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642 total hours

251 hours in GCSE Art and Design

Ella $60-70/hr

English Language and Literature - University of Oxford

I am an English Literature graduate from Oxford University. I am passionate about educating young people and ensuring they reach their highest potential. To date I have worked as a private tutor, mentor, workshop facilitator and coach. As a private tutor I have taught English at GCSE and A-Level and have prepared Ox-bridge candidates, most of whom have been offered a place at Oxford or Cambridge. I have worked with Eton and Mactrac Digital Education to deliver the Eton X language programme, specialising in leadership and management skills for young students. In this role I have also interviewed and prepared prospective tutors, ensuring that tutors deliver the best in digital education. I continue to find new ways to encourage students to perform as their most confident selves when faced with an academic challenge or when trying to reach a specified goal, such as entry into a desired college or university. I have a body of experience as a workshop facilitator, including using creative writing and drama to help unlock student’s potential. I do this work on a voluntary basis and have used it to help foster confidence and initiative in young people and adults. My focus is goal orientated whilst maintaining a commitment to a highly individualised approach. This is powerful because the student is met on both an educational and personal level, providing an individual , allowing and em...

Ella 's last completed GCSE Art and Design job with Maria: 1-2_HOURS - The tutor will be responsible for planning and implementing a program to prepare student for taking IGCSE examinations in january 2018.
Female tutor preferred.

Ella 's last review in GCSE Art and Design from Maria: Art and Design, English Literature, English Language amazing

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68 total hours

STELLA $45-55/hr

Fine Art - De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

I have taught both Art History and Fine Art for 7 years and I can guide students to develop their art portfolios for university entry, for GCSE and A Level exams as well degree level. I can also help with art history essays, academic and creative writing, personal statements, interview skills, university entrance, presentation/public speaking skills and dissertation writing.

You can take a look at my art work at www.stellakarageorgi.com

STELLA's last completed GCSE Art and Design job with Saachi: 1-2 hrs/week - I am extremely behind on my art journals, I am in grade 11 and still have to complete my 10th book and have yet to start my 11th book. I need guidance on what to skip doing and what will actually get me marks as I have very little time left.

Charlotte $40-50/hr

Bachelor of Arts - Winchester School of Art

My specialism is Fine art, and have an extensive knowledge of photography and history of art.

I have a PGCE in Art and Design and a bachelors of Arts degree in Fine art.
I have I am a reflective, conscientious and encouraging tutor, I have structured teaching methods to suit student`s own pace and learning needs. I am able to teach fun step by step projects that explore a wide variety of materials and techniques.

Charlotte's last completed GCSE Art and Design job with Saachi: 1-2 hrs/week - I am extremely behind on my art journals, I am in grade 11 and still have to complete my 10th book and have yet to start my 11th book. I need guidance on what to skip doing and what will actually get me marks as I have very little time left.

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48 total hours

Siobhain $40-50/hr

Bachelor Of Education - Kent

Education degree

Specific Learning Difficulties Diploma

Acute Anxiety training

Autism and Wellbeing Mentor

Dyslexia specialist

Warm, patient and sensitive tuition style

Tuition in the application of essay techniques and the research of answers for many humanities, arts, social sciences subjects, including Education and also English.

Expert research, referencing, citation and planning guidance

Works at many universities in the SW of Uk

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65 total hours

Hannah $40-50/hr

Human, Social, and Political Sciences - University of Cambridge

I graduated from Cambridge last year, and wrote more than 50 essays over my time, and read even more books! I have learnt the hard way how to write a good essay, and how to read efficiently.
I miss studying and learning new things, but tutoring helps me to keep this up!
Because I have graduated I have more time for you!
I have taught a variety of adults and children from a wide range of backgrounds. I am currently running creative writing workshops for homeless, migrant, and LGBT+ groups in Cambridge, which has given me a huge variety of communication skills, with people both older and younger than myself. After teaching English in South Korea for a month last summer, there is no teaching challenge too big. I have learnt how to be clear and precise from working with people with English as a second language. I have taught sailing for 10 years at my sailing club. This requires teaching young people and adults complex pieces of theory, and most importantly, making these interesting to learn.

Aiden $45-55/hr

Classics - University of Cambridge

I have mentored and tutored on other websites and in undergraduate classes.

I have helped students submit prose composition pieces for school awards via webcam. I marked the student's submitted piece and we went over this together. I feel that reflecting over one's own work is the best way to improve. It required clear and thoughtful analysis to explain linguistic features to my student. I also like to make learning the language tie in with a familiarization with the cultural and literary context of the ancient world. This allows students to develop an insight into the society of the Greeks and Romans.

I have also taught linguistic features, such as the Greek aorist tense, to fellow students in student-led classroom sessions. This helped me to understand the subject matter on a deeper level, so that I have come to value teaching. I would ask my students to explain to me their understanding of certain things so that the lesson would be more of a conversations and discourse than a strict lecture.

In my years at Cambridge I have come to understand what it is that my DoS (Director of Studies) and supervisors expect of students. I shall aim to direct the lessons with a view to how supervisions are conducted. The interview process wants to see whether students are apt for such a teaching format. As well as interview help I can also give insight on how to make a strong applicati...

Saul $40-50/hr

English - University of Cambridge

I am a tutor of 5 years experience with an excellent academic record. I took 5 AS level examinations and 4 A-levels (receiving A* in English and Drama and Theatre Studies, As in Classical Civilisation and History). I received 8A*s and 2As at GCSE level. I also have personal experience of school entrance exams at 11+ and 6th form level.

I am a good communicator. With my background in the performing arts and recent experience in educational theatre, I am good at engaging students in their subject and the task at hand. I like to encourage students, while pushing them to achieve what they are capable of.

My own research interests are in mid-century American literature, specifically in the 50s and 60s counterculture (as manifested in the work of Allen Ginsberg and Norman Mailer); and the interactions of English and French comic literature, particularly in the work of Geoffrey Chaucer and Lawrence Sterne.

Samantha $40-50/hr

BA (Open) PGCE Distinction - Open University & UWE

TEFL specialist fully certified. Experience (6 years online) ranges from low level English ability to preparing students for IELTS and TOEIC exams.

Dance and drama specialist and lecturer, 20 years.
BA (Visual Arts and Performing Arts)

Saul $40-50/hr

History of Art - University of Cambridge

I combine an exceptional academic record with a passion for the study of the humanities and excellent communication skills. Growing up, I attended the top London independent school University College School, where I received 10 A*s at GCSE. At A-level I achieved 2 A*s (in History of Art and English Literature), and 2 A's (in History and Latin). I did my BA in History of Art at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where I topped the year and was one of only two students to be awarded a First Class degree with Distinction, otherwise known as a Starred First. I did my Master's degree in Gender Studies at Regents Park College, Oxford, where I focused on modern art, literature, and philosophy. Again, I topped the year, with a mark of 79 for my dissertation, and graduated with Distinction. I have since secured publication for the dissertation in a top academic journal - the 'Oxford Art Journal'. I will be returning to Oxford next year for a PhD (DPhil) in History of Art as a fully funded Ertegun Scholar (the most competitive humanities scholarship in the university). I would love the chance to share my knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience of education at Europe's top two universities.

Hester $40-50/hr

English - University of Cambridge

I was a tutor in English literature and language GCSE and A-Level for two years after I graduated with my BA from Cambridge. I've also taught English as a foreign language to children in Paris. The best part about tutoring was seeing students improve and getting to congratulate them on their exam results! I'm really keen to share my enthusiasm for Shakespeare and early modern drama, and to have an excuse to read more eclectically again.

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