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Dr Steve

5.0 323 hours in GCSE Business


Doctorate - University College London: Institute of Education; Postgraduate in Philosophy: Birkbeck College, University of London; MA in Design: UAL Central Saint Martins;

I have 25 years of experience in tutoring learners to achieve their goals in Academic Research and Writing, Business Studies and Management, Creative Arts and Industries, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Cultural Studies, Drama, Education, English Language and Literature, Essay Writing, Film, Government and Politics, Leadership and Management, Managing Exam Anxiety/Stress, Marketing, Media, University Applications, Doctoral Proposals, Philosophy, Qualitative Research, RMPS, Rel...
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Recent Students: 94 Total Hours: 6089
All-time Students: 387 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023


5.0 57 hours in GCSE Business


Bsc (Hons) Computing - Preston University

I have taught all aspects of Computer Science and Business since 2015 and have delivered several GCSE and A Level curriculums through development of an inclusive, engaging and inspiring environment for learners of all abilities and backgrounds. My lessons appropriately challenge learners to reach their individual potential and I monitor progress through regular assessments. I currently work as a college tutor in Computing and Digital Industries.
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Recent Students: 12 Total Hours: 438
All-time Students: 27 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023


0.0 51 hours in GCSE Business


Performance management - Leeds university

I have worked in the commercial business world and gained experience before moving into my passion for teaching. I want to concentrate on turning students I Can't statements into I Can, I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve they just need the correct guidance and that all important Mindset. Each student is different and gains the knowledge and understanding in different ways, as a tutor it is my job to find that way and release that potential. My approach to...
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Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 353
All-time Students: 24 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023


5.0 28 hours in GCSE Business


BA (Hons) Management and Marketing - Edge Hill University

I am a qualified and experienced teacher of 20 years and have significant experience supporting students to achieve A* and A grades. I left the classroom in July 2021 and now tutor online full-time so have daytime flexibility. I receive excellent feedback and throughout my career have helped hundreds of students exceed their target grades.
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Recent Students: 8 Total Hours: 264
All-time Students: 17 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023


4.7 20 hours in GCSE Business


BA Business Management and Entrepreneurship ( 4 years) - Nottingham Trent University

I am a full time lecturer in Business and Management prier to this I worked for 3 years part time at a University in Nottingham I then moved to Manchester where I completed a teaching qualification and started working as a qualified lecturer in Business and Management working at a College in Manchester. I am going into my 3rd full year of Teaching Business and Management at this institution. My day to day teaching for involves Business and Management A level/ Vocational and...
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Recent Students: 6 Total Hours: 150
All-time Students: 10 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023


5.0 11 hours in GCSE Business


Business and Economics - Nottingham University

I passionately believe in students achieving their potential and enjoy the role of personal tutoring to further aid students learning. I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business and Economics (2:1) and have worked for a number of large organisations offering a variety of depth and experience. Online tutoring is about helping students form around the world to access education via the platform of the internet, to help them succeed at their studies. Firstly, I like to make an in...
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Recent Students: 8 Total Hours: 1084
All-time Students: 97 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023


4.3 6 hours in GCSE Business


BSc Economics and Accounting - City University

I have been a professional tutor for over 4 years. I began tutoring Maths, Economics, Business and English to students aged 4 to 18 working for a reputable tutoring company in Hong Kong. More recently I have been an Admissions Consultant for over 2 years working for a prestigious company in Hong Kong whose students enter the top boarding schools and universities in the UK. I love working with ambitious talented individuals as well as those that have fallen behind and need...
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Recent Students: 15 Total Hours: 72
All-time Students: 15 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023


5.0 6 hours in GCSE Business


Qualified Teacher - University of Brighton & Loughborough University

From my 7 years experience as a teacher for Business and Economics students I know how tutoring can provide you the tailored support you are looking for; whether you are finding the subject a challenge or whether you want extensions to help you prepare for applications to the top universities. I have many resources to share with you that will help you in the areas you need. I am an experienced examiner, having completed marking series with AQA, IB and OCR both at GCSE and A...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 7
All-time Students: 2 Last Online: 13 Feb 2021


5.0 5 hours in GCSE Business


Business Studies BA (Hons) - Sheffield Hallam University

I currently lead the Social Sciences faculty at a top performing UK state school, also voted in the Times (2017) as the best state school in the country. I have over 15 years teaching experience, teaching Business and Economics GCSE and A Level. I have since completed an Masters in education. My roles have been varied including head of enterprise, head of year 12 & 13 and my current role as head of Social Sciences (Business, Economics & Sociology). I take a whole school ...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 5
All-time Students: 2 Last Online: 17 Apr 2023


5.0 3 hours in GCSE Business


1st Degree; Politics and American Studies - Swansea University

For many years I have been working with learners around the world. Examples of my recent work include; University College of London • I researched and designed 2 Pre-M.B.A. M.O.O.C.s, one in ‘Management Skills for International Business’ and the other in ‘Professional Skills and Networking’. • My responsibilities included the provision of; research sources/links, quizzes, case study assessments and filmed presentations and interviews • To date almost 30,000 students have en...
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Recent Students: 41 Total Hours: 1674
All-time Students: 178 Last Online: 06 Jun 2023

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