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Applied linguistics - London Chartered Institute of Linguists



26 hours in GCSE Polish

I have been teaching the Polish language as a foreign language, preparing students for taking GCSE (as one in a team of two) and A levels (my own programme fulfilling AQA requirements) exams. Successfully, as most of our students receive A or A* marks. I teach at Polish Saturday School (interestin...
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Recent Students: 2
Total Hours: 43
Classes Taught: 40
All-time Students: 2
Last Online:
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Music - University of Cambridge



I have 5 years of teaching experience in the capacity of Senior Teacher in Music at one of the top international schools in Poland. I specialise in the written components of AQA curricula of A-Level and GCSE Music. I have also authored and taught the syllabus for Musical Culture, a compulsory genera...
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Recent Students: 5
Total Hours: 87
Classes Taught: 81
All-time Students: 15
Last Online:
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Chemical and Process Engineering - KU Leuven


I started tutoring right after graduating from high school and have been doing that for five years now. The first two years I conducted classes in person. When the pandemic started I switched to online tools, such as Miro Whiteboard and Skype. I have experience in preparing students for A - level...
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Recent Students: 0
Total Hours: 30
Classes Taught: 26
All-time Students: 6
Last Online:
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