227 hours taught

Recent English Language Tutor Class Reviews

Annique - Satu- English Language - GCSE
22nd May 2024
We are very grateful to Annique again. My son has progressed from experiencing anxious shutdown to writing answers confidently and feeling good about tomorrow's exam. Thank you.
Annique - Satu- English Language - GCSE
21st May 2024
Annique's session gave my son so much clarity and confidence. He can now use a strategy and feels less confused. He felt comfortable and able to learn with you. Thank you so much for your kind and clear communication!
Dr Anne - Cherry- English Language - IGCSE
20th May 2024
I really enjoy have having class with Dr. Anne, she give good feedback and helped me a lot with structuring my essays. Her class was also funny
Alex - Halimi- English Language - IGCSE
20th May 2024
I have never been so happy to have found this teacher. The best
Gemma - Abigel- English Language - A Level
17th May 2024
Thank you for the wonderful lesson and helping me feel much more confident before my exams!
Lea - Nemesh- English Language - GCSE
9th May 2024
very helpful class
Alex - Halimi- English Language - IGCSE
29th April 2024
excellent teacher
Lea - Bessie- English Language - GCSE
28th April 2024
Very useful practice of GCSE English Literature and language- we covered some poetry and I found Lea’s points really helpful. Thank you!
Dr Anne - Luka- English Language - IGCSE
27th April 2024
This classes have helped me a lot to improve on my exam technics and also in my english overall. Every class i have improved and learned each time more and more.
Gemma - Abigel- English Language - A Level
26th April 2024
Very insightful!

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English Language Tutoring FAQs

Why Learn the English Language?

English is the most widely used and spoken language worldwide. Approximately one out of every five people can speak or understand it. It is also the official language of 57 countries. By learning English, you enhance your ability to communicate with people from different countries and continents. English is the primary language used in business, science, and technology, and it plays a significant role in the media.

Learning English opens up educational opportunities, improves career prospects, and provides access to a world of literature, cinema, music, and other art forms in their original language. If you plan to study abroad, English is essential as many schools, colleges, and universities require you to take an official English examination as part of the entry requirements. Additionally, having an official English certificate can be beneficial for future job applications or promotions.

English is a versatile language that bridges many cultures. With the rise of the internet and global communication, English online platforms have become increasingly popular. As you delve deeper into your English lessons, you’ll discover the richness of the language. Whether you’re an adult learner or a young student, English lessons tailored to your needs can significantly boost your language skills. The British Council, a renowned institution, also emphasizes the importance of English in today’s globalized world.

How Can Expert Private English Tutoring Help You?

Teachers will assess your starting level and develop a personalised syllabus to help you achieve your objectives in the four main skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The classes will focus on your individual needs, ensuring rapid progress. English tutors are trained to provide lessons English students will find both engaging and educational.

Mastering English brings numerous advantages. As a global lingua franca, it aids cross-border communication. Our experienced online English language tutors facilitate grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation mastery. This is vital for clear expression. Our tutoring unlocks opportunities, whether in academics, careers, or cultural enrichment. Proficiency gained empowers you to navigate diverse scenarios confidently. Learning English connects you globally and equips you with an invaluable skill transcending borders and cultures.

With the help of English tutors, you can also prepare for various exams and certifications. The tutoring sessions can cover specific areas of interest or requirements you may have, such as English for Business, English for Academic Purposes, or English Official Exam Preparation.

English classes online will address your areas of weakness while building the confidence necessary to achieve your goals. Lessons will also challenge you in areas where you are already comfortable, fostering constant improvement and positive learning habits.

Does It Matter if I Have an ESL Tutor Near Me?

No, it does not. In fact, by using an online tutor for EFL lessons, you may save a lot of money because you don’t have to travel to the UK, Canada, USA, or any other English-speaking country to learn from a native English-speaking teacher. With the advent of technology, English online lessons have become more accessible, allowing students from all over the world to connect with English tutors without leaving their home.

Why Choose Spires Tutoring?

Spires offers online face-to-face tutorials in the style of Oxford and Cambridge universities. It has been
proven that studying this way can yield much faster results than group lessons. You’ll learn what you need
when you need it and notice progress in a short period of time. Our English tutors are dedicated to ensuring that each lesson is tailored to the student’s needs, making the learning process more efficient.

We have many repeat students, and you can check out the high star ratings our clients leave. We only hire 4%
of the teachers who apply to Spires, and they are all professional and experienced educators at the school and
university level. Many of them have qualifications from top universities and institutions in the UK, USA, and
around the world. All of them have a Ph.D., MSc, Ma, BSc, or Ba in their respective fields.

Our prices are more competitive than many other companies because tutors set their rates through an auction
system. Our online classroom is stable and fun to learn through, with an interactive whiteboard, and students
can access recordings of classes at any time. They use webcam video chat during the lessons.

In today’s interconnected world, the demand for quality language education has led to the rise of online English language tutors. Our educators specialize in providing English language tutoring to students of all ages and backgrounds. For individuals seeking to enhance their language skills, particularly in the UK, online English tuition offers a convenient and effective way to learn. Whether you’re a non-native speaker looking to improve your communication abilities or a student aiming to excel academically, the guidance of experienced tutors is invaluable.

Spires takes care of all the matching, scheduling, payments, and administration, removing all the hassle of
organising support and allowing students to focus purely on learning.

How Does Spires’ Online Tutoring Work?

Finding the right English tutor is a breeze with Spires. You can find a professional tutor in four easy steps:

  1. Use the Find A Tutor feature to create a post outlining your needs and requirements. Whether you’re searching for English lessons or another subject, you can choose from subjects, levels, prices, and expertise.
  2. Find your perfect tutor from our wide variety of skilled professors and educators. After filtering your search results using the Find A Tutor feature, you can choose to view profile of the best choices for your needs. Dive into reviews, star ratings, total hours taught for Spires, and the price per hour. This search process ensures you get the best English tutor suited to your needs.
  3. Have your face-to-face class. This can be done whenever and wherever you are since it’s all online—neither you nor the tutor needs to travel. The convenience of online lessons English students appreciate is unmatched.
  4. Replay the classes afterward for any missed information at your own pace and convenience. This feature ensures that learning English becomes a seamless experience, allowing for review and reinforcement.

Private help is that easy! With the first lesson, you’ll understand the value of personalized English lessons tailored to your pace and level.

Who Will My Tutor Be?

The choice of your tutor is entirely up to you. You have a wide selection on our platform to help find
language tutors who meet your needs. You can browse through the tutor profiles, check student reviews and
bids, review their qualifications and backgrounds, hourly rates, hours taught, other subjects they teach, and
even see if they have many repeat students.

Our team consists of experienced online English language tutors who specialize in providing top-notch English language tutoring. Whether you’re aiming to strengthen your grammar, expand your vocabulary, improve your conversational skills, or excel in your studies, our tutors have the expertise to support your goals. They are well-versed in British English norms, trained in British council requirement, and are committed to adapting their teaching methods to suit your individual learning style. Rest assured, your English tutor will be there every step of the way, offering personalized guidance and unlocking the doors to effective language learning.

Once you’ve identified your favourites, you can communicate with them to see if they are the right fit for
your needs and learning style. You can have a free video call via webcam, usually using Zoom. Then, you can
select the person you’d like to help you with your studies and schedule your first webcam lesson.

How Many EFL Tutors Are Available to Give Private Lessons?

We currently have over 100 English language tutors online with academic and professional experience in teaching students at all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). All our language tutors are fully qualified to be English tutors for foreign students. Their vast experience ensures that each English lesson is tailored to the student’s needs, making the learning process more efficient and enjoyable.

What Qualifications Do Tutors Need?

All of our tutors must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree and have ESL tutoring experience. Many of them have higher degrees such as Master’s or PhDs. Additionally, all our tutors undergo DBS checks or equivalent background checks. Their qualifications ensure that they can provide English lessons that are both engaging and educational.

How Much Does English Tutoring Cost per Hour?

English language tuition is priced according to the level:

  1. School level: Prices start at £25/hr for Primary school, Secondary, and Higher Education. These lessons are tailored to the curriculum and help students grasp the basics of the English language, ensuring a strong foundation.
  2. University level: Prices start at £35/hr for Undergraduate and Postgraduate tuition. At this level, the focus is often on advanced English language skills, critical analysis, and academic writing. Our tutors are adept at guiding students through complex topics and helping them excel in their studies.
  3. Professional level: Prices start at £45/hr for Chartered Qualifications and Admissions Test tutoring. For professionals, mastering English can open doors to international opportunities and collaborations. Our tutors can help with business English, technical writing, and more.

The average price per hour varies based on the tutors’ experience, expertise, and the student’s level. Investing in quality English lessons can provide long-term benefits, from academic success to career advancement.

How Much Is an Online English Tutor per Hour in London?

The average price for a language tutor in London is £40/$53/€45 per hour, depending on the teacher’s experience and the student’s level of study. This price may be higher compared to other areas in the UK due to the increased living costs associated with London. However, the advantage of online lessons means you can access top-quality English tutors from London without the associated travel or living costs.

What Happens When I Send an English Tutor a Message?

Once you’ve used the Find A Tutor feature to find your perfect online English language tutor, you can contact them with any questions and arrange a meeting in advance. The tutor should respond to you within 24 hours with an answer and their available hours. This quick response ensures that students can start their English lessons without delay. If your selected ESL tutor is unable to accommodate your schedule, we will recommend other tutors who meet your specifications. After receiving a reply, you can schedule a free webcam meeting, and if you are satisfied, you can proceed to schedule your first language lesson!

Do You Offer English Exam Preparation Classes?

Yes, we do! Our database of EFL teachers provides a wide range of expertise. We offer English language exam preparation for all official examinations, including IELTS (Academic & General), TOEFL, PTE Academic, etc. These specialized lessons focus on exam techniques, practice questions, and strategies to help students achieve their desired scores.

Do You Offer A-Levels English Tutor Support?

Absolutely, we provide A-level English Language tutor support tailored to the needs of students. Our experienced tutors specialize in helping students excel in their subjects, including English Language. If you’re a student seeking assistance with A-level English Language, our native English tutors offer comprehensive online lessons to enhance your skills. We understand the challenges students face, and our online lessons are designed to provide the guidance you need to succeed in your A-level studies.

Can I Get British English Tutor Support at the University Level?

Yes, you can! We have a selection of university-level tutors who can provide support with dissertations, study skills, writing, and exam preparation. Just communicate with your tutor and let them know your specific needs. They are trained to provide lessons that cater to the rigorous demands of university-level English studies.

Do You Offer English Tutors for Adult Learners and Children?

Yes, we do! Our database of EFL/ESL experts offers native English tuition for learners of all ages and levels. Simply use the Find A Tutor feature to search for English tutors at your level and browse through the available candidates.

Our teachers can work with whatever published English course book you or your child are using at school, college, or university. Whether you’re an adult learner looking to improve your English for professional reasons or a parent seeking lessons for your child, our tutors can provide the necessary guidance. They are trained to adapt their teaching methods to suit learners of all ages, ensuring that each lesson is both educational and engaging.

Is “Wanted – Online English Tuition UK Tutor” a Suitable Title for My Advert?

Although this is not the worst opening line, we strongly recommend that you give it some more thought. Consider what you need and what you are trying to achieve. Specifying the level or the specific area of English you need help with. For instance, “Seeking Expert Online Tutor for A-Level English Literature” or “In Search of Online English Tutor Specializing in Business Communication” might yield more targeted responses.

If you require additional tuition in another subject, such as another foreign language with a native speaker, biology, law, or English literature, be sure to include it in your advert.

For example, a great opening line for many of our clients could be: “IELTS exam preparation and admission support required.” The more details you provide, the better the match!

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