Ryan $40-50/hr

Modern and Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge

I have a wealth of experience in tutoring, teaching and working with children. I am the current Access Officer for my Cambridge college, meaning that I receive lots of school visits and help students to understand the Cambridge admissions process, so we can encourage lots of applications from a wide range of people. I have worked with Adventurous Education in Cambridge during their Summer Camps for visiting Chinese students, providing English language lessons, guidance for university entrance and cultural activities. This has helped me to gain cultural awareness and to cater my teaching to different students' needs. I also spent the last year teaching English in Barcelona to secondary school pupils. I was in charge of leading lessons independently, as well as preparing my own curricular material. This helped me to become more proactive and independent in my organisational abilities. As well as this, I have volunteered at a play centre for children with special needs in my home region.

Ryan's last completed GCSE job with Seham : 1-2_HOURS - Spanish gcses

Andris $40-50/hr

Theology and Religion - University of Oxford

I graduated top of my year with a First in BA Theology from Oxford in 2013, since then I have undertaken a two-year MPhil in Theology and Religion and am currently half way through a PhD. Throughout my time at university I have done lots of teaching and tutoring in various forms from private tutoring to teaching Religious Studies and Philosophy in schools and pre-university summer schools.

I also have extensive experience in preparing candidates for the Oxbridge admissions process, having participated in several admissions programmes and summer schools designed to help students through the process from personal statements to interviews.

I'm very enthusiastic and I try to make my teaching fun. Students learn simple things easily - I see it as my job to make difficult and complex material simple and interesting. I've seen not only great improvement in my students, but also a growing curiosity in the subject.

I've taught lots of curricula and seen excellent results and improvement in my students.

Lauren $40-50/hr

English - University of Cambridge

I am enthusiastic, engaged and a strong communicator. I have previous experience with tutoring and personal statement help. This includes spending a month in Beijing teaching English to 4-18 year olds and several years of tutoring GCSE and A Level English.

Michael $40-50/hr

Psychology with PGCE - Ulster University

I was a professional primary school teacher and enjoyed every second of my time in primary schools teaching 8-11 year old pupils. I later became a producer of educational radio and television programmes for the BBC, both in Belfast and London. For this I needed to understand both local and national curricula in all subject areas at both primary and secondary level. I am well aware of the difficulties that children can come across in both mathematics and English at primary school level and can offer solutions to those difficulties with a smile, patience and understanding. I also tutor for the Northern Ireland transfer tests for both AQE and PPTC.

Matt $40-50/hr

Mathematics & Mathematics Research - UMIST & University of Manchester

My focus is on building confidence and understanding in mathematics and, having taught students of all ages and over a huge ability range, I can apply a varied range of techniques to connect with each individual. I will always do my very best to make mathematics easier to understand, even if that means trying 10 different explanations.

Tim $40-50/hr

Music - University of Oxford

Whilst studying at school and university I've given individual music lessons on the piano, saxophone and organ. I've spent the last three years perfecting my essay writing skills writing almost 150 tutorial essays in my time at university. I've helped various family friends through the UCAS process as well. Helping people make the best impression of themselves in their work and applications is something I feel passionately about. I have an eye for detail and a love of sharing knowledge and learning.

Tim's last completed GCSE job with Julie: -

Esme $40-50/hr

History - University of Oxford

Having studied History at Oxford for three years, I have written in excess of 50 essays - and have been through the gruelling feedback myself! I studied English, History and French to A level, so I am confident with reading, writing and essay structures, too. I am enthusiastic and personable, and firmly believe that anyone can critically engage with a subject, and write a good essay!

Esme's last completed GCSE job with vongai: Intensive - This is revision for my GCSE mocks i need to cover Germany and Britain i'll give more information once in contact

Jenny $40-50/hr

Maths and Computing - Imperial College London

Having just finished education myself, not only is the knowledge of the subjects still there but also the knowledge of what learning is like. I can empathise with students and help them solve problems in a way that suits them rather than just providing textbook answers.

I have experience with one-on-one tutoring iGCSE Computing and A Level Maths (ages 15 and 17), as well as leading JavaScript sessions with around thirty children aged 8-15 for the past two years. This has taught me how to explain things well and work with children and teens of a variety of ages and skill levels.

I am a friendly but firm tutor. I recognise that different people have different learning styles and believe that I can adapt to suit these, keeping sessions interactive to maintain my tutees interest and enthusiasm.

Jenny's last completed GCSE job with Vanessa : 1-2 hrs/week - Very computer oriented student who built his own Hackintosh needs to work on GCSE prep and be motivated to do so

Jacob $40-50/hr

Engineering Science - University of Oxford

I am in the third year of studying Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. During my course I have gained a lot of experience in solving and explaining complex mathematical problems.

Whilst studying for my A-levels I tutored other students in my strongest subjects (maths and physics). The students I tutored tell me that I helped them a great deal with achieving the grades to get into university.

When solving exam questions I prefer to break problems down into first principles, this way I fully understand the topic.
I use the same method when tutoring others.
I find that explaining topics in simple steps makes complex problems seem easy to solve.

Jacob's last completed GCSE job with Nisa: 1-2_HOURS - Hi, Looking for a teacher who can make my son to enjoy Maths. He really straggle but want to learn. thank you

Cara $40-50/hr

MPhil in Engineering; BSc(Engineering) with First-Class Honours - University of Cambridge

I have had experience as a high school teacher, a senior teaching assistant at university and a private tutor. I treat every student as an individual and try to understand what is not understood in order to develop student-specific tools to solve any problem. I believe that building student confidence with practice and encouragement will always allow for exciting, easy and sustainable learning.
My passion and enthusiasm for STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) tends to rub off on all of my students. Seeing the spark in their eyes when their confidence grows with each improvement, inspires both me and my students and allows us to grow together.

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