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9 total hours

Noor $50-60/hr

Social and Political Sciences - University of Cambridge

I enjoy breaking down complex concepts into digestible bites and communicating it to others. I have practiced this skill throughout my career as a researcher and writer. This, combined with a passion for academic achievement, makes me an ideal tutor. I enjoy working with younger people and students and having had tuition while I was at school, feel eager about helping young people reach their full potential. I have experience teaching primary and secondary school children Maths, Science and English. I have also taught English as a second language. Having gained a BA degree from the University of Cambridge and a MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and being one year through a PhD at the LSE, I feel that I can offer excellent advice regarding university applications, personal statements and interview preparation.

Mary $40-50/hr

BA Arabic - School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

I love helping my students work towards their goals. Whether they are improving their language skills for work and getting new jobs, planning or currently undertaking academic study, or learning a language to gain more familiarity with a different culture, I have helped my students to succeed through improving their language skills in Arabic.

I've studied 4 languages (English, Arabic, French and German), and am very familiar with the different challenges adults and children face with learning languages.

I recently become a GCSE Arabic examiner, and am currently translating a book from Arabic to English on the subject of social and economic development in Saudi Arabia.

I can help you with the following:

- Pronunciation
- Modern Standard Arabic
- Levantine Dialect
- Preparation for A-Level and GCSE exams
- Grammar and Vocabulary
- Learning the Arabic alphabet
- Everyday conversations

Chaghig $40-50/hr

Language, Discourse and Communication - King's College London

I am friendly, fun and caring.

A pleasant and respectful environment is what matters most to me and it is what motivates me to work happily. So, I try to create that wherever I go. I am frequently told I have a bubbly and helpful personality, which I hope is another contribution to creating a good relationship with my studentd.

I help my students feel comfortsble during their lessons. I make them embrace their language mistakes and help them realize that saying grammatically and/or phonetically incorrect sentences and words is a natural phenomenon. Everybody has some level of anxiety and/or concern when it comes to learning a new language, particularly when it is a "scary" language like Arabic. However, I believe in the importance of developing an immunity to that fear and creating a mindset that goes beyond learning a language on purely linguistic grounds. I address language learning with a focus on cultural practices, social interactions and identity perceptions, which I believe are essential elements in the process of language acquisition.

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